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My favourite colour is rainbow 🌈


✨Are you running an alternative wedding business? ✨ Are you passionate about what you do but are struggling to find the right customers?
✨Does it feel like you’ve tried everything to get the word out but you keep coming up against brick walls?

If so, Rock n Roll Bride is here to help! 💖 I think a lot of artists make the same mistake – they figure if they build it they will come. Now I love Field of Dreams as much as the next child of the 90s, but when it comes to running a business, that theory rarely pans out. 💖 People aren’t just going to magically wake up one day and find you. Without marketing, your wedding business is nothing more than an expensive, all-consuming hobby. Without targeting your ideal clients your business simply will not survive. 💖 But I get it. You’re just starting out and money is tight. Which is why I am committed to making the advertising packages in Rock n Roll Bride magazine stupendously affordable for people just like you. Our ads still start from just £50 for classified spots, and only £200 for full page placements! 💖 If you’re stuck with the design, we can help you with that as well. Not only do we have easy to use templates available, but if need be someone from our team can work with you to create your advert from the ground up. 💖 This is your opportunity to place your product or service in front of the eyeballs of thousands of alternative wedding loving brides and grooms. Brides and grooms that are desperately and very actively searching for wedding suppliers just like you. Reading our magazine are the customers that you’ve always dreamed about having. So what are you waiting for?! 💖 We are currently taking bookings for issues 18 (Jan/Feb), 19 (Mar/Apr) & 30 (May/Jun). Please drop us an email (direct link in profile) and we can send your our shiny newly designed media pack. 💖 I look forward to hearing from you and helping you make 2018 the year your business really starts to rock (and roll)!!! 😂 #rocknrollbridemagazine


ON THE BLOG: Pin up model @sabinakelley's INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL Thailand beach wedding. People said she couldn't wear black... People said she shouldn't wear heels... People thought they should do their wedding a certain way but they ignored everyone and did things to make them happy!

Link in profile #sabinakelley #pinupmodel #tattooedmodel #tattooedbride #rocknrollbride


Needs a couple more piece of art on the wall I think but this corner of my office is looking fucking SWEET. All sources are tagged! #rocknrenovation


Renovation pro tip: If you want to get your significant other to step up their DIY game then plan a photo shoot in your building site of a home as a matter of urgency!

A few months ago I booked a collaboration with a super cool wedding brand (more on this soon!) and had the idea to shoot some of their products in our house. At the time I figured that surely by November the rooms we wanted to shoot in would almost be finished… or could at least be passable for the purposes of some staged shots.

WELL my friends, any of you that have embarked on your own renovation project will know that this was potentially one of the most stupid and stress-inducing ideas I’ve ever had. A week before the shoot and we still had the old curtains (that came with the house and looked like they hadn’t been updated since 1987) up, no skirting boards, power sockets hanging off the walls and a whole heap of junk in the corner. Brilliant.

Luckily I am married to a man who works best under a very specific set of criteria – the foremost of these being A DEADLINE. I’m the kind of nerd who did her homework at least a week before it was due, Gareth’s the kind of infuriating bastard that would do his on the bus on the way to school and still get straight As. Give Gareth a hard and fast deadline and he shines…. Be it all at the last possible second.

So three days before the shoot, Gareth comes to me and says “Hey, wouldn’t the shoot look better if we had a fireplace in the room?“ “Er yes, yes it would”, I replied, not thinking he’d actually tackle such a massive task with just 72 hours to spare. But deadline-loving Gareth not only got on with it, he got the project done in record time… even if he was still painting the walls 30 minutes before the photo shoot crew were due to arrive.

Click the link in my profile to read the whole story + Gareth's tips on how you can knock through your own fireplace (oh, and by the way, it only cost us £19!) #rocknrenovation


Pink pink pink pink pink. Did I ever tell you how much I love the colour pink? 😂


Stairway to rainbow heaven 🌈


A spectacular sunset can make even the dreariest of locations kinda magical. Taken at the train station on my way home this evening! 🌆


Hi @irregularchoice, when can I move in?


When we were doing The Blogcademy we met up every 6-8 weeks and travelled the world together! That time was insanely busy and while I'm now much happier having my feet firmly on the ground, I do miss seeing this little weirdo all the time!

Luckily we chat over email nearly every day as she's the design genius that makes #rocknrollbridemagazine look so good! Without her the magazine would be a nothing but word documents and images in folders on my computer. She better never leave me! 😂

We live on opposite sides of the world so may only be able to see each other once a year at the moment, but when we met up in Marrakech it was like nothing had changed. Can't wait to go on another random adventure with you again next year @nubbytwiglet! ❤️


Gareth has spent the afternoon raking leaves. He just came inside with these. "For you", he said, "it's autum-ombre."
And then my heart swelled and burst into about a thousand pieces.


No matter how many times I tell him Maine Coons aren't supposed to be lap cats, Henry just won't listen. Literally every time I sit down somewhere now he's on me in a matter of minutes. He never used to be so needy!

Photo by @devlinphotos
Sofa from @dfs (I know, can you believe it!?)
Cushion from @holyflaps 😂
Jumper from @nextofficial


The new rug is a hit with the kitties 🌈



Around 5 years ago, after way too much abuse from DIY bleaching, my hair was in a bad place. It was dry and brittle and wouldn’t grow past my shoulders before breaking off. If you’re partial to a splash of unnatural colour in your hair the chances are you can totally relate to this problem.

