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Happy Spring Equinox 🌻🌸🌻 If you’ve fallen behind on your New Years Resolution no worries 😉 now is the time to set your intentions and manifest like a boss 👊🏾


Happy Spring Equinox! 🌱🌱🌱
Here is a Spring Equinox 'Planting Seeds' exercise for you 💚
All you need is a pen and paper :) (Optional fire can also be an extra help for releasing the old!🔥)
I like to observe this day by laying seeds in the form of planning! Pour a large warm drink, burn some incense or diffuse some oils and sit with your note pad in a comfy spot.
1. 'Reflection'
Start with reflecting on what this year has brought you. What have you achieved, what have you overcome? (Congratulate yourself for this!) What didn't you achieve that perhaps you'd set out to? Do you still want this goal or does it no longer serve you?
2. 'Let Go'
Once you have reflected, start a new list on a fresh page. List anything you want to let go of from this last year, any of the goals which no longer have a place, any pain you've been holding onto or anything you've beat yourself up over. It's up to you what you do with this list, keep it as a reminder of where you've been or rip it out, tear it up or burn it! (I opt for fire 🔥) Well done for releasing!
3. 'Planting Seeds''
Next is the good bit, make a beautiful list of the things that you want more of in your life (aim for at least 10!) They can be as small as taking time to read for 10 minutes a day or finding a good medition video, to as big as starting a new creative venture or visiting somewhere you've always wanted to see, use stickers, pictures anything you want to give life to your lovely seeds (I highly recommend checking out the wonderful @pensandpositivityart for beautiful, inspiring stickers) 💚 You are ready! Plantting these seeds now will make it so much easier to nourish later on, when you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure of your focus you can look back at your list and regroup 🌻


brEAThe - Eating and breathing for a life full of health and love. #brEAThe #nutrition #love #intentions #flourish


Love this, cherish it, hold onto it. Your true nature is healed, whole, loving and lovable, and an expression of true beauty. Believe it, see it, feel it in your whole being. And radiate that energy back out into the world and universe. .
Have a beautiful day 🙌

San Diego, California

We're baaaaack 😀 And super excited to share some more lunar love with you all on Sunday April 1st from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Seviin Yoga in Kirkwood (Swipe right for pics of the studio) 💚

@loveandfaerymagic will teach us how to harness the lunar manifesting energy of the Full Moon in Libra and how to tap into your Divine Feminine!
Then I will lead us in a gentle restorative yoga flow to integrate our intentions with mind, body and spirit.
Finally closing with tea to let it all soak in before we step back into the temporal flow. See ya there! Namaste Loves 💙🙏🌙 Seviin Yoga
1963 Hosea L Williams Drive Atlanta, GA 30317

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Seviin Yoga

•Respira• English 👇
Cuando somos conscientes de que contamos con el poder de nuestra respiración, nada puede quitarnos la paz.
Nuestra respiración es nuestro mejor maestro, nuestro mejor guía. A través de su observación, podemos notar como se encuentra nuestra mente. Cuando la respiración es agitada, superficial, solemos sentirnos ansiosos, con temor, perturbados. Por el contrario, cuando naturalmente respiramos de forma profunda y lenta, suele ser el reflejo de estar en un estado mental de mayor calma y plenitud.
Entendiendo la naturaleza de la mente no evitará que de ahora en adelante no experimentemos la tristeza, la ansiedad, el enojo, etc...pero si, tendremos el poder de revertir nuestro estado de ánimo sin albergar emociones negativas por mucho tiempo.
Respira más, preocúpate menos 😊
. .
📷por un ser lleno de luz @shani.yoga 🙏💛
Our breathing is our best teacher, our best guide. Through its observation, we can notice how our mind is. When the breathing is shaky, superficial, we tend to feel anxious, afraid, disturbed. On the contrary, when we naturally breathe deeply and slowly, it is usually the reflection of being in a mental state of greater calm and fullness.
Understanding the nature of the mind won't prevent from now on, to experience sadness, anxiety, anger, etc ... but yes, we will have the power to reverse our state of mind without harboring negative emotions for a long time.
Breathe more, worry less 🙃


Happy Spring Equinox
May all the good seeds, intensions and prayers bloom and bare good fruit for the highest good.
May the energy of creativity fuel your dreams. May love deepen in your life.
May we be renewed in the divine remembrance. .
Greet the trees, the flowers and grass, the birds, the sky, and the beautiful sun. .
#spring #peacock #seeds#intentions #prayers #bloom #divineremembrence


My mom got me this incredibly thoughtful and beautiful gift for my birthday + I’m SO excited to use it. It’s a (personalized) gratitude journal from @maydesigns. On the left-hand side, you write down a few things you’re grateful for. Then, on the right, you jot down all of your to-do’s. Its the best of both worlds, in my opinion!📝

On a side note, I was gifted with so many incredible and personalized things titled with “The Grateful Banana” and it was so cool to see how many people believe in this little passion project/side gig/whatever you want to call it, of mine. From stationary to a “Grateful Banana” bread (tie dye!), it was just really heartwarming that this thing I decided to take a shot on is actually a THING. So freakin’ awesome. 💕
Today, I’m grateful for YOU. Those who support this page and have sent the kindest notes telling me what these words mean to you. Thank YOU! 🤗
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I’m a little sad March Break is over, BUT, who else’s self care falls to the bottom of the priority list when things get busy? I’m two for two this week and am going to consider that a win 👊🏼 🏋🏽‍♀️👍🏼

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