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🙏🏽😍🤗🙏🏽Amaala's first family holiday👵🏽👨🏽👩🏽👩🏽👶🏽👴🏾⭐❤💖💗💜🧡💛💚💙
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Piękna rodzinka moich dobrych znajomych, prowadzących kwiaciarnie ślubną Pawelec ArtiFlora, poleeecam!!!🌲👶👦👩👨
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Turkey... What turkey?
Nothing but a fancy peacock, a tropical sunbather, and a super hero at this Thanksgiving table! 🦃👀❣️
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Rest In Peace, Tito Emil. I’m grateful for what we’ve shared and I’ll miss you, your stories and your love of living. #familyconnections


So these trees were planted by husband’s Great Great Grandfather. Amazing to think I have joined a family with so much beautiful history 💜 #limetrees #thevyne #hampshire #basingstoke #shrbornestjohn #naturalbeauty #grownovertime #partofhistory #familyconnections #best


I am always looking for ways to streamline, outsource and automate things to give me more room in my calendar and my mind to be fully present for my family. This is one thing that has become a huge blessing in my life... Walmart grocery pickup! I used to say Walmart was a time warp and it stole hours from me every week! Now I take 10-15 minutes to put in my order, swing by and grab my groceries after church and save hours and money every month! There are so many grocery delivery/pickup options out there. I highly encourage you to check out options in your area! .
What are other ways you streamline, outsource or automate to help you save time? Would love ALL suggestions you have!


It's polite to never ask a woman her age.
It's a strange, probing question.

How long have you been on the planet? - is this a deep and meaningful conversation topic?

At school you want to be older than, better than, stronger than...
But post 16 | 18 | 21 is it still relevant?
Does your age imply your capabilities?
Your worth?
Our skills and confidence, experience and journeys make us who we are.
Our age does nothing to increase these.
Some of us are waiting to die.
Some of us want to live forever.
Age doesn't play a part in that.
Your mental state does.

Is it because in our society, in our youth oriented culture, as women, and also today men, we are afraid to be seen as old and therefore less valuable?
Is it that we are all too aware in sharing our age we run the risk of being pigeonholed, judged, rejected, compartmentalised negatively, on the scrap heap of life?


Chances are in choosing to answer the question we will likely challenge expectations. Rarely does anyone ' look their age'. I know I'm hopeless at guessing!
When we say "She looks good for her age" is that a compliment?
Doesn't it really translate as ' based on my limited experience, expectations and conditioning you don't look like you should' ?
Seems pretty darn rude to me. .

My grandmother said to me " Never tell anyone your age!" Clearly she'd experienced a negative judgement!
I get it. Live it.
I'm very familiar with the question and don't seem to have ever fitted into how I 'should'. It is completely irrelevant to me.
Mine. Yours.
I'm thrilled to meet you regardless and it will NEVER be an issue for me. You're incredible as you.
We learn by experience.
As women we experience judgement continually throughout our lives.
We are used to fitting ourselves into the norm so that we are acceptable - until we no longer choose to do so.
Until we decide to be ourselves.
Until we know our own worth and don't have any desire to be put on a box.

The world is changing fast.
Very soon the global population will have more people over 60 than under.
This is the first time this has ever happened.

Let's see how relevant the question is then.


Farmhouse Cooking Prep Stool from #pinecreekstyle ...I have had this stool for years . Found it at goodwill for $2. It’s been pulled out when the grandkids were smaller & used to help cook with Nonny! Ornery and I have used it to sit and cut/prepare food for cooking...I took my time deciding how I was going to refinish it! Hadn’t been inspired I guess, til now...I even used it to set a broken dress form on top to display my mom’s wedding dress at K-8’s wedding last month! So with the transformation of my kitchen from country Italian to Italian Farmhouse Country Style...I finally decided on a chippy white for the prep stool! The No.13 is a family number we have embraced for several reasons! It all started with our daughter willingly taking a sports shirt with the number 13 on it..because NO ONE wanted that number! In this large percentage Irish clan we laugh because if we didn’t have bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all...so we have been a champion to the number 13! So this is painted twice in “Pure White” with #prattandlambertpaint then distressed with sand paper and finished with a clear satin spray, my fave is #deft ...Love, Love, Love my new to me kitchen prep stool...I love to incorporate personal touches into each room, giving it a family connection. Stay tuned in...I’m working on my table re-no and it’s looking fabulous! Also a NEW Recipe will post later tonight as well... #kitchenprepstool #farmhouse #cooking #recipes #furnitureredo #13 #familyconnections #lovemykitchen #renovations


