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My woman crush Wednesday, Krissy Mae Cagney. (does this count since I mostly have crushes on women? Since I’m pretty gay...) I’ve been following this woman online for years now. She is quite the personality in the fitness community. She has a story and she is not afraid to tell it. She has built an empire. She has a million loyal followers. She is not afraid to be vulnerable in public. She is not afraid to go for it. She is pretty much a badass. The drive and the confidence of this woman is something I aspire to. And yes I️ am using her amazing ass on my social media, probably to get more likes. But also just because it’s so beautiful. Thank you @krissymaecagney for being yourself so openly. #wcw #krissymaecagney #muscles #girlswholift #tattooedfitwomen #tattooedcrossfitters #badassaf #hottie #doiwanttobeheror... #sexyaf


🏃‍♀️TABATA TUESDAY🏃‍♀️ Yeees! Let’s do this. Having a thyroid disorder and hormone imbalances can make it hard to focus on anything some days. What keeps me on track?
Doing a few HIITs and these awesome Tabatas. Never push the cardio with Thyroid setbacks. It will completely screw You if you do. That is why a couple times a week I get mine in doing short intense workouts and then it’s done. BOOM.
You get kick ass benefits, and it keeps burning fat for hours after you are done. HIITs and TABATAs are my Besties 💋🏃‍♀️⚡️
These sweeties, along with strength training with my beloved weights, and mixed martial arts, keeps me in check.
That might not be the same for you. Like I keep preaching, try tons of different things to see what works for YOU.
Who the hell wants to be a clone, or be the same, anyway?Nope. That is the Beauty of it.
Create your own awesome workouts based on testing, testing, and testing everything multiple times. Keep Going. Trust me girl, you freaking got this. You will find the perfect mix.
Want help?
That is where I come in.
Hi, I’m Jen.
Soon to be certified personal trainer, and Thyroid Chick. I went from Thyroid Hormone Hot Mess, to Pure Energy Rockstar ⚡️⚡️⚡️ I learned a few tips along the way. Let ME help YOU Tailor a plan perfect for your needs and wants. We will test. We will retry things. But, I got you sweets. DM me 📲👩💻 and let’s have a chat, or set up a discovery call.
You want a Change?
Whatcha waiting on? Do it. 🤘⚡️


Can we just all take a moment to relish in @naturallykiara 's perfect "Storm" Halloween costume???
.📷: @jeanbarberis
.#alleleswomen #prostheticcover #xmen #ororomunroe #storm #superhero #badassaf


Whatever you have going on... Keep Going.
You feel like crap and continue to talk about it with a negative attitude, you will stay on that path and Feel like crap.
Positive thinking and throwing those Sweet Vibes will bring more of it to your Life. 🤘💕 Stay F* Strong, and it WILL get better. I promise you....
Time to Breathe...... And Exhale Bullshit. No time for that!


When your mates are so awesome they inspire you to do more! Love your work @nickolahoffmann & Anna! A gruelling 4 days, 7 stages MTB racing and coming up as the winners! Woot!!!! #legends #hellfirecup #ridelikeagirl #ridelikeaboss #badassAF #womenscycling #mtb #womensmtb #cyclinggrace #cycling #cyclingadventures


Ever since I was a little squirt I was so shy I could not hold my head up in school, and walked down the halls feeling awkward and hoping no one noticed me. I was teased, sure. Bullied too. It was hard getting through school. But I made it.
You always tried to be like someone else, JUST so you fit in. The way you dress, the way you talk, walk, and present yourself. Dude, that sucked!
Then getting diagnosed with a Thyroid disorder and PCOS, well let’s say it’s defeating. It took several years for me to understand everything, and i just took the doctors advice at the time to take a pill the rest of my life, and it would be fine.
Um, no.
Why the hell did I believe that bullshit??
Well, my Lovelies I finally woke UP. And I had enough.
Brain Fog, Anxiety, Weight Gain Galore, no Motivation, Zero Energy, Hair Loss, completely exhausted all the damn time, and guess what? I thought that was normal.
Pill, schmill! I needed flipping answers.
I went to many Doctors who didn’t have a clue, and none helped. I found many answers myself and found an awesome routine for ME. It included better nutrition, and DAILY exercise, but in a different way.
That saved my dang life and I lost 30 lbs.
Is it over and totally perfect now? Hells no.

