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I thought this accident was the end of my active life...Turned out to be the beginning!Dont get stuck in a moment,it may teach you to to take nothing for grantedespecqillyhealth#lifelessons#yychair#ohcanada#hike#accident #reconstruction #pins #moment ##live #bestyearever #noregrets #elevate #mountains #moveon #calgarylife#exhale#fit #activelifestyle #instagood#wow #carpediem #wanderlust#health #view #lgoals#limitless #gratitude


Thank you to everyone that shared their #Day1 photos and their #LGoals.
We are donating an extra $20,000 to Experience Happiness partners @Inner_Explorer and @ProjectHappiness_org!

These nonprofit partners will be bringing the teachings of the sustainable happiness skills to youth across the country and that’s all thanks to you!


In partnership with our Experience Happiness partners, we have helped over 2 million teens across the country learn the skills that can set them on the path to Sustainable Happiness. But we’re not stopping there! Help us reach beyond our #LGoal of 5.5 million kids.

Share your #Day1 photo and goal for the school year. Every goal made and photo posted with the hashtags #LGoals and #Day1, LG will donate $1 to Experience Happiness partners @Inner_Explorer and @ProjectHappiness_org!


Last week Akiva entered 9th grade. I’m not sure where time went, but all of a sudden I have a teenager in high school. As I helped him pack his backpack, I wished him a year chock-full of curiosity and friendship—and gave him a hug.

Sadly, more than half of American teens are stressed, and many don’t know how to handle it. The inability to cope with this stress and anxiety can negatively affect teen’s health, friendships, their relationship with parents, and academic performance.

Did you know that happiness is associated with positive health effects including the ability to better cope with stress? Over 70 years of research has revealed that happiness skills can be learned, taught, and practiced, and that Sustainable Happiness is achievable.

Join me and @lgusa by posting your back to school photo with the hashtags #Day1 and #LGoals. LG will be donating $1 to Experience Happiness, a program that teaches Sustainable Happiness skills to youth in schools across the country. #sponsored


Last weekend of summer... so as fall falls in and I am celebrating all the kiddos going back to school... I am taking the #day1 challenge with @dybrkr @inner_explorer @lgusa #lGoals ... here is my 90’s #throwback in my uniform ready for school!!! I may look like I haven’t changed... but oh my gawd I have!!! I am internally grateful for all those who have helped me and shaped my along the way! My goals for this coming “school” year are to keep growing and accepting change! To always be there for my friends and family and to stay committed! #killingit #schooldays #commitment #donate #gooddeeds #backtoschool #giveback #goals #lgusa #daybreaker #fall #uniform #haventchanged #change #grow #yes #obsessed #onlythebest #xxxtina #oneandonly #lifestylesoftherichandfamous


Fam, it’s that time of year. 🚌 Summer is about to say sayonara, school bells 🔔 are beginning to ring and fall 🍂 is almost in full swing. So—let’s pause for a little show and tell: we’re teaming up with LG to share our #Day1 📚 stories and set #goalz for the coming year. 💪
Whether you’re sending your kiddos off on their first day, starting your own scholastic adventure or just eager to rekindle that spicy 🔥 #throwback yearbook pic from 1993—now’s your chance to share it proud. For each post tagged with #Day1 and #LGoals, @LGUSA will donate $1 to Project Happiness and @Inner_Explorer, which nurtures mindfulness in PreK-12 classrooms by cultivating self-awareness, resilience & compassion. ✊
Cause real talk: school can be tough, and the first day is often tangled with anxiousness and stress. It’s up to us 🙋🙋‍♂️ to be the fearless trailblazers who cultivate play and belonging, who show that Happiness is more than a fleeting feeling. Let’s celebrate. Let’s set some goals. Let’s sprinkle in a little mischief. 💃 It’s our day, our year, our time—LEZZGO! 📸 by @ajrphotos


Interrupting NYFW for an important announcement! School’s been back in full swing and with it can come the #Day1 stress and anxiety that can impact our kids health and well being.
To cope and fight stress our family has built a few healthy habits to start their day off in a positive note. Kids have a hearty breakfast, we chat about their daily goals and drive them to school listening to the most fun filled music we can sing along to! We also try to have dinner together every night when each of them take turns to tell us what was the worst thing that happened in their day and what was the best. Asking questions and listening makes them feel comfortable to talk!! All Phones turn off for bedtime at 9 PM.
These little habits help them to get enough sleep, eat good and nutritious foods and develop a great relationship with Brian and I!
Today I want to encourage you to join me take a step to support the Experience Happiness program 🥰 For every photo you share with the hashtags #Day1 and #LGoals, @LGUSA is donating $1 to Experience Happiness partners, a program that brings Sustainable Happiness Skills to youth across the country and helps them get started with their back to school anxieties! #ad


How are you getting ready for the new school year? How about setting a #Day1 goal for the rest of the year? Studies show that if you set a goal and positive intention, you’re more likely to be successful and happier.