So this is pretty special. My Great Great Grandpa, LP Jeanotte was a jack of all trades and the definition of a hard worker. The family hardware store was a one stop shop, including fancy cakes! With my own cake venture under way, I've been curious to see some of his work. Isn't this amazing!? My Uncle Greg found this old photo to share with me! LP made this gorgeous cake with his son (my Great Great Uncle Bus) for his 80th birthday!
I just love learning about these connections. Feeling proud to continue this, knowing that it was a talent/love of his too❤

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It's all about connection 💕
Feeling inspired by a challenge this week from @loomjournals. Can't wait to get my hands on our copy! Last year, Adelaide had a weekly journal at school to tell me about some of her favorite things from the week and for me to reply. It was the sweetest idea, and this new journal will take our messages to each other leaps and bounds beyond what she learned in science this week. In the spirit of connecting with our children, Loom Journals is doing a connection challenge this week. Tomorrow is Day 3, and I thought I'd share their suggestions here because I think in these times EVERYTHING we can do to help our children feel confident and happy with being themselves is important.
1. Help your child make a list of things they like about themselves and say them aloud together before bed.
2. Talk with your child about ways you are alike and different and how their unique talents make them who they are. 
3. Hide little love notes in your child's lunchbox, backpack, or bedroom. Give your child papers to do the same! 
Fitting all 3 into a school day is daunting, so I plan to aim for option 1 or 2 today and keep the others in my back pocket for another day 😉. If you struggle for ideas, I hope this inspires you too try something new! In what ways do you incorporate intentional connections with your children or family? I'd love to hear!
PS- not sponsored, just love what this company is doing! ❤️


More than just an brand photo session with Illustrator @jessicabattistaart . I had some fun and created this double exposure portrait. Her environment is an important part of her story and although one day she may not call this her office. Her parents property will always be with her here in this portrait. ⠀
Click through and view more images from this recent photo session. ⠀
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Lifestyle sessions focus on capturing the love and connection within your family.


We are so excited for each person who has chosen and is yet to choose to join us on the journey of intentionally creating their family culture!
We wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves. We are Jeremy and Mary Jean Inman and we have 4 kiddos, whom we think are pretty great. We have spent the last 16 years working with families. The majority of that time was spent working with teenagers. We got a unique perspective getting to see things from the teenage point of view. We got to see so many different parenting styles and this is the conclusion we have come to: .
There is no perfect way to be a parent but there are a million really great ways. The key is finding out who you are as a family and creating your roadmap to wholeness, connection and purpose. Those are the makings of a strong family culture. .
We feel so passionate about helping parents create this kind of family culture. To help them stay engaged when the world is promoting disengagement. To not get stuck in the parent shaming cycle because you can’t ever measure up to all the opinions out there. We love this quote by @msrachelhollis in her book, #girlwashyourface she says “Other people’s opinion of you are none of your business”. .
We think this totally goes for how we raise our kids. Be the best YOU! Those babies were given to you because you are the right person for the job! We want to help parents define and make a plan for creating a family culture that brings out the best in each person in their tribe. Not to tell you how to do it or if you just do it like us everything will be sunshine and roses. .
We are getting ready to release an online course in January that will walk you through step-by-step a process for creating a family culture that looks like and reflects your best self! Thanks again for being on this journey with us! We are so much better together!

Photo credit 📸: @ciaralynphotography