Fast forward to now and the difference is night and day. My hair is longer, stronger and so much softer. And I know it’s not just me seeing the difference, people are always asking on my Instagram how I manage to keep the bright colour without causing damage. Among the shopping list of tips I always give them is Xtend-Life’s Omega 3.

It was actually a friend who recommended this fish oil supplement to me and I first wrote about it in 2014. This stuff literally transformed my hair in about 6 months and I’ve been a convert ever since. 
So, having used their products for 5 years or so I was super-interested to find out more about their new Eternal Beauty Collection – solutions which promise to rejuvenate, strengthen, protect, repair and otherwise pamper you… from within!

The Eternal Beauty Collection, made up of 6 of their most popular products, is a daily supplement program complimented with topical skincare items. It’s specially designed to help support the healthy growth of hair and nails as well as promoting radiant skin and a strong immune system.

I am thrilled to be partnering with X-tend Life to give you the chance to try their products for yourself. We are giving away 12 Eternal Beauty Collection packs (6 on Instagram and 6 on Facebook) worth over £145 each!

To enter simply follow @xtend.life, then like this post and comment below tagging a friend who you think would like to try this collection too. You can tag as many friends as you like (each must be in a new comment) and each time you do is another entry.

You have until midnight (GMT) on 21st Nov to enter. Winners will be randomly selected and messaged through Instagram with details on how to claim their prize. GOOD LUCK!


CONGRATULATIONS AUSTRALIA!! #lovewins #equality #itsaboutbloodytime 🌈✨💋
Wish I'd had £300 to buy this epic wedding blanket in Marrakech last week... It's so perfect! 😭


Found my perfect doorway down a random side alley in Marrakech and as I was having my photo taken these kids were walking past and trying to get in the shot... So I invited them in to pose with me 😂 Always making friends!


Finally got my neon sign on the wall, ITS SO FREAKIN' GOOD. My office is VERY nearly done, who'd like an office tour blog post soon? ✨❤️🌈 #rocknrenovation


Reading your own magazine sure is funny.
Also, HELLO, can we all take a second to appreciate this giant K that arrived the other week from @hellodorisloves!? HOW COOL IS THAT!? It's battery operated (meaning the fact that our electrics aren't quite done yet doesnt really matter) and it lights up AND flashes! SO GOOD!

After an eye roll or two Gareth was almost a bit upset there wasn't a giant G delivered as well. Sorry Gareth but we all know who rules this roost... #rocknrollbridemagazine #rocknrenovation


When people are so proud of their features in #rocknrollbridemagazine they display it on their stand at a wedding fair!! @allaboutewe @kooarts


Sorry not sorry about continuing the Marrakech spam all the way through this week..I have SO MANY PHOTOS I want to share with you guys. It really is the most magical, beautiful place.

A few of you have asked about recommendations/advice for your own trips there. WELL I have written a couple of blog posts in the past about it previously (head over to the site and search for 'Marrakech' and you should find them) but if you have any specific questions about it pop them in the comments and I'll try my best to help!! Photo taken with my travel goth partner in crime @nubbytwiglet at @bemarrakech. My dress is @nextofficial ❤️


I am so so soooo tired!
After a week away, a long journey home, getting back at 1am Friday then getting up at 7am Saturday to get the train up to Birmingham to spend the weekend at a wedding fair... I am BEAT. I don't have a blog post scheduled to go up this morning (first time I can actually ever remember skipping a day) but rather than freak out about it I'm choosing to allow myself to lie in for a few more hours then start tackling the week this afternoon.
My to do list is enormous after being away but GAHHH I'm only human right? I have such an intense need to always been on top of my shit but right now I just need to hibernate for a bit. Normal service will resume soon.

Im not sure these ramblings even make sense but does anyone else ever feel like this?❤️


That's a wrap! Done with @allaboutewe for another season, now going back though my Marrakech pics from last week and wishing I was still there! 💜 How perf is this rooftop set up though?


Featured Sally's AMAZING Deftones & skulls themed wedding in issue 17, then spotted her modeling at @allaboutewe so of course I had to grab a photo of her with the feature. What a BABE #rocknrollbridemagazine


Mr @crownandglory_: So shy, so introverted, really hates any kind of attention #flowerbeard


How adorable is this Labyrinth worms wedding cake from @cherrycakeco!? Excited for day two of @allaboutewe at The Bond in Birmingham today. At a loose end? Come along from and say hi! Show is open from 11am-4pm. It's the best alternative wedding show EVER. I promise you won't regret it 🌈🎉👰💋👊💀


Holy shitting shit balls. @thecoutureco are launching embroidered bridal jackets and I AM OBSESSED. This gold, ugh, I am dead.
They're launching online soon. Follow @thecoutureco for updates ❤️💜


Bathroom goals at @darjaguar.
Gareth and I very rarely automatically agree on *anything* to do with home decor, but shockingly we both independently decided we wanted a copper bath when we redo our bathroom! This GOLD one at the riad I just stayed in has given me serious inspo. Would it be totally nuts to also paint the bathroom black? #gothforever #rocknrenovationc


I meeeean, woah there, have you ever seen a display that's more enticing than this? Marrakech doesn't mess around. Would you get a load of that colour coordination? 💜❤️


I've had the most magical few days in Marrakech with my partner in crime @nubbytwiglet. The highlight of this trip was definitely finding @bemarrakech on the recommendation of one of my followers. THAT TILE. Heading home this evening but I still have wayyyy more photos to spam you with, whether you like it or not! #cantstopwontstop