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Thank you for all who asked about Tommen! He’s home, modeling his boots with the fur, doing well and back to snuggling in his @thecatball canoe! 😸👢🛶
Sorry for the late update, it’s been crazy here, so here it is: He spent 4 days and 3 nights last week at the Emergency Vet and at our Vet @athomeveterinarycareofme. He had a pretty bad blockage so his catheter was in for about 59/60 hours and it kept just letting “gunk” (I can’t remember the proper term) out. He’s now on special prescription food and will be for the rest of his life. I’ve been making sure he’s peeing and not acting funny. So hopefully all that is behind us!

#BootsWithTheFur #DontYouComeBackCrystal #🍪Tommen


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