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no lengthy caption. just need to make sure this reaches your eye and earballs. X


and what a month it has been.
haunted adventures, at any possible time. from, hayrides, to scooping and giving a face to everyones favorite fall fruit, to watching horror movies about ghost STD’s (it follows was actually pretty good). anyway im very happy to alive. here are some people i got spooked with. i dont really know what to write about right now besides the fact that things are so good and i love my sister and alexis. i felt this photo needed to be put somewhere. here you go. successful october. go have yourselves a wonderful día de los muertos. X


blissful swimming met with a gentle confusion. thats kind of how i felt spiritually for a while. i figured it out now. in fact, i knew it all along, i just didnt know that i knew it yet. what a wash of relief to realize i know all of the secrets i was keeping from myself. no need to lie to yourself and say everythings okay. you dont have to lie anymore. let go and know. i know that everything is in perfect order. you can too. i hope from my heart to all the veins reaching out to you that you remeber to know. what a beautiful and confusing world we have been graced to experience. X


watch my story for the link to the full video. thank you all so much for listening to my music and being a part of this family. playing live shows is the best feeling in the world and im so glad i get to share with such special people like yourselves. i will be doing more and more live shows in the near future. i have a bunch already planned and i cant wait to sing and dance with each and every one of you. you have a family with the lost ones and me. remember, this OUR ship and WE'RE your crew. X


so eXcited to share my first appearance on #TheGifted @thegiftedonfox @marvel @foxtv
the first episode of this brand new extension of Marvel's X-men universe is out now! it is an immense honor to be a part of this world. me and my little sister lacey have been huge fans of the X-men world since we were little. we would always check years in advance to see which installment was coming next, and then anxiously wait for its arrival. auditioning for this show was enough to get us both jumping for joy, but actually having the opportunity to play the role of Jack in the show is a dream come true. being able to work with some X-men legacies like Bryan Singer and Lauren Donner was so special to me. they spared no effort to make me feel a part of the family, and i appreciate that so much. endless thanks to the entire cast and crew. i felt so welcomed. im so happy to have played a part in the creation of such a special show. make sure to watch the premiere now on
the link will also be in my story, so go watch and swipe up! stay tuned for the rest of the season. so much in store! X


here i stood, again, in one of my favorite places to adventure. i was lucky enough to watch the sky glow pink as the mountains had dessert. this isnt the first time ive felt the magic of a painted sunset, but it was special because i got to share with two people i know as my brothers. i dont have any blood brothers, and i have always had a tough time making deep friendships with guys. these two have shown me what it means to be a man and a friend. i love and respect them so highly. huntington, ever since i first met when i was a little teeny bopper ive looked up to you as an older brother. you helped me believe in myself and the love that i have to give. you made an over-excited outcast thirteen year old feel cool, as dumb as that sounds. thank you for being a constant and the brother i always hoped for. finley, i havent known you for all that long but you have made a huge impact on my life. youve helped me realize what an authentic friendship and relationship really is. you are honest to yourself and everyone around you. there is so much love inside of you and i see it all the time, even if you might not. you are unlike anyone ive ever met and in such a magnificent way. thanks for being my best friend in this land of plastic, and for keeping me grounded in truth and love. i hope to feast on many cotton skies to come with the both of you. X


as one does when in new york, new york, i shook my booty on the rooftops. this is a song my dad showed me and would always get me and my sisters to sing. it seemed fitting to be the focal point of the soundtrack on this city excursion. im not a big fan of city environments for the most part, but my good pal @lexie helped me appreciate the beauty of east village. she helped me to see the big apple in a light like ive never experienced. thank you lexie for doing tai chi under the cloudy sky, for dancing alongside me with reckless abandon, for watching jimmy timmy power hour (the stupendous crossover episode between fairly oddparents and jimmy neutron.) and of course, for being the best host and letting me crash at your awesome apartment. i cant wait to come back and make more memories with you and the city that never sleeps.

