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Today is International Snow Leopard Day!!!
Photo by @stevewinterphoto for @natgeo

Snow leopards are the ghosts of the high mountain areas of central Asia in which they live.
The areas in which SL’s live are vitally important as they provide water for 100’s of millions of people.
But the glaciers that provide the water are rapidly disappearing, which begs the question - what will the future bring for people and animals?

Local people need to benefit from living with predators - snow leopards are persecuted by revenge killings - when they kill someone’s livestock a herder will then kill them. There are great community conservation projects where local herders can protect their flocks, making more money and saving snow leopards at the same time! Turning and economic negative into an economic positive - and saving snow leopards at the same time!

Please visit National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative @, to find out ways to become involved - to save big cats!
Check out - Panthera, Snow Leopard Trust, WCS, UNDP, WildAid - Environmental Investigation Agency - Wildlife Protection Society of India,
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Una expedición sobre el azul del hielo glacial. 📷 Ph. Cory Richards.


a desert oasis // waking up on the other side of the world - excited to be back in the Middle East with @visitabudhabi this week #inabudhabi

Anantara Al Sahel Villa Resort

Winter in Falun - Sweden ✨💖💖💖✨ Picture by ✨✨@mariaanderhell✨✨
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Photo @stephen_matera // Fort Adams at sunset, Newport Harbor, Rhode Island. Fort Adams was established on July 4th, 1799 and named after President John Adams. The current building was built beginning in 1824 and is now part of Fort Adams State Park, with stunning views of Narragansett Bay and the Newport Bridge. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Rhode Island and around the world. #fortadams #americanhistory

Fort Adams State Park

“We should call them: Mini Me (Lynn, Bordercollie 11 and Lucy, Biewerterrier 1, Maggy, Oldgermanshepherd 3 and Aika, Yorkshireterrier, 6)” writes @swissyorkie


Photo by @joelsartore: A male sand cat, Felis margarita, poses for #PhotoArk. #cats #feline #portait


Top Shot: Watchful Owl | Photograph by Serge Chenard
“I had several opportunities to photograph this Great grey owl in many diverse situations,” writes Your Shot photographer Serge Chenard. “Their species resides in northern Canadian territories and nests in open areas near dense forests.”

Top Shot features the photo with the most votes from the previous day’s Daily Dozen, 12 photos chosen by the Your Shot editors from thousands of recent uploads. Our community votes for their favorite photo from the selection, and the Top Shot is showcased on the @natgeoyourshot Instagram account. #YourShotPhotographer


Evening Glory

Furka Pass

Opéra Garnier, Paris

W Paris - Opéra

Photograph by Jeff Chen (@jeffchen1568)


Photo by @wallah
Rain at twilight set the scene for Alan Kastner (@wallah) as he took photos using a long exposure in Yanaka, his neighborhood in Japan’s capital city. “Storytelling and conveying the mood of a given moment are the elements of utmost priority in my shooting,” he says. 📷 #TheWeekOnInstagram

Tokyo, Japan

Everyday life in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Once upon a time in 🇧🇷 Brazil. @kygomusic #KidsInLove

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro


The island of Ulvon along the High Coast of Sweden.

This summer I had the pleasure of visiting the Island of Ulvon, which is a popular destination for Swedes (although few people outside of Sweden seem to know about it). The trip to the island is done via ferry, which can also transport a small number of cars. I didn’t take my car. I parked on the mainland and just went by foot as I was staying close to the ferry terminal on the island.

In addition to being an absolutely beautiful location, I was also able to try Surströmming, which is a delicacy in Sweden. It is fermented herring, and it is one of the smelliest foods on Earth (and I am in no way exaggerating when I say this. Go check the YouTube videos of people smelling/tasting it for the first time). It smells so bad, it is almost always eaten outdoors. It actually tastes much better than it smells. It is the Swedish version of durian.

The entire High Coast of Sweden doesn’t get many foreign tourists, but it is a very popular destination for Sweden, especially in the summer. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is noted for being one of the fastest rising places in the world. In geology it is called isostatic rebound. The land is literally springing up from being compressed from the glaciers which covered the land 10,000 years ago. It rises about 8mm a year, which incredibly fast movement for rocks.

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Ulva Ferry

Hydra by night. A perfect long weekend getaway. In mid-September, the heat backs off and the water is still warm. A long trek or two gives good coverage of the island. Food is excellent, especially if fish and seafood are your thing and you don't mind feta, local cheeses, and Greek wine. Throw in an afternoon boat ride along the southwestern shore, a few dips in the Gulf of Hydra, some late afternoon strolls and a lie-in or two and you'll have the makings for a perfect shoulder/mid-season break.

Hydra, Greece

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