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I am moved and inspired by the action this new generation is taking!!! I can’t help but be sad by how their innocence has been violently uprooted. However, I am committed to supportING our kids heal and grow!
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Testimonials like this from one of my Teen Mana’s mothers is why it’s so important to me to continue to share the power of Teen Mana! “Stacey Maree and her Teen Mana course are the best things to come to us during the hardest times our family has had for quite some time. Our daughter has been struggling with anxiety that has been stopping her from going to school or even just leaving her bedroom. Our son has been bullied by his closest friends and now struggles with where he fits in in his world. Stacey has the amazing ability to make the kids feel they can open up and talk about all those things they keep inside. Teen Mana reinforces all of the things we have taught our kids. Things like how to be resilient, how to make good choices and to live their authentic life.......to just being themselves. They are learning ways to deal with feelings and situations by themselves. Even after the first session we noticed an improvement. For our family this has been and will be a long process but they know they aren’t alone and that it’s ok to get help. Stacey keeps us informed on what they covered during sessions, tells us anything important that pops up if needed and is such an amazing, supportive and encouraging person for us as parents. The only regret we have is that we didn’t go to her sooner!!!!” #TeenMana. 📸@intrinsicimages


BTS glam for @ruthhibburt headshots #empoweringteensforsuccess 👌🏼 shooting with @awephotog 📸


Dear you, take all the time that you need in this world to understand that you are more than you think you are. You were chosen to do something special in this world that God gave us. You were born with a gift, so use it. God only gave us one world and one life so make the most of it. Thrive everyday to be a better version of yourself. All while you're being the same old beautiful you. Sincerely your friend and encourager, EYEbyalphina💕✨


It’s another #perfect day for #Equine Therapy and our team of skilled therapists (🐴) are ready to head into the field! Our #teens #love time with these incredible #horses. Research shows that #EquineTherapy lowers the heart rate, alleviates #stress, and reduces the symptoms of #anxiety and #depression. #TrueHealing #NewportAcademy #EmpoweringTeens #RestoringFamilies