East Village, Manhattan

i had spent days making my way by car from california to jackson hole, wyoming. when i finally made it, i DESPERATELY had to use the restroom. i arrived at the hotel with my sister, and as she checked in, i asked the worker where i could find the loo. he pointed me in the direction. and so i walked. and i walked. i mustve taken a wrong turn somewhere because i ended up in the middle of river, standing on a rock. i never did find that bathroom, but i learned a valuable lesson: full bladders are natures guiding force and should be trusted at all times. see where my bladder led me!? very pretty. take notes. X

Jackson, Wyoming

when i was adventuring in yosemite i went on a hike to a swimming hole. these duckies and deer were kind enough to welcome me to the water. they even joined in on the playing! based on their surprisingly warm greeting i thought i would have a good chance of snapping a photo of my new swimming pals. they graciously agreed with a hearty "quaCK". im not quite sure what noise a deer makes but the deer was open to the photoshoot as well. here is to the time we spent jumping and splashing through mirror lake my fuzzy friends! our reflections have never looked better. X

Yosemite National Park

this is by far my favorite song to perform with the @heyladskids. if you are interested in finger bleeding ukulele strums and guitar solos sent from evan heaven, then this is the video for you. there is a link in my story if youd like to watch the full performance. i cant wait to play this and more for all of you across the land. in time my friends. working on getting out to the east coast soon. X


now, i know how this may sound but please let me explain. as my sister (i really miss you a whole bunch sadie) and i hiked to upper yosemite falls, we happened upon a flat that jutted out from the mountain we were conquering. across the way we saw the infamous half dome. as we were not quite ready to undergo the endeavor that is the half dome hike, we gladly watched it from afar. it was a moment i knew i had to capture. there was no one around to assist in the photo snapping so i set my camera up on a rock and put it on a self timer. i had ten seconds to scuttle over to the edge of the cliff that hung over hundreds of feet of open air. it seemed the shortest and longest ten seconds of my life. as i neared the edge i slipped on rocks and NEARLY plummeted to my death. luckily i am very agile and managed to avoid my imminent doom. sadie didnt notice. moral of the story, kids, is if you need to take a pretty picture on the edge of a cliff, its best to ask a stranger for help, because otherwise you could turn into a splat in yosemite. thank you for your time. X

Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

for my birthday i blew out the candle and wished for the power to be one with the elements. i swam through the creek with my friend ethan. we ended up in a pool shrouded by a tall white tree and enclosed by a rocky cliff face. i decided to climb up the wall. i weighed the risk with the thrill. but as far as i could tell, the worst that could happen is me falling into water. and water is soft. i climbed up thirty feet and found myself in a hole. i turned and sat, facing ethan who was stood under the tree. we started moving insantly, our eyes connected. i could see a line drawing us together. we moved in a fluid motion circulating our energies and all the energy around us. our breath was the wind and our blood the water. the world pulsed with our heartbeat. the drums that rang through the worlds song. i knew i was listening to life. i knew i was listening to us all. X

Malibu Creek State Park

my reverse birthday gift to you is a live concert performance of lost. go to my story and swipe up for the link! please send me videos of you dancing to the new video. happy annual celebration of birth to me. X


it is an immense pleasure and honor to be a part of #vman38 the most recent issue of @vman. it was shot by @stevenkleinstudio for his piece "casting call" alongside some incredibly talented actors.

its an insightful read, and if youd like you can check it out by going to my story for the link, or you can pick up your own copy at any newstand. thanks so much my friends. X
styled by @mjellenberger
clothing by @hugoboss
text by @okamax

Chateau Marmont

the icy water of phelps may have been eating away at our warmth, but i assure you, we were all fed in full. i feel ive achieved meaning by doing synchronized diving with none other than myself. it may seem a bit odd, and you may be right. i guess i just knew it wouldnt be too hard to keep up with with the likes of my own body and mind. that being said, to take that "easy route" i did have to figure out how to clone myself. taxing business, most definitely. i would tell you how but im already tired of writing. maybe one of my clones will pick back up on this another day. X

Phelps Lake

i am so happy to finally be able to share this with you. i had my EP launch concert filmed and now i will be posting them one song per week starting with leaving london.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ performing with my band the young happy hey lads kids is a dream and it is only the start of our adventure. go to my story and swipe up to watch the full performance of leaving london. thanks so much. never grow up. X



