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Road trips in Cuba and general recommendations.
1)There are several ATMs in Cuba in big cities but the probability they will work with your card is really low. If you are planning to stay in Cuba and explore it, make sure you withdraw enough money before going there and a little extra. Money has a tendency to disappear quickly 😀 the only chance to make sure you can withdraw cash is to go to a Cuban bank with your passport (however some cards might not work there as well)
2. make sure you book your accommodation online. Then you don’t have to pay in cash. Otherwise be prepared to pay crazy hotel bills with your cash.
3. About Food. Cubaan breakfasts are quite weird. If you are lucky it will be a buffet. Otherwise it’s usually really weird looking scrambled eggs and dry white toast. Lunch and dinner are better. From 2011 a lot of private restaurants opened up offering more than traditional “rice and beans” dish.
4. traveling in Cuba between cities. The best thing to do is to hire a local guide. He knows good restaurants and important places to see. Otherwise without internet if something happens to a rental car it can be a problem. Usually foreign SIM cards don’t work in Cuba.
5. Do your research before traveling. Generally it’s really hard to figure out about places to stay and to eat without internet. You can’t just quickly look up TripAdvisor when you are hungry or you don’t have a place to stay at. Local recommendations and standards can be very different from what your expectations.

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