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by @dvsurvivor8

I’m so tired of seeing these headlines, hearing the same stories on Dateline....this beautiful woman goes missing on her honeymoon. Husband claims she went overboard into the ocean while he was sleeping. Fortunately he was charged with her murder, but here we are with her another woman killed at the hands of the man who said he loved her. 💜

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by @thejess.journey

It’s true. I made a poor judgment call and flat out told him I thought we should consider separating after our counselor - who knew how quickly the abuse was escalating - suggested it. Within the hour, I was kicked to the curb. Literally. My newborn son was taken from me. My ex was sitting in a corner telling me I’m a “shit mother” and don’t deserve to take the baby. He told me and my daughter to say goodbye to the baby, then “get the fuck out of his house.” With tears pouring, we kissed the baby goodbye. My 6 year old daughter looked at me and through her tears and asked, “when will we see my brother again?” I was too devastated to even speak and shrugged my shoulders to let her know, I didn’t know. After that, we were physically forced out of the house, only allowed as much as we could carry. The rest we were told, would stay with my abuser. And if we tried to come back for it, the police would be called and notified I was stealing from him. For almost an entire year after that, he made me suffer because his ego was so hurt I left him. I was cussed out, stalked, my car was keyed, my baby ripped from my arms on another occasion and an instance of me having to lock myself and the kids in the car to be out of harms way while he wailed away, beating on the car windows and cussing me out. The girl he dated after me was smarter. She had her dad drive through the middle of the night from out of state to rescue her and her son while our abuser was at work. He came home, shocked to find they had left. If you’re leaving an abuser, please don’t do what I did and tell him. Make a plan. Seek professional advice. Be tactful, vigilant and move quickly. 50-75% of domestic violence murders occur once the victim makes it known they are leaving. I’m here if you need help or need to talk 💜
(October begins domestic violence awareness month. Join me in bringing awareness to this dark topic. Do it for the mama and her babies that you don’t want to end up in the same situation as you were in. More to come. She is worth it. 💜)


by @_k.ray

Attention Philly Followers: if you know somebody who has experienced or dealing with DV feel free to spread the word and encourage them to join this support group! I’ll be leading every sessions every Thursday. #lovedoesnthurt #safespaces


by @carolee.waddoups

When I come across powerful words and feel inspired to share them... then that’s what I do. 😊💕
For so long I was afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to speak up for what I required & ask questions to truly understand another person.
For so long I was afraid of love... it’s what I wanted but it was also what I hid from. Specifically. Strategically. Because I didn’t want to get hurt.
The truth I’ve discovered is that love doesn’t hurt. Separation can hurt. Loneliness can hurt. Disconnection can hurt. Betrayal can hurt. But love... oh no... love is joy and bliss and peace.
Love isn’t an emotion to hide from, it’s a way of BEING to fully embrace and SHARE.
The way to love is through authenticity to self.
Be who you are. Live your greatness. Trust that others will appreciate & see that in you. And if they don’t, well, the separation may hurt but the sweet love you experience never will.
Choose to carry the love, not the pain.
Choose to hold onto the love, not bitterness and fear.
Choose to carry the very best with you then learn from & let go of the rest.

Repost from @nayyirah.waheed
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by @niciswhoiam

It's really sad to see so many people endlessly hurt by others who really never had the best of intentions from the beginning. If you're not ready to consider how the things you do affect the emotional state and mental state of someone else, leave them alone. If you're not prepared to think about how your actions will impact another person, and how you yourself would feel if you were them; leave them alone. If you're not willing to accept accountability for the way you interact or fail to interact with someone, leave them alone. Don't be selfish. Don't ever pretend that you can truly be a solid foundation for someone when you can't. You should never disrupt or turn another person's life inside out because you don't possess the ability to be a stable person who understands how to be to others what you yourself also need. Stop approaching people pretending to have good intentions for them when in reality you can't even begin to care about the true state of their well-being. Be careful who you allow into your life. We live in a society that perpetuates selfishness and encourages the fulfillment of desires at the expense of others.

