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Pro vaše pohodlí uděláme maximum. Máte hlad, žízeň, či pouze chuť na čaj nebo kafe? Žádný problém, vše vám dáme a to zcela zdarma. 👌🤞🙌 #ipaw2017 #bethe1donor #plasmaplace #andel #darujiplasmu #dobryskutek

Plasma Place

I Cristiano Ronaldo dela spravnou vec, a daruje plasmu. Tak nevahej, a prijd darovat i ty! 😸

Navic, vedeli jste, ze 2 ze 3 lidi jsou behem zivota odkazani na vyrobky z krevni plasmy, ktera jim zachrani zivot?
Krevni plasma je totiz nenahraditelna pro vyrobu dulezitych leciv. #plasma #cr7 #raw2017 #bethe1donor #plasmaplace

Plasma Place

Nasich klientu si vazime, proto pro vas mame novou akci na veci, ktere muzete vyhrat za urcitey pocet odberu. 🤔☺️ #plasma #plasmaplace #darujiplasmu #IPAW2017 #BETHE1DONOR

Plasma Place

"Pre-award Picture!" says AOSS CEO, Eric Liew, at the PPTA (Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association) Business Forum Today in Las Vegas! ❤️ #VegasStrong • •
@AossMedicalSupply is a honored to support long term friend, Martin Silver, for the 2017 "Robert W. Reilly Leadership Award." This award recognizes individuals for valuable contributions, achievements, and leadership on behalf of the Source Plasma Collection Industry. Special S/O to Martin Silver! ❤️❤️ this post to Congratulate him!
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Luxor Hotel and Casino

[ Donate for lifesaving ]
I know how much this lifesaving bag of blood can help people in need, second time this years to donate. So! Share a selfie of you donating blood or plasma and inspire others to donate! #IPAW2017 #BETHE1DONOR #PMI #Guangxixieyaozhongxin #Lifesaving #blood #O #liuxuesheng #liuzhou


💉คนก้อจะเยอะๆหน่อย รอคิว2ชั่วโมง บริจาค 5นาที!!! 😅 #วันดี #วันพระ #บริจาคโลหิตทุก3เดือน #ยิ่งให้ยิ่งได้สุขภาพดี #จิตอาสาบริจาคโลหิต #blooddonation #Arh #1to3blood #BeThe1Donor

National Blood Center , Thai Red Cross

My first time 😊

#ipaw2017 #bethe1donor


It doesn't take long, It doesn't hurt, It just helps. #bethe1donor #savinglives #redcrossbloodau

Sydney, Australia

Inspired to donate.☝️ #BETHE1Donor#LeMeilleur#HA29


Basic Witch Wednesday's 💃🏼🎃🍂
That time of the year is upon us and I was thinking of all the Fall ways I could make my favorite @1stphorm product Opti-Greens 50! Sadly, it's still 90 degree here in South FL so kinda hard to get in the sweater weather mood 😂 So I made this refreshing & nutritious "green goblin" smoothie to get in the mood for Halloween even if it's still bikini weather outside! Watch the full video on my YouTube channel now! 🎥 (Kenzie Mariano) -
Why is this my favorite @1stphorm product? ✅ All Natural Non-GMO product ✅ Helps with my digestion issues ✅ My immune system gets weak fast, ever since I started drinking a glass of Opti-green daily I feel more energized throughout the day. ✅ No more constipation that's for sure! ✅ Contains all your superfood greens, probiotics, and strong plant enzyme blend to help keep you healthy and ready to take on the day.
I know a lot of people forget to consume the proper amount of veggies & nutrients, so this is a great product to drink daily to make up for that. Feel free to DM for more info!! 🥒🍏🍌

Broward County, Florida

your blood saves your family, your brother, your friends, your beloved even you