Meteora - Greece ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by ✨✨@minogiannisvalantis✨✨
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Image and text by @beverlyjoubert. Sea-green eyes stare out at us from an Acacia branch. This young leopard hasn’t seen much conflict in his life. The ears are intact and the nose remains unscarred. Leopards are astounding creatures- with their remarkable stealth they are still able to live undetected (at low numbers) in major cities. Due to their secrecy it’s not easy to determine their populations but we know that they are following the same downward trajectory as all big cats, as habitats change and prey disappears. Despite the difficulty in determining their populations, they are targeted by trophy hunters and poachers alike; their exquisite skins still desirable in some cultures. In this corner of the Okavango all hunting has been stopped for over a decade, poaching has been kept to an absolute minimum and we have been rewarded with frequent sights like these, of relaxed cats who are willing to share their space. Over their lifetimes big cats like these will bring in millions of dollars through photographic tourism, ensuring that their environment and ecosystem can be maintained in a world where human populations keep expanding and taking. #leopard #bigcats #thisismytrophy


Photo by @CarltonWard // As the sun sets over the Gulf of Mexico, a local shrimp boat motors past St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge on its way back to harbor in Apalachicola, a town in the Florida panhandle where most households still rely on fish and shellfish for their livelihoods. For anyone near Washington, DC, please join me Tuesday, March 20 at National Geographic for my presentation Wild Florida: Hidden in Plain Sight (link in my bio for tickets). @dceff_org @insidenatgeo @fl_wildcorridor #floridawild #pathofthepanther #keepflwild #natgeoDC

Apalachicola, Florida

Single Parent | Photograph by Navin Vatsa (@navinvatsa)
“Being a single parent, it is not easy to share the qualities of both father and mother at the same time,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Navin Vatsa. “When I lost my wife my wife in an accident eight years ago, it was very difficult and painful to handle [my son’s] innocence. But gradually with time, the understanding between us [has] become a guiding force to me for the years ahead…”

“Identity is among the most ambiguous subject matters a person can explore. Whether it’s looking at an individual’s relationship with him/herself or examining identity in the context of a larger group or culture, the challenge is to make images that thoughtfully convey something that isn’t necessarily obvious at first glance,” writes Documentary photographer Kholood Eid (@kholoodeid). “We’re asking you, the Your Shot community to explore what makes up your identity, how do you see yourself through a photograph.”
To submit to our “Visualizing Your Identity” assignment, curated by Kholood Eid, go to the link in our profile. #IDefineMe


La Patagonia es un paraíso para escaladores 🏔️ En el extremo sur de América yace la mágica #Patagonia. Es una región vasta, remota e histórica y el hogar de algunas de las montañas más sublimes del planeta, como el macizo de Torres (en la foto). ¿Qué hace exactamente de este lugar el paraíso de los montañistas? Escaladores de cuatro de las ubicaciones más populares de la región comparten sus opiniones en nationalgeographicla.com


ATTENTION NEW YORK! This St. Patrick’s Day, the @aspca is celebrating St. Pitties Day! Tomorrow (March 17) and Sunday (March 18) the ASPCA Adoption Center in NYC will reduce adoption fees for adult Pit Bull mixed breed dogs to $17 (regularly $75 - $250). By lowering adoption fees, they’re hoping to give these dogs some extra luck finding their forever homes! If you’re interested, be sure to stop in this weekend! (Photographed here in order: Zeron, Bristol, and Orson)


ebb & flow // what’s your favorite borough of New York? Mine is def Brooklyn 🎢🎡🏟️🌭

Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge

Terrace of Louvre, Paris

Paris, France

Photo By C.J. Blanchard: A Blackfeet Indian family near a tepee and wagon on a prairie in Montana. This image was published in the January 1915 issue of the magazine. #tbt #throwbackthursday #montana #family #vintage


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