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“When I grow up, I either want to be a veterinarian who likes to paint, or a painter who likes to take care of sick dogs.”


Huge thanks and lots of hugs to @conatsy and @chadopitz and @jeffzamaria for sharing their amazing comedy with Missoula last night, and acting like it wasn’t even weird that they were at a Mad Max-themed sleep apnea fundraiser. Also whoops my eyes are closed. Also Charley should be in this picture.

Union Club Bar & Grill

March: the month we all pretend it’s warmer than it is. And it works out.

Lolo, Montana

Ah, to be young. When other people fed you pizza.

Highlander Beer

Ready for their first day of dance class (and first dance class ever for Joey).


It took me 37 years before I had the confidence in myself to just ask for birthday nachos instead of birthday cake.


Profile on the first day of 37: New haircut(!), slightly sagging neck(?), increasing mix of sun spots and freckles, also a zit in there somewhere, beat-up/beating heart, buzzing brain, fully functioning funny bone, ten typing fingers, and all ready set go to take the year by storm.


I’m pretty confident my kid knows more about spiders than you do - this is what our bedtime reading is. Joey: “The Goliath bird-eating tarantula is venomous. So is the Mexican Red knee tarantula!”


“The mall train makes me depressed.” Well, finally. That makes two of us. We will never return.

Southgate Mall

The sidewalks are officially snow free all the way to the park.


Joey’s birthday party. ❤️🦋❤️🦋

Missoula, Montana