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Petronas towers • Kuala Lumpur

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and my direction lately, I need help 😩

I’ve decided I’m no longer calling myself a “travel blogger”
I’m just a hoe with a camera that be goin places and I may or may not write about it or vlog but I’ll still answer any questions.
I just feel like “travel bloggers” are these blonde hair, privileged girls who have their boyfriends take photos of their backs in various cool locations and I don’t really wanna be associated with that (no offense to my friends with blonde hair 😊 I’m a fake blonde).

They’re all the same, all they care about is themselves, they want you to like their travel pics and read their posts all about them and all the pretty things they do, and buy their product, so they can quit their job and potentially get free things, it’s all such a selfish game. What’s the value in what we’re giving to the world? Like, other than pretty pictures what is your fave blogger doing for you? I really wanna know...

So before I quit this game, maybe give me some insight? I appreciate positive and negative comments or suggestions, I’m a thug I can take it.

I’m hoping to do more, to teach and inspire, and my “blog” is really for you guys so if you’ve read this long ass rant all the way to here let me know how I can help you. And if you’re following somebody in the #travelblogger game that’s actually different tag em and show me! I know a couple (like legit 2) of them but...
Let me put the carbonated caffeine down before I get arrested... happy hump day y’all...

PETRONAS Twin Towers

My life in a meme. 🌟👄💨👅👀✌ #erykahbadu#gangstashit#dopegirlswag#forrealdoe#mylife


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No amount of coffee can get me going today ☕️ 😴 I’m curious, what do you do to get yourself moving when you’d like to nap and binge watch Netflix aaaall day? Asking for a friend...

Madison, Wisconsin

loco but a real amigo 🤙 #forrealdoe

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