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Early childhood coach and mama. Passionate about nature, food, art and making time to play.

Unusually cool morning in the garden. Just me and the bees! This year is an experiment and I’m learning a lot. Lesson 1. Good soil really matters and it’s less expensive than you think. 2. Epsom salt is my friend. 3. Maybe don’t build the tomato bed so close to the fence. Last slide is Israeli salad- a combo of our harvest and the local veggies stand. Inspired by a recent trip to @krogstmarket with @amandanmn YUM!


We’re home now, but we had so much fun at the river. The trip was much shorter than normal, and I’m already itching to go back. These cousins had so much fun together! Not many people grow up knowing their THIRD cousins! We love ours to pieces! @ac_taylor2 @marisamtaylor @mattornetylife @dclion


A few more beach pictures before we leave! Painting beachside! Adelle’s idea. 😍


They begged us to stop so we could ride the “Carouswheel.” So glad we did!


When she grows up in her words... She’ll be an artist who lives on a farm ABOVE the gnat line. She’s going to grow vegetables and flowers and has a plan for a variety of fruit and nut trees. There will be a barn for her studio and some of the animals (a cow, horse, goats, and chickens). She’ll make ice cream with the cow’s milk and goat cheese with the goat milk. She’ll also have a really big closet with mostly wide blue jeans, some paint clothes, some exercise clothes and a yoga mat. Oh- and 2-3 fancy dresses. The house will have 3 bathrooms and enough rooms for all the children. She’ll just add on bedrooms as needed. The plan continues to evolve, but it sounds pretty perfect to me! Posted because I don’t want to forget.


Just 😍! Daddy and his mini me. Guess who won (3rd pic)! @brileyedwards


I’m sort of obsessed with our finally finished tomato bed! We planted really, really late, so I have just today tied the strongest stalks up to the top. After consulting my Eagle Scout/Navy veteran daddy, we decided a double half hitch knot at the top will allow us to tighten as we grow without too much trouble. Hoping to harvest our first tomatoes when we return from two weeks away! We have other stuff in there now, but next year we’ll succession plant.


Late post of our super fun/ whirlwind Atlanta trip! Build-a-Bear, LEGOLand, and the Children’s Museum with Aunt Boo and Uncle Patrick and fun, fun, fun with my Golden Girls and our GG2 clan! All in about 48 hours! #makingmemories #summerfun #teachermama #thatwasfun #wehaverecoverednow


We’ve been talking about narrative structure lately and this little collaborative writing activity was so much fun! We used an enormous sticker book from @target dollar spot as the springboard. This was entirely her creation. I just did the actual writing because today it was more important to get her ideas on the paper and pace the story in a way that made sense. As we worked I thought about the possibilities this activity could have for reluctant writers, those who struggle with fine motor skills, or others who need a scaffold in order to meet the standard.


Today was all about finishing projects! Good thing I have good helpers! This bed is almost ready for a late summer/fall planting- after we get back from all of our trips. And we get some worms. 🐛


There’s just something so inspiring about new materials. We have new IKEA watercolors and watercolor pencils! I can’t begin to explain how much I love these watercolors. The colors are so rich and vibrant... unless you mix them all with black- scroll through to see what almost ever painting Brabham does lately looks like! 😂


Summer days... it really doesn’t get much better than this! So far we’re keeping screen time to a minimum by spending a lot of time outside and practicing the art of strewing. Placing books, invitations to play/create, and fresh toys strategically around the house to capture their attention. So far, so good!