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Pups 🐕 🐶 will meet new friends here, everyday!
Our Daily Doggie DayCare Service bring pups all the time! 🐾 🐾
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🐕 Wet Noses Pet Sitter
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We promise:
* Three walks a day
* Playtime at front Playground
* Daily pictures (2-4 pics)
* Vídeos (every other day)
* A clean and pet proof environment
* Basic commands daily practice
* 24 hour supervision for all our clients pups
* Family environment
*** We have Surveillance Cameras around the house for our Pups and own Safe***
* Set up a Meet and Greet to talk more about our daily routine with your pet.
* We are locating 5 mins away from LaGuardia Airport
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by offering an unmatched level of protection)
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Handsome male Costa’s hummingbird - my fave!


We are brewing up spoooooky savings on costumes for next year! Bring in your gently used kids costumes for cash 🎃 #onceuponachild! 👻 #happyhalloween #spookysavings


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📍Double coffe, Riga

A network of cafes in Riga with delicious food and popular coffee with Riga balsam☕️ More details - in an upcoming vlog on my YouTube channel!

The menu there is just HUGE, we went hungry whie looking through it!🤪 It was difficult to choose because everything looked delicious!

Prices are not very high: a portion of cottage cheese pancakes with caramel sauce - 4.20, porridge - 3.50, fried eggs with bacon and potato - 6.50, Caesar salad - 7.00, pizza - 8.50 and coffee - 4.70 (1st photo)✨

I liked the sandwiches, the portion was large and they cost 7.90 (a little expensive but still really good), 2nd photo in the carousel.👉🏼

Chicken on the 3rd photo is unbelievably delicious, be sure to order it if you'll ever go there😋 French fries aren't the best that I've ever tried, they were too salty😁

And my parents ordered coffee with Riga balsam and they didn’t like it😆

In general I liked it there, the food was delicious, good lighting and pretty photos💫

// And where do you usually have breakfast - in or out? I think I’ve never had breakfast somewhere in a cafe in my entire life!🙈______________

Сеть кафе в Риге с вкусной едой и популярным кофе с рижским бальзамом☕️ Мы зашли туда на пути в Старый город, чтобы пообедать. Подробнее смотрите в моем влоге на YouTube канале, который выйдет очень скоро💥

Меню там просто ОГРОМНОЕ, пока листали, проголадались🤪 Выбрать было сложно, все
выглядело аппетитным.

Цены не очень кусучие, например, порция сырников с карамельным соусом - 4.20, глазунья с беконом и картофелем - 6.50, салат Цезарь - 7.00, пицца - 8.50 и кофе - 4,70 (1 фото)✨

Сендвичи мне понравились, порция большая, стоили 7.90 (дороговато, но вкусно), смотрите фото в карусели.

Курица в панировке за 7.50 просто невероятная, обязательно возьмите, если пойдете💫 Картошка фри не самая вкусная, что я ела, повар ее пересолил. Но, думаю, в других кафе совсем по другому)

Кофе с Рижским бальзамом брали родители (он алкогольный) и им не понравилось.😆

В общем, мне там понравилось, еда вкусная, хорошее освещение и красивые фотки🙈

//А где вы чаще всего завтракаете - дома или в кафе?


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Ready for the reveal? Which cards did you choose? This is what Spirit is guiding you to focus on for the rest of 2019.

Group 1: Smokey Quartz 💨
3 of Pentacles, William Blake, Contentment & Queen of Pentacles

William Blake says: Hell is hypocrisy on earth. Vision requires not sight but spirit. Madness in life, genius in death.
Contentment: Rejoice in whatever life gives you. Crave nothing else. Know that whatever you have been given is for your own highest good.
So @summerwalker just recently cancelled her tour and a lot of people were really disappointed about it... but I can't see why. She very explicitly stated she had social anxiety, she named her album Over It, she named her tour First and Last... Like. She couldn't have been more clear. I bring this up because I know in her heart of hearts, she loves doing music. At the end of day, people are gonna ridicule you no matter what you do, so DO YOU anyway. Fuck what anyone had to say. The same people shitting on you now are gonna ride your dick when you're dead. You were born into the world alone! You can't please anybody, my nigga. You don't have to prove yourself to anybody. Do you and stay true to you.
The 3 of pentacles tells me that teamwork is going to be your biggest strength. You're good on your own but better with a team! Collaborating with others to further your dream, your career, whatever it is that drives you is what you need to focus on. I say that because life gets HARD sometimes. And sometimes you might feel cursed or like you're a failure or you're not on the right path but trust and believe, every single individual on this earth was put here for a reason. You are gifted. No one else can be you or do what you do the WAY you do it. If you picked this deck, I see you as being the Queen of Pentacles. Someone that feels most at home AT HOME. Group 1, you're successful, you're gifted and blessed.. Don't let anyone tell you different, especially if it it's you talking down to yourself.
Continued in the comments.


Man of the year⚔️🖤
Lovely -
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My childhood memories 2009🙈🤩😎
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Happy Halloween everyone! Will be missing this year but can’t wait to dress up my little 😇 next year and I hope can fit in this Grease outfit again!! @casamigos #casamigos #happyhalloween