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When we gonna ban vanilla isis tho? They bugging about muslims attacks in europe but stay quiet about most of the terrorist attacks in America are perpetrated white male christians, also theres hundreds of cases not labeled as terrorism and swept under the rug as mental illness or "lone operatives" alot of these attacks by both individuals and groups are not restricted to race, Religiously motivated attacks make up the larger portion of this subsection, with gender and politically oriented attacks trailing in 3rd and fourth. Stop babying white people in general because as we speak they are gearing up to pull people out of the homes if "you look like isis" or an "illegal", wont be long before "patriots" deputise themselves and kill anything not white and christian and straight, and if you're a white person and your loved ones are not don't think for a second they will be spared from the barbarities. So instead of being heart broken and coming up with new hastags or bs dances, train and access your 2nd ammendment right while you still can. Because even after they tell you its illegal, self defense is a prime directive of natural law. If self defense is not part of your dialectics then you're extinction bound...#lonewolf_chronicles #vanillaisis #terrosist #fucktheocracy #fascist #alt_reich #3per #3piecenters #mercs #altright


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