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Some slow concentric deadlifts for practicing grind and lockout 😂😂..
not really I'm just more fried than Colonel Sanders' deep fried finger licking chicken at KFC. A few singles at 235kg.
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It's National puppy day, and ma boys ain't puppies no more. But I wanna post too. These fellas been at their grandma and grandpa's all week cuz I work all day and was at the hospital right after work until it was bed time. Tonight they finally came home and are gonna hang with Dad. #boyznight
They will see mum soon enough. Today she was pretty heavily sedated, but when I mentioned them she smiled. And when I said we will all be home soon she nodded.
Let's get it.


What a crazy difference one new cue can make, thanks @dicostaz Pauses with 192.5kgsx3 and 160kgsx4x5. New cue used on the last clip. w/ @nthomas90 @barbellsandcats @swolewoman
Also Murder of Crows is an amazing gym. Perfect for powerlifters and weightlifters. If you’re in the area and not going here, you’re making a mistake. @barbellsandcats and @feedme_tellmeimbeefy run an amazing gym.

Murder of Crows Barbell Club

If you’re going to pull sumo, cheat all the way. It’s better to whole ass one thing rather than half ass two things. Tag a sumo puller below 👇🏼

Adelante Barbell Club

Week 4 Day 2
i am getting ripped apart for this top set lmao. Sticky lockouts but stuck to my rpe soooo
Contrast (3,2) Deadlifts
210kg//463lbs x 5 @ 6
Comp Deadlift
185kg//407lbs x 2 x 8 @ 5.5
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Adelante Barbell Club

My deadlifts generally fall apart right at the initial pull off the floor due to poor positioning. I usually set up with my shoulders way too far over the bar, not allowing for a straight bar path. .
Because of that, I thought of doing 3s delayed deadlifts, where I get everything set up tight, full slack pulled out of the bar, and hold that tight position for 3s before breaking the floor to ensure I’m really in the right position. And to my luck, it worked 😁😁
Fee free to give these a try, even if only during your warmup sets if this problem applies to you!

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Pasado y presente! FJCruiser Black&White Edition @distoyota 1GR FJ73 3F engine #toyota #landcruiser @ipf_corporation @oldmanemurd #ipf


✨Box squats ✨📦 ↠ ↠ ↠
If you follow my insta stories you will know I’ve been doing a lot of box squatting lately; these may look like they are just for beginners but in fact they have many benefits for even the most experienced gym goer. 💪🏻
↠ ↠ ↠
The biggest reason I love this variation is it places a massive emphasis on the Hamstrings and Glutes and takes the load away from the quads (if done as I am with a hip break first, sitting back onto the box, keeping shins perpendicular to the floor and a wide stance). So if you love squatting but your quads are getting bigger than you would like, or you just want a bigger or stronger booty then try these as a variation. 👌🏻🍑
↠ ↠ ↠
You can add more weight on the bar than a conventional squat. This is beneficial because it not only gets you used to having more weight loaded on your back (here I’m squatting 85kg) but it also increases the intensity to the muscles loaded: greater intensity = greater or quicker change and adaptation. 😊
↠ ↠ ↠
They are excellent for anyone suffering a knee injury as there isn’t as much knee flexion placed on the knee joint. ↠ ↠ ↠
So it may look like a ‘beginner’ exercise but it is fast becoming my most favourite squat variation .. especially for someone with long levers who finds squatting fairly difficult.😲
↠ ↠ ↠
The one negative? If you fail.. as I did here.. you can’t really drop the bar 😫 and are left sitting on the box waiting for someone to rescue you 😂 Thanks @theanimalkid1 for stepping in 😘

Lift Performance Centre

Paused Squat: 4x5 (405lbs)
2 ct. Bench Press: 350x2 @ 7
(Bit of a deload week as my left knee and Glutes have been flaring up a bit. Big thanks to @doctortonythechiro for fixing me up as my go to chiro. Anyone in need of expert healing hands in the Houston area, checkout testimonialspine.com and have Dr. Branker fix you up 😁. Proud to also announce as a co-owner that @theprojectstrength has officially moved to our new location. These past few weeks have been hellish with my workload/school thus a big thanks is due to my co-partners and our members for making the move possible. Stay tuned for the gym to get a makeover and finally get our new calibrated set next week 😁.)
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