With every #Day1 photo tagged with #LGoals, we’re donating $1 to Inner Explorer and Project Happiness, two nonprofits that bring the Experience Happiness program to youth across the country.


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#Day1 #LGoals it's a bad picture of my back to school outfit


Did you know that kids’ and teens’ inability to cope with stress and anxiety can negatively impact their academic performance? Did you also know that sustainable happiness is achievable? There are sets of skills that you can learn, teach and practice to help along the path to #happiness. ⁣

That’s why I’m beyond thrilled to partner with @LGUSA to share their mission to bring sustainable happiness to youth across America. ⁣

My twins, Dante and Alexander, have established their #LGoals for this year to have a positive outlook - Dante’s goal is to express innovative ideas and Alexander’s goal is to enter new experiences comfortably.⁣

Every first day of school photo shared with the hashtags #Day1 and #LGoals, @LGUSA is donating $1 to Experience Happiness, a program that brings sustainable happiness skills to youth across the country. ⁣

Join me and help LG share their commitment to bring happiness, starting with the first day of school. ⁣

Nothing makes a parent/guardian happy than seeing our kids filled with HAPPINESS! #ad


First Day of PreK...First Day of Kindergarten! My babies are out there yo!! #firstdayofschool #prekdays #elementaryschoollife #momlife #Day1 #LGoals


It’s here, the end of the first day // “ok, we did it!” Eleanor 4th + Estella 3rd. May it be a safe and excellent school year for all students and teachers. 🍎📓📝💕 #lgoals


My goal this school year is to spread positivity what's yours? #day1 #lgoals


It’s the beginning of another school year, and as much as I would love my children to be successful, I also want them to have the emotional confidence they need to be and feel their best this academic year! I believe that we place pressure on children to perform just as we put pressure on ourselves to succeed and thrive. I want my kids to feel happy when they attend school everyday with an open mind and heart to learn and grow and shine in the subjects they enjoy and feel confident enough to ask for help in the subjects they struggle with.
Join me and @lgusa by posting your back to school photo with the hashtags #Day1 and #LGoals . LG will be donating $1 to Experience Happiness, a program that teaches sustainable happiness skills to youth in schools across the country. #sponsored .
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Today is our first day of school! 😱Happy kids do better in school, but my oldest battles stress from academics. Its amazing that @lgusa is doing something about it by bringing more awareness to their Experience Happiness program, which teaches youth sustainable happiness skills in school.
I encourage parents and/or guardians to post a #Day1 photo of their kids first day of school, along with a goal for the school year. For our kids, their goal is to master division and learn Spanish!
The best part: with every photo tagged with #Day1 and #LGoals, LG will donate an additional $1 to Experience Happiness partners to bring the program to more kids across the country!
Post and make a difference! #LGoal @lgusa


Hey NEN fam! I’m back with another edit! I decided to make one for there newest video! I absolutely loved it! Probably one of my fav vid of there’s yet! I love the message behind it to be kind to others! Make sure to use the hashtag #day1 and #LGoals because for each hashtag used @lgusa will donate a dollar to the Experience Happiness program! My goal this year is to spread kindness to everyone! Love you all!❤️❤️ -

@bruce_nelson_14 @benji_nelson @nelsons_exon_boucks_grammy @tiffanyknelson @lilee_nelson -

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Do you ever feel anxious on the first day of school? You never know who you'll meet in class to sooth your first day jitters. Go watch our NEW VIDEO to learn more!! 🤓🖤 Join us and @LGUSA on bringing happiness to your @Day1! Share your first day of school photo and with every share tagged with #Day1 and #LGoals, LG is donating $1 to bring sustainable happiness to youth across the country!


Abbiamo alle spalle gia una settimana e mezza di scuola e fino a qui, il delirio. Anche voi faticate a star dietro all'organizzazione di...tutto? ⁠

I cambiamenti sono un grande impegno per tutti: B ha iniziato il kindergarten, P e' gia' in terza ed io, forse perche mi sto rimbambendo, ho fatto accavallare degli impegni pomeridiani dei bambini, giusto per farcire meglio la torta. Va beh, si sistema tutto, mi dico.⁠

L'importante e' che i due rimangano sempre cosi, felici della vita che fanno.⁠

Condividi una tua foto # Day1 di te o dei tuoi figli. Grazie ad @hannahacarpenter ho scoperto una importante iniziativa: con ogni hashtag #Day1 condiviso @lgusa donerà $ 1 a #ExperienceHappiness, un programma che infonde agli studenti abilità di felicità sostenibile per combattere lo stress e l'ansia. #LGoals

So che presto ricominceranno le scuole in tanti paesi europei: vi va di partecipare?⁠

We already have a week and a half of school behind us and to this point, delirium. Do you struggle to keep up with the organization of ... everything? 😁⁠

