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I can usually sneak in one or two outdoor photo sessions in early Nov but DANG...Minneapolis got cold early. So we took it to the Guthrie and had some fun.


Trailblazer wrap, boysenberry pancakes, and chai lattes ohhh myyyyyy🤤🥞🌯


Fall activities ranked by how much fun they are, not by how cliche Instagram has made them:
1. Visiting a local farm to pet their animals and buy apples, pumpkins, and fresh produce.
2. Picking up piles of fallen leaves and throwing them gleefully in the air. Really, just getting out and enjoying leaves + colors every change you can.
3. All things pumpkin spice, except for that fake shit. No artificial flavors, but give me nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and brown sugar all day long.
4. Diversifying your collection of cozy knits (and wearing them in appropriate weather conditions). 5. Watching these movies: When Harry Met Sally, Autumn in New York, Practical Magic, Dead Poet's Society, and Fantastic Mr Fox.

It's still fall for a few more weeks in Tennessee. What more can I do to get out and enjoy the season? 📷 | master memory-maker @mpartyka

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This raw beauty becomes visible when Fall is turning to Winter. I can only imagine what this field will look like once covered in snow.


I’ve caught the Christmas spirit so here’s a #goodlist for ya!
1. We’re getting a small pink Christmas tree this year and I CAN NOT wait to decorate it with vintage ornaments and orange peels!
2. Green and red Christmas, what’s that? I’m thinking pink, orange, yellow! A -color everywhere- kind of Christmas!
3. And here’s the best one of all. Tomorrow we’re taking a trip to Flagstaff Arizona. There’s a chance we might see snow.. SNOW! And I am very happy about it!
4. Please pray we see snow tomorrow!
5. Rosemary and coffee were made for each other, I’m convinced.


Monday: enamoured with texture, shape, light, shadows and easing my way into a new week.

My grandmother would have turned ninety seven today, this day, always so bittersweet in remembering her beautiful soul. We were lucky to have as much time with her as we did. She taught me to always take the high road, to be polite and kind but to also voice displeasure when necessary. Above all, she was kind and always looking to help others, in any way she could.


If you know me, then you know I basically LIVE for slow, rainy days at home annnnnd that’s exactly the gift we have been given today! I’ve been receiving quite a bit of questions lately ever since I’ve been posting more stories about our “school” activities, so I’m here to talk about that a bit today. We honestly do not do anything super specific, but I do like to hold myself accountable a bit and teach them things that I know they should be learning. Since the boys do Mother’s Day Out and Pre-K4 a couple days a week, I strive to actually plan out activities for three days a week right here at home. I plan one activity in the following sections for each boy for each of those days: book, art, fine motor skill, gross motor skill, logic, a life skill, and our letter, number, sight words, shape, and color of the week (this is different for each of them). They do not have very long attention spans, so short and sweet is key! I try to plan out for them to engage in each activity for about five minutes (some activities they tend to love and will engage longer and some activities they will engage shorter than planned). We just go with the flow and try to just have fun with it. If they feel stress or pressure, then they will shut down, so just remember to have fun. There will be A LOT of messes, but these messes can be cleaned up soon after the activities are done. And yes, it’s HARD to actually get them to pay attention when they are both at home or both awake, but I just remind myself that they are still getting something out of it either way! I highly recommend the @kindergartentoolkit for a guide and amazing resources to use, and I highly recommend @chalkfullofdesign for so many chalkboards to choose from. We basically use their things every single “school” day and LOVE THEM! If you have any other questions about this topic, then just leave them below and I will be so happy to answer. Just a reminder that I am not a pro, just a mama with a teaching degree who loves seeing that light bulb go off in her babies’ heads and loves planning out activities for our days at home together 📝🖍📚 #teachingathome


“One day you will look back and see that all along you were blooming.” - Morgan Harper Nichols


I am extremely excited to be able to share some images from a fabulous wedding I shot in October @selsdon.estate.weddings I’ve never photographed a wedding before and was extremely nervous - and honoured - to be asked to document these twos day. The couple took delivery of almost 900 images and it couldn’t have gone any better from my side. I will be sharing some of my favourites over the coming days. There are so many favourites choosing is going to be very tricky but here we go! Wedding
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Ho scattato questa foto ad agosto, mentre ero in vacanza con mia figlia. Ho trovato una finestrella all'altezza giusta, ho appoggiato il telefono, ho avviato l'autoscatto e click 📸
La guardo e mi piace la mia espressione, mi piacciono i capelli così biondi e così selvaggi, amo la shopper di tela con su scritto "Elegante semplicità"... ma non riesco a digerire lo "spessore" del mio profilo,🙄 la pancia insomma! 🙄
Lontana dallo specchio percepisco il mio corpo in un modo, la mia immagine mentale è quella di una persona tonica e slanciata, ma quando mi vedo allo specchio non mi riconosco, e ci soffro.
Da poco più di un mese ho preso la situazione in mano e mi sto facendo aiutare da una dietista bravissima (cercate @dietista.camillabendinelli) per fare in modo che immagine mentale e immagine "vera" si riallineino. Il percorso sarà lungo: non sono ingrassata di 15kg in un mese, non posso perdere 15kg in un mese...anche se da un lato lo vorrei tantissimo 😂
Mi armo di santa pazienza, di tantissimo amor proprio, e giorno dopo giorno curo alimentazione (che fatica) e movimento (pilates e camminate sono una gioia per me). Sarà dura ma ce la farò anche stavolta.
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My kids waking up to snow for the second time in a week.


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Neee, ich habe diesmal NICHT umgeräumt 😂 hatte wirklich keine Zeit um ein Bild zu schießen. Und als ich 5 Minuten Zeit hatte, war es schon dunkel. Diese Dunkelheit macht mich fertig. Werde mir sicher eine Softbox zulegen müssen um vernünftige Bilder präsentieren zu können. Habt ihr schon Erfahrungen damit gemacht? Lohnt sich der Kauf? So, ich schmeiß jetzt den Fernseher und wünsche euch einen gemütlichen Abend ✨🧡


Soms kijk ik naar een foto en dan mis ik iets.. dat had ik in de eerste instantie ook bij deze foto. Vraag mij niet waarom maar ik miste een baby giraf! Nu heb ik die niet standaard in mijn achtertuin staan maar gelukkig wel op mijn pc 😉 En met behulp van een beetje Photoshop komt het plaatje in mijn hoofd toch tot leven 😃.
‘If you can Dream it, you can do it! ❤️


This little man was an absolute dream to photograph 🖤


Working on this beauty's senior session today! So glad we braved the cold for these photos last week - the light and fall color were on point!


Seriously every wedding we go to I always forget the one thing I need the most - tissues 🤦🏽‍♀️ it just doesn’t make any sense 🤷🏽‍♀️😭 @leschelle how on earth did you guys get everything together so perfectly? From your gorgeous dress to the stunning weather to the groovy music, the tear jerking beautiful speeches, and the delicious food? Oh and don’t get me started on that wedding cake 🤤😱 I ate Moses’ piece 🙊 absolute perfection you two are. Holy Ghost turned up 😍 I believe everything your Dad spoke over you both last night. World changers ❤️ we love you both and can’t wait to watch you both flourish together as one and of course pop out those little bubs 🙊 just let me know if you need a babysitter hey 😉 Congratulations again MR & MRS LEONHARDT 🙈