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by @freeyourmind1111

More definitions, of letting go/detachment. .
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by @the.little.shaman

In the end, it's everyone's own responsibility to take care of themselves. People are not going to treat you how you ask them to treat you. They're not going to treat you how you treat them. They will treat you how you ALLOW them treat you. ❤

You have to learn to say no and let someone else's disappointment or anger about it be their problem. ❤

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by @lilian_423

Rediscovering the Collective Spirit
THE PRIMAL law and purpose of the individual life is to seek its own self-development. Consciously or half-consciously or with an obscure unconscious groping it strives always and rightly strives at self-formulation, — to find itself, to discover within itself the law and power of its own being and to fulfil it.
This aim in it is fundamental, right, inevitable because, even after all qualifications have been made and caveats entered, the individual is not merely the ephemeral physical creature, a form of mind and body that aggregates and dissolves, but a being, a living power of the eternal Truth, a self-manifesting spirit.
In the same way the primal law and purpose of a society, community or nation is to seek its own self-fulfilment; it strives rightly to find itself, to become aware within itself of the law and power of its own being and to fulfil it as perfectly as possible, to realise all its potentialities, to live its own self-revealing life.
The reason is the same; for this too is a being, a living power of the eternal Truth, a self-manifestation of the cosmic Spirit, and it is there to express and fulfil in its own way and to the degree of its capacities the special truth and power and meaning of the cosmic Spirit that is within it.
(Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle)
Artwork by Ludmila Sorokina


by @sacred.you

✨ Trust Within ☆ Trust in the Universe ✨

A goddess finds her shadows and her pain and uses it to bring more light into the world and rise from the ashes like a phoenix. 🙏

This power that is within your womb, in your whole being. ✨

Knowing inside that all will work out even if you can’t make sense of what is taking place right now. 🌸

To come into trust you have to continously question and see every situation from various perspectives.
As you look back on something that may have happened with you in the “past”, you then come to understand how those experiences lead you here, to find yourself.

It is also taking time to love yourself, to become your best friend and in the process coming to find your universe inside of you. 🙏

All that goes on outside, takes place within you first and then it is projected out into the world. 🌸

As you come into harmony and mastery of your sacred self, your true self, and the universe, your whole reality will match that, becoming a marvelous life filled with joy, bliss, and love. ✨

Trusting yourself and the universe becomes all you do, as you know the power of your intention, of your energy, you know that it is you that is now consciously creating these realities.


by @ashtanirising

Current feels! Anyone else?

#sohappy #newbeginnings #smile


by @nneka.osueke

For as long as I could remember, my father and his full-blood sisters have always regarded me as the reincarnation of their mother, the reason why he named me Nneka (“The mother is supreme.”) She passed away when my dad was barely two years old, so sadly, he had no real memory of her—not even a picture. Only thing he knew was her name, Ekure, and her Christian name, Charity. Overtime, I became a little consumed with getting to know this ancestor who lived through me. I started this project asking my dad, “If you could imagine what your mother was like or your idea of a perfect mother, what and who would she be?” And I went down to the detail: her favorite color, her skin tone, personality, and talents. I took my time beginning, but I kept receiving this vision of a woman whose tenderness was her superpower. She was mysterious and demure, yet still very assertive. I studied pictures of my dad and his sisters to construct a face using features from each of them, then I channeled the same energy I felt she had in order to paint it into her eyes. Eventually, I was standing face to face with the grandmother I’d never met. (Right) #NnekaOsueke


by @nneka.osueke

Beyond humbled. Honored. Motivated. I am happy to announce that my work will make it's European debut in ReSignifications: The Black Mediterranean taking place at @manifestabiennial . This year so far has been one of great shifts, mentally, emotionally, and pattern wise--all movement I felt was necessary to share my message and do what I love. Nothing but gratitude to those who have helped me in this journey so far. For more information, click the link in my bio.
1. Ascension I: Plaster, gouache, 24kt Gold, Hot Glue adhesive, 2017
2. We Live Eternally I: Plaster, Paper mache', activated charcoal, 24kt Gold


by @revenir_a_soi

Message d âme - poussière d étoile-

Dans les moments sombres toujours se souvenir de la lumière..car elle continue d être notre seule et unique vérité.
Poussière d étoile nous étions, poussière d étoile nous redeviendrons....et quoi de plus scintillant, de plus pur que cet éclat de diamant éclairant le néant?