The changes are a great commitment for everyone: B started the kindergarten, P is already in third class and I, perhaps because my head is in the clouds, I made the children's afternoon commitments overlap, just to stuff the cake better.⁠
Amen, there is a solution for everything, right?⁠
The important thing is that these two always remain so, happy with the life they do.⁠

Share your # Day1 photo of yourself or your children. Thanks to @hannahacarpenter I discovered an important initiative: with each #Day1 hashtag shared, @lgusa will donate $1 to #ExperienceHappiness—a program that instils in students sustainable happiness skills to combat stress and anxiety. #LGoals

I know that schools will soon restart in many European countries: would you like to participate?⁠
#theartofslowsipping #backtoschool #happykids


#firstupload #alltimebrosis#lgoals #frozens🔥🔥😘😘❤️❤️😘


Freshman & Sophomore Year for these two HIGH SCHOOLERS!! We said a prayer and did our daily affirmations on the way to school this morning to calm (attempt) their nerves.
Reminder to post your #Day1 photo with #LGoals & @lgusa will donate $1 to their #ExperienceHappiness partners to bring the Sustainable Happiness Skills to youth across the country. Such an easy way to help others! #partnered


#Day1 of the school year is far behind us, and we’re slowly settling in to a routine, including the sweet 3 p.m. reunification, when there is an abundance of eating and noise. You’re welcome this photo doesn’t come with sound. Also, whose legs are those?🤔😂

#ExperienceHappiness is an initiative from LG that teaches youth sustainable skills happiness to help cope with school time stress and anxiety. Share your school year goals and back to school photos with #Day1 and #LGoals and @lgusa will donate another $1 to nonprofit partners @inner_explorer and @projecthappiness_org so they can reach even more kids. #Partnered


The family dynamic shifts a bit when everyone goes back to school, it’s definitely a good, but bittersweet change. This year our goal is to stay connected as a family by having as many (phone free!) family meals as possible. @LGUSA has already reached 2 million kids, and they will donate an additional $1 to their Experience Happiness partners for each post containing #Day1 and #LGoal hashtags. Post your first day! #Day1 #LGoals


Mazzy and Harlow are heading back to school next week and we are busy making sure they start the new year with as positive an attitude as possible. We’ve been doing a little extra tutoring leading up to the big day (Mazzy in math and Harlow in reading) and I’ve been especially encouraging to Mazzy because I know that as she gets older, school can be a lot more challenging. Studies show that kids age 9-15yo are very stressed! I asked Mazzy what her school goals are this year and she said to stay away from drama, explore her love of science and “get better at lunch.” All good attainable things. Ask your kids what their goals are for the school year and tell me what they say in the comments! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Today, I am partnering with @LGUSA on their #ExperienceHappiness mission of bringing sustainable happiness skills to youth across America. With every #Day1 photo you share, @LGUSA is donating $1 to @InnerExplorer and @ProjectHappiness, two nonprofits that help teach happiness through science-backed curriculum at schools. #LGoals Share your #Day1 photo with a tip, trick or insight on how you are helping your kids have a positive first day!


First days of school are filled with positive outlook, opportunity, and excitement, not to mention anxiety. Every year a week before school starts, we prepare our kids for the school year by building in regular routines like morning and bedtime habits, as well as eating schedules. We also set #LGoals they both want to achieve and map out how they’re going to achieve them from Day#1, to set a positive tone for the year. While Dante’s goal this year is to express innovative ideas, Alexander’s goal is to enter new experiences comfortably. ⁣

This year we are so thrilled to partner with @LGUSA to encourage this awesome message to all the kids and teens on their first day of school -- remember to have a positive outlook and be excited about the opportunities this year will bring for them!⁣

Every photo shared with the hashtags #Day1 and #LGoals, @LGUSA is donating $1 to Experience Happiness and its partners, a program that brings Sustainable Happiness Skills to youth across the country. ⁣

Let’s help them reach even more kids by showing your posts with the hashtag #Day1 and #LGoals! #ad


Don’t waste your precious summer time doing dishes—savor these last summer days with the fam before the kids go #BackToSchool. That means long days playing outside, family dinners in the backyard, and ice cream for dessert. #Dishwashers #LifesGood


1st day Back-to-School for Goldie! We've done positive affirmations on our way to school each day since Avery was in Kindergarten, it's such a great way to set the tone for the day. The 1st day back can bring some anxiety and stress for many kids, so today we #partnered with @lgusa to encourage everyone to remind yourself that you are good, you are worthy, you are smart and you are capable! LG is going to donate $1 for every photo YOU post using #Day1 and #LGoals to the their #ExperienceHappiness Partners!


One at the high school, one at the junior high and two learning from home with me 🤪 #Day1 in the books, and no one ended up in tears! (Except for the few I shed when dropping off Silas, but in my defense, Adele was playing on the radio.)

Share a #Day1 photo of you or your kids, and with each #Day1 hashtag shared @lgusa will donate $1 to #ExperienceHappiness—a program that instills in students sustainable happiness skills to combat stress and anxiety. #LGoals