There are many obstacles to still go through, and I am tweaking and trying different clean eats, workout routines, you name it!
You have to try a shitload of different things ALL the time until you get the perfect routine for YOU. Not one person is the same as the other. I am so excited about this because I have a few special things in the works including a launch in 2018 that will blow your freaking mind! Boom!! If you want to know more about this send me your email in a DM to me. You can find me here and fb.com/spiritualbadass.tv
My POINT to all of this is: I gained a lot. Clarity. Confidence. Motivation. Inspiration. A MISSION. To help YOU. I’m here. I’m awake now. I got your back, girl. Let’s do this.
Email me 📧💌 what’s going on and let’s get you feeling awesome again.
Jen@thyroidrockstar.com or DM 📲

Another thing. Confidence makes you finally do your thing and be YOU. You don’t need to be like anyone else. You are a Badass.


This always puts everything into perspective...
I could drive Forever, listen to some Rad tunes(or podcasts lol) and Look UP at this Sky Candy.
Always take time to log off for a few, and do a digital detox(even if it’s for an hour).


Is it over? 🙈 I thought I saw Tuesday lingering around and I didn’t want it to see me. It better WACH OUT 👊 cause I’m tough as nails! 😝 I’ve had a busy day of protecting the apt, napping, and whipping my toys around. 😴 I’d say I’ve been quite productive - at least look good doing it! 🖤❤️ #LVsupreme #supremedog #dogsinclothes #BadassAF #dogfashionista #chihuahuaism #chihuahuasofig

Greenwich Village

Life your Life to the Highest Extreme of Awesomeness.... Every. Damn. Day. 💜


My Sylvanas figure just came in! She is 17" tall and almost 20 lbs. I am absolutely in love with this figure. The detail is flawless. Worth every penny at Blizzcon!
#forthehorde #sylvanaswindrunner #bansheequeen #horde #warchief #sylvanas #figure #badassaf #blizzard #blizzcon #blizzcon2017 #blizzardentertainment


Want to be in the High Vibe Tribe? 💜🕉️
Start with Gratitude and Smile!
J~ xo


Friday Checklist:
1. Wake up and Be Awesome.
2. Hydrate.
3. Practice Gratitude.
4. Set Intentions for the Day.
5. Mindset Check.
6. Coffee.
7. Produce Positive Vibes All Day.
8. Repeat 2 & 6.
👉🌟💦💧🙏✍️💡☕️💃🙋 Happy Friday Lovelies 💜❤️


No filter needed. Beauty is all around us.
Log off and Look UP.


This banner was made by a fellow adoptee, my.adopted.life (nice work! Thank you!) for Facebook, for National Adoption Month. As I said in an earlier post, I’m not exactly sure how National Adoption Month came about except maybe to promote the commodification of humans, shame of illegitimacy, and the separation of families so the adoption vultures (profiteers) could get barren families “orphaned” babies more easily.

I’m ok with #flippingthescript on NOM and claiming it for myself to validate my difficult journey as an adoptee in search of myself, my family, and home. If nothing else, that’s one of the things adoption left me with, the idea that everything can be taken away in an instant. As they say, what doesn’t kill you...

#bastardstrong #badassaf #openrecordsnow #noequalprotectionunderthelaw #marginalizedwomen #adopteediscrimination #childtrafficking #orphan #abandoned #reunited #survivor #familypreservation #disenfranchisedgrief #liveinthemoment #trauma #adopteestrong #adopteelife #adopteerightsarehumanrights #tribe #naturevsnurture #makelemonadeoutoflemons


That gussa tho! 😠😤.
Trust me, you don't wanna mess with this badass 💪🏽🙌🏾👉🏽 @itskaranvohra


Good Morning, Beautiful!
Wake up, Practice Gratitude, Smile, Dress up, Show up, and Never Give up!

You have a Spectacular Day in front of you!
No matter what you have going on, YOU got up today, and that is a Gift 🌷
Now GO get on with your Badass Self!!