Les lignes du temps se dissocient et les karmas s entrecroisent...en ce moment de choix, entre matérialisme egotique et état de conscience plus vaste.
La fatigue, le besoin de solitude, l effarement face à tous ces changements intérieurs peuvent créer un certain deboussolement.

Des mains nous sont toutefois tendues, des associations se forment, des aides apparaissent...en parallèle des déconvenues ou des incompréhensions très radicales peuvent se produire.
Bien souvent ce sont des karmas qui viennent se rejouer avec une exactitude presque glaçante...et dans une forme de violence difficile à vivre pour les âmes sensibles.
Pour transformer il va falloir transcender nos blessures, ne surtout pas nourrir de rancune.
Chercher la voie de la sagesse et ne jamais en vouloir à ceux qui refusent le dialogue et la paix.
Cela ne ferait que nourrir plus encore les egregores de peurs qui polluent nos pensées.
Chemin d acceptation.et d humilité bien particulier, qui fera plus de sens encore dans les semaines à venir.
Gardez la foi mes jolis....et souvenez vous de la lumière.
Namaste belles âmes 🌗🍂🙏 SL


by @zeiqei

cute videos of cows grazing in rusty, abandoned playground in the mountains. I LOVE COWS SO SO MUCH.

also, i’m writing stuff. it’s very very “out there”, but it’s also very, VERY me. so please read. it is not so important whether you like or dislike it, but only that you listen. if you can’t listen, then i still love you, because that’s just the way my soul is set up.
don’t worry, the love isn’t romantic. it’s just love without boundaries or conditions, so you are welcome to bask in its aura.


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by @geowoding

Imagine your next workout here


by @freeyourmind1111

Thank you @executivemafia 🙏🏽💗


by @the.little.shaman

Sometimes we don't get what we want, even if we did our best, even if we deserve it, even if it's fair, even if it's right. And that's OK. It really is. You can't win them all and you don't need to. We can learn so much more from so-called failures than we do from so-called successes. ❤

Happiness and peace are about accepting what you have and that being enough. It doesn't mean never strive for more, it doesn't mean don't try to improve your circumstances. It means accept things the way that they are and be OK with it. If one door closes, another will open. Hindsight often shows us that what we really wanted was not what we needed. Better things are often around the corner. Be patient. ❤

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by @surfthewildwoman_documentary

You can use the power and energy of magnificent storms to let go of all that no longer serves you in your life. You can set the intention that every gust of wind and drop of rain is cleansing and blowing away old energy making room for the fresh to circulate #wildweather #storms #circulate #renew #refresh #gaia #ascension #5D


by @saiedah_nur

My beautiful fiance has posted a profound two part video on the importance of staying in your power on the spiritual path. Enjoy ❤❤❤ @the_unknown_mystic


by @freeyourmind1111

For real. Impressing yourself, is more important than impressing others. .
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by @lealu_88

These past two years has shown up like a force, like I have been swept by into a forceful current that I have been swimming against the whole time. But now I am just going with it. I feel I have no choice. I feel forced to search and think deep. I have felt pushed to purge to bring it all up to the surface and transform it . Everything I have experienced is making me a better person . A teacher. A healer. A deeper connection and knowing . And my trust and connection grows every time i have the opportunity to heal another wound. It never dies. It never grows weak. Wouldn't it be easier to just switch off and go back? But as painful as this journey is. It has been a beautiful one . Every ounce of my being always screams no at the thought of switching off. It simply can't be done. #ascension #spiritualjourney #feelings #expressing what acension is like. #soulgrowth #life #god #mindofagemini #northnodeinpisces ✨💜


