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The Ennedi Desert in Chad Africa. 🇹🇩 After 4x4 travel following a GPS coordinate across untracked open desert for four days we started to think it didn’t actually exist. Eventually shapes emerged on the skyline, quickly giving way a vast expanse of unclimbed towers, arches and nomad settlements. #chad #ennedi [timelapse art excerpt from the 2010 @thenorthface @camp4collective film ‘Towers of the Ennedi’ with @m_synnott @alexhonnold @onceuponaclimb @timkemple @jimmy_chin]

Ennedi Plateau

Cliff cave art I stumbled into with @taylorfreesolo @baloointhewild the other day at the base of a seldom visited cliff face in the newly appointed Bears Ears National Monument. Spending time in this fragile desert landscape constantly affirmed the need to continue supporting its protection - both in terms of the unique physical ecosystem as well as these rare human expressions of ancient existence. #protectbearsears #indiancreek #zinke #bearsearsnationalmonument

Bears Ears National Monument

A delicate cornice crossing in the AK range, following the snow-master @freddiewilkinson. Lots of progress lately bringing our feature doc @sanctityofspace closer and closer to fruition // Photo by @timkemple @sanctityofspace film collection. @taylorfreesolo @mrsanjayr @goalzero @camp4collective @curtismorgan @ebarnett210 @williamjeromebentley

Denali National Park and Preserve

“Maybe the most genuine aspects of any tale are the sputterings and the silences, the acknowledgments of failure, the glimmerings in the dark....Perhaps by doing so, we might find some light illuminating a new way forward.” - Hayden Kennedy ~

Just got out of Indian Creek to a patch of service to the sad news about the death of Hayden and Inge. Much love to Julie, MK and the whole community in the wake of this tragedy! ~

Just yesterday @taylorfreesolo and I passed Hayden’s 5.14 first free ascent on the 4X4 wall, the hardest route in entire area. Hayden happened to be one of the most talented overall climbers on the planet but you won’t find the normal traces of these accomplishments in the media. Instead they are embedded in the heart of communities and landscapes, within those ‘silences’ he describes, the lasting moments of pure joy that Hayden exuded to those around him. ~

See link in profile for more of Hayden’s recent powerful writing.

Bridger Jack Mesa

The Nepal premiere of #TheLastHoneyHunter film a few weeks back. The community gathered in the dust around Mauli, the chosen one, to see director @ben_knight’s masterful edit. Like I said in a previous post, after the screening, the elders of the animistic Kulung culture reminded us that there is no written history, just word of mouth passed down by the shamans, so these moving images are important to preserve their traditions for posterity. ~

Very excited to learn that Film was awarded Best Short Film at the Camden International Film Festival. CIFF is now an Academy-qualifying festival! ~

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Photo by ’Life Coach’ film co-director @freddiewilkinson of @alexhonnold climbing the first ascent of the ‘Alaska Monster’. ~

Scale can be a doozy in the big mountains... Alex was in for quite the surprise when the hand crack he spied from across the glacier turned into a man-eating wide crack. He didn’t have the right size @blackdiamond gear to project it with him but still quested upward into the unknown, risking all. Although outwardly Alex probably would have rather been with his girlfriend than making love to this off-width, he still made the decision to adventure up it. ~

It’s rare to get that point of such self-trust and mastery in climbing (or anything) in this short life. I find Alex’s formula of climbing and environmentalism incredibly inspiring. This trip really made me look more closely at my life, what I’m doing, and why. Watch more in Life Coach film still up in my profile... ~

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Ruth Glacier

Art is healing. It can also help us see more clearly where we as Americans come from, especially the parts of which have been hidden or distorted from text books and cultural understanding. @taylorfreesolo and I feel really honored to be helping to document the work of two African American artists - Shirley and Winfred - who are acknowledging the past through their art in order to better understand where we are today with racial issues. In the video teaser above are moments from the funeral that Dr. Shirley Jackson Whitaker put together as a memorial for the 4,000 men, women and children unlawfully lynched in America, most of whom never had a funeral because it was too dangerous for their families to retrieve the bodies. It was also through Shirley that we met Winfred, a lynching survivor and artist who uses leather work and painting to address racial trauma in America. Feeling so grateful to receive the @mountainfilm commitment grant to help us finish this project with the help of filmmaker and writer @versacejpgs (Cameron Granger) and Taylor's father who set this all in motion, @todd.rees. #ashestoashesfilm Song by @andradaymusic


Lasting impression from the first shoot last week for a new feature doc on Native American food sovereignty. ~ “I want that for lunch every day!” Young Mae exclaimed after eating her first wild foraged meal of desert banana. She represents the future of the ancient Apache food ways, but an uncertain future at that. Like many children on the reservation, she is a product of a severely broken home. Her mother had her at the tender age of 15. And Mae is the second oldest of eight. Thankfully Mae is now living with a relative/guardian on the Rez who has promised to give this little dynamo all the opportunities life has to offer. Under the watchful guise of her aunt Twila and her guardian, Mae has a rare opportunity to break a horrifically vicious cycle. If she does, I guarantee you this young girl will change the world. - director @mrsanjayr ~

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San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation

“ shot a third of this film on the 8K @reddigitalcinema and now you can’t even get the gopro shot?” - me being difficult talent for @alexhonnold in the @thenorthface #lifecoach film. Link to the story still up in profile! Photo by co-director @taylorfreesolo ~

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Ruth Glacier

Our new @thenorthface short film just went live, link in profile 👆🏼 ~

It’s a vulnerable look into our mission to Alaska’s Great Ruth Gorge at the beginning of the summer. I think a lot of us question how to find the right formula for meaning in life. Although I don’t have any definitive answers it’s always a learning exercise being on expedition with @alexhonnold to put it all in perspective. #lifecoach #stumprider ~

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Denali National Park and Preserve

We spent the afternoon yesterday foraging for wild sunflowers on the San Carlos #ApacheRez with Twila Cassadore. ~

More knowledge from director @mrsanjayr -Twila healed herself from decades of trauma and violence by dedicating herself to mastering and sharing ancient Apache food ways. Apaches weren't row crop farmers but expert foragers. They passed this deep knowledge down from generation to generation. Here Twila takes her niece Mae on her first foraging trip- harvesting wild sunflowers to make porridge. ~

With @daharbfilm @tanya_meillier @turner_a_c @nephi_craig @taylorfreesolo @camp4collective @gatherfilm @cwsonderoptic @coreswx #apachecorn

San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation

A quick summit pitstop to refuel before the descent and ski back to camp in #thegreatgorge of Alaska with the 4,000+ ft walls of Dickey, Bradely and Johnson lined up across the way. ~

Finally locked in our @thenorthface @camp4collective #LifeCoach film stay tuned to the internet soon! ~

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Denali National Park and Preserve