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The past few weeks I've been working on building a cave. Well a virtual cave at least. It's a proof if concept idea for @ancientartarchive to see if we can digitally recreate an entire underground space. So far I've mapped about 300 meters from the entrance of this cave to to the start of the true dark zone. What you are looking at here is a camera as it "flies through the digital model. The model is constructed from 1200 individual high res photographs.


Reflections of fall in this morning's walk

Sewanee, Tennessee

Walking to work this morning in crisp 45 degree weather. So happy fall has arrived. #fall #autumn


Morning walk with the pups. While the West coast is enduring drought and apocalyptic fires we are having the wettest, greenest fall I can remember.

Sewanee, Tennessee

It may be well into fall but things still feel like summer here in the South. A throwback photo, @thatssorach takes to the air. #home


Horseshoe Canyon, Utah
This site is spectacular, over 200 feet long. It's largest figures are 7 feet tall.
I've been working with the 3D model I built of Horseshoe Canyon this spring with the help of @thatssorach. What we are looking at here is not drone footage. Instead it's a virtual camera that flies through a digital model. It's all part of the work I started when I began the @ancientartarchive last year. Our mission is to explore and preserve humanity's oldest stories as they are told on Rock and cave walls around the planet. #utah


Plateau Point inside the Grand Canyon is one of my favorite spots in the world. It is among the best places that I know to sit and contemplate life. Working in the Grand Canyon as much as I do means that I am often in and out of Las Vegas. Like most people I am heart sick this morning over last nights mass shooting and I feel absolutely powerless to effect any change. My heart goes out to everyone who is touched by tragedy.

Grand Canyon National Park

Birds coming home to roost.

University of the South

Lopevi Volcano, Vanuatu
This morning's news that the government of Vanuatu has evacuated the entire island Ambae due to a volcanic eruption brought back memories of shooting this image of another Vanuatu volcano. I had in fact flow out to try and shoot the twin lakes of Ambae volcano but after 2 hours of flying from the capitol, weather and fuel loads did not cooperate. Coming back to the airport at Port Vila the pilot flew low over Lopeve as it spew cinders and lava. He kept saying " I can get closer" as we flew orbits around the island. When rocks from the eruptions began hitting me in the face I told him we were close enough.

#vanuatu #volcano #aerial


A throwback to the eclipse. We had cloud cover at totality but the cut off disk of the sun still managed to peak though. #eclipse

Sewanee, Tennessee

Rembrandr's Retun of the Prodigal Son
Earlier this month I had the privilege of elpimg curate a tour of the Hermitage Musem in St Petersburg. Of course my interests revolve around the museum's extensive Paleolithic collections but the power of the Dutch Masters is hard to describe. No matter how many times I view reproductions, there is nothing like seeing the artwork in person. #russia #hermitage #rembrandt

St Petersburg

Today's work site. Jackson County, Alabama. #cave


Skies clearing but rain still lingers. I love the days when we can see for miles from the edge of the mountain. #home #storm

Sewanee, Tennessee