@pulsespikes recently did a spread on me, and i love them for it. WATCH MY STORY AND SWIPE UP FOR THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE. its a wonderfully written article and i feel grateful to have been captured by them (in artistic sense of course, i promise they didnt kidnap me.) i talk about everything from my musical journey, to what inspires me to my part in FOX's new series The Gifted coming out October 2nd. Read up and let me know how your brains absorb that information. OH and look at this super pretty photo thats used in the spread. it was taken by @logancolephoto isnt he magical??? X

Lake Arrowhead, California


now, i dont claim to an expert photographer by any means, but i feel like this is one of my greatest accomplishments. i saw mr. moose meandering through the meadow. i wanted to get closer to take a photo but i couldnt for two reasons: 1) he probably would have gotten scared and ran away. 2) im completely wrong and he wouldve charged at me and attacked because apparently meese can be extremely dangerous in some scenarios. anywho, i lifted my handy dandy binoculars and pointed my camera through. this is mr. moose observed through many a lens. i hope you enjoy looking at him as much as i do! more binocular pictures to come (probably not unless i get lucky again but lets hope.) X (edit: i cant believe im being judged for saying meese. i am a free spirit i will use whatever word i see FIT.)

Jackson, Wyoming

dear everyone,
this is a video of me trying to dance around in large field in yosemite national park. my prancing was short lived as you can tell because i twisted my ankle and stepped into a big slop of mud. anyway, it was still fun. ill try to post a better prancing video soon. X

Yosemite National Park

as some of you may know, me and my sister have spent the last week or so camping in yosemite. this was me on the first morning waking up. although we were sleeping on the hard ground, and sweating through our sleeping bags, it was bliss. we explored the mountains and swam in every body of water we could find (which mind you, usually meant freezing cold water). so many nomadic excursions took place after this photo was taken, but im certain you can already see them all being dreamt up in my eyes. or maybe thats just the lack of sleep making my eyes glossy. either way, prepare for an overwhelming amount of photos from this trip. starting in yosemite and currently in jackson hole wyoming. stay attentive my friends. X

Yosemite National Park

so, i was minding my business, row row rowing my boat ever so gently down the stream when all of the sudden i felt a strong gust of wind. out of the corner of my eye i saw a flash of of silvery feathers shoot past me like an arrow. it was gone in a second, and so i wrote it off as nothing more than my imagination-its very vivid these days, you see. i continued floating through the water, flipping through the pages of my book, when AGAIN i felt a huge gust of wind. this time it was right above my head. i turned around and saw him. a hippogriff galloping through the air straight towards me. his eagle head came hurtling at my boat and i managed to duck at the last second. his talons grabbed hold of either side of my boat and lifted me up and up with each pump of his mighty wings. i boated through the sky with the hippogriff as my sails. we passed over all of monticello until the metal finally slipped through his grasp and i fell. my boat dropped down onto a weeping (not whomping) willow and capsized right before it hit ground. slowed by the leaves, i hit the boat with a thud. and then i flipped to the next chapter of prisoner of azkaban.

Lake Shafer

no this is not a metaphor. we quite literally lost ourselves miles into the mountains in ojai, california. we were thirsty in search of rumored waterfalls at the end of the trail we had been following. about three miles in we concluded that we went down the wrong trail. this left us a three mile hike back to the foot of the mountain where we began. we dejectedly kicked our feet in the dirt, upset that we had made such a lengthy mistake. luckily it didnt take us long to realize that our journey was not fruitless. we sat on the abandoned path, ate our lunch and this is what i saw. four of my favorite souls in the world silhouetted by the lush expanse of the mountains and a cloud filled sky. it was impossible to ignore how lucky and blessed i felt. i love and am in love with these people. i am beyond grateful to have them in my life. im glad ive been lucky enough to find something so special in the midst of being lost. X