by @suitestpee

👁🔯👁FOLLOW @theonenesssolution 👈👈👈❤️❤️❤️ Repost from @interpersonal_artistry ⭕️👼
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ☯️Wheel-O-Archetypes☯️
Identifying with any One of these archetypal characters is a fallacy. 🎭
Magi. Judge. Vampire. Hermit. Lover. Priest/Priestess. Artist. Mystic. Father. Knight. Mentor. Victim. Slave. Shape-shifter. Addict. Rebel. Sabatuer. Liberator. Queen. Alchemist. Detective. Bully. Visionary. Devotee. Heretic. Warrior. Prince. King. >>>>>
The True Self/Source intelligence is the Totality of all unconscious and conscious aspects integrated in recognized WHOLENESS
#archetypes do not define us.
Moments masked.
Tracked past.
Secrets engaged, acted out on stage.
Bliss is in the Present.
Nothing in the way.
Nirvana behind the phase.
Shift to Source, centered in columns.
Focused on nothing.
The imminent seductive
#beauty lurks here.
@selfcareissacred @theonenesssolution @boundariesarebeautiful ⤴️⤴️⤴️
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Vancouver, British Columbia

by @drdre81

I had an amazing time @desertdaze_official holding the @thebodhishop booth @mystic_bazaar this weekend! Much love to our brother @guywiththecrazyhair @simplymedicated for helping us hold it down this weekend! It was nice to get away for a weekend to camp with the family & our baby Mariposa for the first time since she was born! My wife @crystalladyluna had to take off with Teddy & Mariposa before the crazy storm came in on Friday night but Lila & I stuck it out camping in the tent! My festie bestie Lila had an amazing time catching some live bands like Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats , Tame Impala , King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard , & more as you can see from the photos! Can’t wait to see who plays next year! Thank you everyone who came by & bought some stuff or shared your love!
In Service to All, in the Service to the One
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Lake Perris State Recreation Area

by @rbm_newage

Shared: Creative Systems Thinking post .. ☀️ “Learn how to see, realize that everything connects to everything else.” ~Leonardo Da Vinci~ Please Remember We Are Each Other ~ Simply Reflections Of Ourselves ~ Good or Bad ~ Positive & Negative Defined By Our Thoughts n Level of Awareness .. 🍃 I’m going to take a short IG break, as I need to focus on my business. I have plenty of post for you to enjoy, some to escape to, some to read and some to listen to. My 1,000 Post Today, I’ve Tried To Choose Well That Which Would Share, knowledge, kindness, joy but most of all love .. 🙏💛🙌 I Will Still Answer DM .. much love n light .. 🌿🍃👽


by @om.mygosh

🌞🌙✨ been reflecting on this amazing summer of realization, transformation, and ascension. I am very thankful to Spirit, Mother Gaia, and Kali for everything they’re done to help me #ascension#awakening#grandrising#metaphysical#witchesofinstagram#kali#mothergaia#spirit


by @metroverse


by @__love_art_inspo__

May I never forget the comfort of your presence,
Or the silent safety you provide.
May I never forget your scent,
No matter how much time flies by.
May this moment last forever,
In the depths of both our minds.
May I never take for granted the love you give,
That is certainly one of a kind.
May I stow away our memories,
To enjoy till the end of time.
May I remember you beyond my dying day,
As the one who will always be mine.
Art by: @broken_isnt_bad
#divineunion #ascension #highervibes #consciousliving #divinecounterpart #1111 #twinflames #soulmates #innerhealing #innergrowth #divinelove #workonyourself
#starseed #indigochild #spiritualwarriors #divineunionwithin #divinefeminine
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by @nneka.osueke

"As within, so without. As above, so below." Well, for one, life is cyclical, and one's outside world is a direct correlation with their inside world. I am happy to announce my return to my Alma mater, Sam Houston State University, as I present my 2nd solo exhibition, Into The Fifth: The Great War. "When the decision is made to want something different or better, there is usually a struggle between two forces: the old way and the new one desired. Discipline and diligence, victory and defeat, a battle between the Higher Self and the lower Self are all felt on a micro (human) and macro (universal) level." An ushering in of a new way of existing. A painted series of the future of a mighty race. And so much more. For more information, click the link in my bio. | Pictured: Out My Mind, 2017. 14.5 x 17in/ 36.83 x 43.18cm. Collage, acrylic, 24k Gold on paper #nnekaosueke

Sam Houston State University

by @alandrearose

We incarnated to experience this ✨ A true harmonic shift within, an awakening, creates New Earth reality ✨ All creation happens through spoken word and thought. ALL thoughts ✨ Inner transmutation, outer transformation ✨ Slow and steady wins the moment ✨ Reality is yours for creating ✨ After all, this is what we came here for. •

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Temple of the Moon