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Cool to see @merufilm on @netflix now if anyone is yet to check it out. Very grateful to be able to keep sharing this once in a lifetime journey up Shark’s Fin in the Garhwal Himalaya with @conrad_anker @jimmy_chin 🙏🏽 ~

If anyone has any lingering questions after watching, I’m happy to try to answer them here :) ~

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Center of the Universe

Hanging Porta-ledge camp in the middle of @yosemitenps’s 3000ft El Capitan. Stone masters @tommycaldwell and @kjorgeson spend countless nights here during the quest to free-climb the Dawn Wall, the technically hardest big wall rock climb on earth. It’s an evolution not only in the art-form of climbing itself but also in the filmmaking community embedded within it. Congrats to the entire team for completing the feature documentary THE DAWN WALL and premiering this past week at SXSW, taking home the audience choice award! ~

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Yosemite National Park

An elder in the Kulunge Rai village of Saadi in remote eastern Nepal. As part of the @natgeo #TheLastHoneyHunter story I made an effort to shoot a portrait of every member of the village, young and old, as a visual catalogue of the resilient Kulunge Rai people. It was remarkable how open everyone was to the camera. A quiet sense of pride to their seldom documented story in the shadow of Everest, the next valley to the west. ~ @taylorfreesolo @sadiequarrier @ben_knight @m_synnott @climber.abiral @dzifoundation @camp4collective @feltsoulmedia

Gudel, Nepal

An ultralight trike moving through the (former) vastness of #bearsearsnationalmonument. Obama established this 1.3 million acre monument in 2016, which was later reduced by 83% by Trump in late 2017, the largest reduction of a monument in US history. In a recent email investigation it was found that indeed oil and gas extraction was at the heart of this decision~

This place is on par in beauty and ancient significance with any national park in the country but unfortunately doesn’t have the same protection within its shrunken boundaries. ~

I love shooting from the air because it gives a new perspective on this contested and majestic land~

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For current Bears Ears inspiration see!

Bears Ears National Monument

We had our windows washed today which draws my life partner @taylorfreesolo to them in an even more perpetual distraction from her desk work. But watching her reminds me that the creative producing we do in life is as much about hard work and responsiveness as it is a quiet reflection on who we are as individuals... what we create together and with others... where we have all come from and where we are going as human beings. #earthling


#TheLastHoneyHunter project update from @jetbutterflies @dzifoundation - ~

All true stories are never-ending. ~
The shamans assured us that we would be fine. Before we descended onto the cliff to shoot, sweaty and nervous in our bee suits, we drank milky alcohol and called out the names of the ancestors. Days before, we made the requisite offerings of live chickens and Johnny Walker whiskey to the forest spirits in a clearing deep in the jungle. The omens all looked good. Well, most of them. ~
The honey harvest is not the sort of thing that foreigners with cameras are welcome at. But I had spent ten years earning the trust and encouragement of the community. I hoped this applied to the local spirits too. ~
It was difficult to explain how Mauli Dhan Rai, the main character, transformed when the spirit came into him - how he was almost beyond human. The far-away eyes, the incredible strength, his imperviousness to the throat-clenching heights and beestings. ~
Once the story was told, the real story actually began. On his first ever trip to Kathmandu, riding the wave of celebrity that followed the project, Mauli Dhan lost his grip upon reality. His fierce eyes went dull. He didn’t know where he was. Kathmandu crashed around him. I called the shamans. The spirits were angry with him and possibly with me. I flew him in a helicopter back to Saadi - back home. The shamans gathered around him and carried him to the cliffs. Again, chickens were sacrificed. Whiskey was offered, and drank. There was shouting and dancing. Mauli was healed. ~
When I was last back in Saadi about a month ago, Mauli and I shared another glass of moonshine and the usual silence. We were both tired. I asked him if he thought that our cameras and our presence had upset the spirits. If his misfortune was tied to us and our interest in his story. His eyes darted. He took another sip. He looked me in the eyes. “I’m fine. The spirits just wanted their share of our good fortune.” ~

There is so much in this world that we still need to understand.
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Gudel, Nepal

Every misty morning we climbed the muddy steps to her house on the ridge shooting back at the sun rising over the village of Sadi, Nepal. Over the weeks we learned that she is a lower blacksmith caste, not allowed to even enter the homes of others...and a single mother of two. But also the one radiating with strength and smiles. #internationalwomensday

Gudel, Nepal

The rise of the Cine-Trike! Just released a little more footage giving perspective to Bears Ears National Monument with the @shotovercamera G1 system carrying a @reddigitalcinema 8k with a cinema lens. This level of technology gets used for Hollywood feature Films and high-end commercials all the time but this is just the beginning of using it for conservation. See the @camp4collective BTS edited by Taylor our bad-ass intern in my bio for a little more on this ongoing project!

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Bears Ears National Monument

Khumbu clouds layers. The daily commute of vapors at the roof of the world. #nepaliloveyou #amadabomb #himalaya @dzifoundation @jetbutterflies @climber.abiral

Ama Dablam

No drone can keep up with winds and weather racking over The Northern Patagonia Ice Field. Here is @uavantage racing shadows for an unexpected ‘fly-lapse’ across the glacier.
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Northern Patagonian Ice Field