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thank you for the surprises, the love, and the most beautiful birthday weekend ever. let’s go 26. 💟

The Mermaid Inn

▫️in case you missed it: www.garthofficial.com // @garthofficial


remember the name & don’t forget the period, because you’re about to be stopped in your tracks. @garthofficial drops TODAY. 💫 thrilled to be making my music video directorial debut alongside this supernova.


You're the only friend I need
Sharing beds like little kids
Laughing 'til our ribs get tough
But that will never be enough

Happy Quarter-Century to the girl who's seen me through it all. Of all the trillions of atoms in the universe, I'm so glad they collided to bring your light into my life. I love you, my queen. Can't wait for the next 75+. 💫


i'll be the beauty queer in tears

Los Angeles, California

"There was nowhere to go but everywhere."
37 days & 20 states later, we've made it to LA! Thanks to my partner in crime (literally and figuratively) @americanboy99 for the road-trip of a lifetime. 🗺️

Eagles Nest, Colorado

my favorite part about coming home 💛🌽🌞

Des Moines, Iowa

kelly kapowski in the great outdoors 🍃

Blue Hole Regional Park

i today i said goodbye to ~*bagel gurlz*~ for the last time. i spent two years in this magical space--laughing, worrying, struggling, growing, living. she has been a space for me to rest my weary head and a space for me to blast music and dance like no one's watching. she has been my safe haven, my artists' workshop, my queendom, my home. to my beautiful roommate @mishalambert who lived through it all beside me-- i love you and i am so much of a stronger, healthier and better person because of you. how lucky i was to come home to such love and light every evening. i say goodnight to you, my dear old girl. may you be the same sweet place of refuge to all of your future inhabitants as you were for me. 🔑💜✨

Smith St. Bagels

had a very gay 4th of july. hbu? 🇺🇸 🎞️: @davidjweiner

Jacob Riis National Park & Beach

To all of my friends nominated tonight, don't forget to laugh! Here's to you and celebrating another incredible year of art! 👏🏼 #Tonys