Ojai, California

well, not exactly me, but an extension of who i am is actually responsible for the creation and legend that is a peacock. argus. the god with hundreds of eyes all over his body. hera preserved his hundreds of eyes in the tail feathers of the peacock to commemorate his faithful watchmanship. i like to believe that there is a part of me, the part that is connected to argus, that can see through all of these eyes all over the world. i randomly happened upon a peacock enclosure when i was on a hike in ojai. i was ridiculously drawn to them and i captured this moment in which the male peacock is (i think) pursuing the female. i dont know about you, but if someone came up to me and started shaking their tail feathers i would be very impressed and probably want to marry them. anyway, this has been another incoherent rant, courtesy of yours truly. X


you can see it just barely, on my forehead. i use this eye to see many things. my favorite thing it helps me notice is the beauty of nature. this is a picture of me and my three eyes watching the sunset with a blanket repurposed as a cape, draped over my shoulders. this was shortly after reconnecting with an old friend. we decided to adventure to an overlook and watch the sun retreat behind the horizon. my third eye helped me see all the love that was hidden behind lost time. the third eye is also an invitation to anyone who sees it, to look into my mind. if you ever happen upon me with my many eyes, please ask me something youre dying to know. im open to all of you. im open to love. X


i feel lucky to have such an incredible dad, and role model to look up to. my dad is so much of who i want to be. i learn more about how similar we are every day and that makes me so happy. he is such an incredible and selfless man. the love that he exudes is undeniable and everyone can see it. he is a loving father and husband and friend. hes also just really cool. highkey one of the coolest dudes ive met. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ im looking forward to learning more from you and hopefully one day be as great of a father as you have been to me and my two sisters. i love you dad. X


something special happened. my sister and best friend sadie is back in the same town as me for the summer. she had some wild plans. we went to point dume to watch the sunset. as the sky turned pink our faces flushed with love to match the hue of the setting sun. we were filled with warmth and for me, a vulnerable joy. the only issue was that sadie felt we needed to be closer. she set off towards the horizon and so i followed her footsteps in the sand. as you can see in this picture, it looks as though i am about to take off into flight. because that is exactly what i did. i flew over sadie and grabbed her hands and we travelled all the way to the pink blur where the sky met the sea. i think we'll stay here for a while. X


THANK YOU TO @billboard ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i was lucky enough to be given a feature by billboard where we chatted about my new music and other exciting projects im working on. im so happy with how everyones responding to the EP. this whole adventure has been a dream come true. i want to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point. i absolutely could not have done this alone and im proud to say i had help from some of the most amazing people ive ever met. all of you reading this, included! all ive ever wanted to do is make music and spread love. you helped me create a reality i want to live in. thanks for this universe. lets keep creating more. X

photographer: @logancolephoto


hansen and emma have returned for another season of quirky romance. the first episode is now live on @awesomenesstv . prepare to be struck directly in the feels. this season spares no oppurtunity to tap into the heartwrenching battle that is young love. thank you so much to everyone who was a part of this. @claudiasulewski you are my family and i love you so much. being able to work with you and grow so close over this past year or so has been such a blessing. @bccbecca is the director and writer of this season. what an incredible woman. hardworking, strong, smart, witty, but she always managed to keep us smiling while on set. i feel lucky to have been directed by someone i can also call my friend. i hope you all enjoy this season as much as i did filming it. come along for the drive my friends. X


youll notice a plethora of things. the first of which being that me and my sister sadie are smiling big smiles. this is because we were very happy when this photo was taken. many times, fake laughing ensues when a camera is pointed, but it was unnecessary this go around! what a wonderful thing! another thing you may notice is that there are coils in both our hair. mine is harder to see because of my mane but its there i promise. these coils were purchased at the renaissance fair! it was the first one me and sadie ever went to. such a magical experience. as you may have realized, i am a very thematically driven person. i felt right at home at this featival. if you like to believe, i would recommend an event like this one. go with your loved ones like i did. adventure of a lifetime.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

my new EP is officially available to buy and stream. i want to thank you all from the bottom of my happy heart. all i want is to make music and spread love and you all have given me the opportunity to do just that. i am thoroughly grateful. i would be honored to have these songs be a part of the soundtrack of your lives. this is my first story, but remember, the best is yet to come. X