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Meet our speaker Boitsheko Ntshingane. Boi’s passion for people is why she is one of our speakers tomorrow. She will be delivering a speech about Estate Planning. Come get inspired by this amazing soul. This is her profile: Boitsheko describes herself as a people enabler passionate about people, and helping them make positive changes in their lives.
With a calm, pragmatic, compassionate approach to life, she loves challenging people to get unstuck in situations involving change as well as assisting in working towards more fulfilling, purposeful, happy, and meaningful lives. She believes that everyone has a truth, that has to be harnessed to impact on the full circle of life.

For her professional background she is a trained Attorney further trained in Risk and Compliance Management, and specialising in the Insurance and Financial Services industries. She holds a passion for societal enlightenment on financial, in particular estate planning.

Boi otherwise actively strives to excel at her role as a friend, daughter, sister, mother to two, and wife. At the very core of her is her constant faith in God.

An avid reader, she also otherwise enjoys the fitness lifestyle in her spare time. Caught unawares, she will be found smiling or laughing majority of the time.


Going for a wet walk  #chobenationalpark #botswana April2016 AldisTravels #stagingstravel #exploretocreate #traveldesign


Meet one of us, Kelly. Always beaming with joy and making sure we serve you on the right "silver platter".


Meet Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile (L) and Adong Judith who are fighting for LGBTQ rights in African Nations. Katlego, who is trans, is the founding director of the Queer Shorts Showcase Festival, Botswana's first and only LGBTQ themes theatre festival. Adong, an ally is a playwright whose work raises awareness of LGBTQ experience for fellow Ugandans. They are two of the most amazing people on the planet and so inspiring. #katlegokolanyanekesupile #adongjudith #lgbtq #botswana #uganda #queershortsshowcasefestival #katkaikolkes #transgender #lgbtqally #sundancetheatrelab #tedfellows #brave #pride #gaybotswana #gayuganda #loveislove #humanity #theresistance


We Love African Sunsets ❤️

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Some respite from the heat. @wearewilderness


¿Sabes que la cebra es el animal que bate el récord de largas migraciones en África? El Delta del Okavango es uno de los mejores sitios en Botswana para verlas. Aquí se produce la segunda migración de cebras más larga del mundo (después de la del Serengeti)

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Delta de l'Okavango