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by @herbluewingss

...who knows how to love. ❤️#herbluewings


by @emily.anne.buck

💜 “What if someone does all these (abusive) things but it’s just on accident? That they don’t know what they are doing?”


Oh sweet girl. It’s always a choice. When the cycle starts, it’s in the ➡️HONEYMOON phase. This is the falling in love, “hook, line, and sinker” stage. ➡️Up next is the TENSION stage. This is where the anger and mostly verbal abuse start to build. Victim is walking on eggshells and is isolated. ➡️EXPLOSION erupts next. Continued verbal and now physical abuse. Possibly even a fatality. ➡️HONEYMOON phase starts back over with remorse and promises of never doing “it” again. Can blame the victim for his anger and outbursts. 🔘The cycle never ends as it is a continuous heart-wrenching cycle of ups and downs.
Be informed. 💜✝️#HisStory #VictimtoVictorious #purposeinthepain #stopdatingviolence #domesticviolenceawareness #domesticviolence #publicspeakers #domesticviolencespeaker #passion #beavoice #dontstaysilent #truthtalk #lovedoesnthurt #ashestobeauty #scarsarebeautiful #lovethebroken #skincareaddict #workfromhomemom #teens

West High School

by @mindyourfiitness

They can show you what they aren’t tellin ya!!! Pay attention. #lovedoesnthurt


by @mischa_bd

Looking pretty stoked...and why wouldn’t you be after having a lunch meeting with Tracey McLeod Howe-the CEO of White Ribbon Australia. Life presents all of us with different challenges. What you do when confronted with adversity is entirely up to you. You have more power than you realise. It’s by the grace of God that I have been saved..he guides my path and does his work through me. It’s more than ok to be proud of how far you have come, where you are going and what you are doing. Just like you celebrate your family and friends accomplishments-don’t forget to celebrate your own. After all-we want to continue to empower and raise strong, confident and graceful women. #whiteribbonaustralia #ambassadors #advocates #ceo #womenempowerment #notviolentnotsilent #bethechangeyouwanttosee #invincible #strength #change #empower #empoweringwomen #education #families #respect #lovedoesnthurt #awareness #empoweringchildren #empoweringmen #policy #equality #socialservices #byhisgrace #volunteering #australia #theluckycountry


by @scarlett_begonias412

#LoveDoesntHurt October is approaching: Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please!! Do not stay thinking it will get better. It does NOT. You owe it to yourself to be loved correctly. You are worthy 🖤 •The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE • Shelter @wcs_pittsburgh
If you’re afraid to call alone, please contact me. I will help in anyway that I can.
I was intimidated, afraid, & embarrassed to speak up. Not anymore. I will not allow anyone to take away my voice ever again!! I was strangled, choked, suffocated, stepped on, had a sock shoved in my mouth, threatened to be killed, kept against my will in my own home. I thought my life was over that day. When I finally managed to escape, I ran to the Sunoco and the manager called 911. I’ll never forget that feeling of relief that I made it out alive. On separate occasions, I was spit on, had my hair pulled out, had a 24oz cup of coffee poured over my head, called terrible names, handed a razor & was told to kill myself, made fun of for being adopted & other traumas I had been through. I was physically, emotionally, verbally & psychologically abused. The psychological abuse I have found to be most the most difficult to overcome. It’s been almost 4 months since I finally had the courage to leave. Some days are harder than others, but with God, my family, friends & the rest of my amazing support system helping through this time, I have found a new strength. I learned a lot from all of this , & I pray each & every one of you. . Male or female.. see your worth. Never settle. Learn to love yourself before trying to love someone else.
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

by @dr.jessicagriffin

Find the man (or the woman) who reassures you, despite your fears or insecurities, that the rug won’t be pulled out from under you - that rather, their love is a “magic carpet” and that you should just enjoy the ride 🤣❤️. Love does not hurt. No matter what rock and roll artists may say, love doesn't bite. People do. Love, my friends, is a feeling. It is easy to be mad at love, to get jaded, skeptical, or think that we will not find someone who truly loves us and makes us feel loved without hurting us. That love is this elusive, mysterious creature who we need to watch out for, guard against, who will sweep the rug out from under us if we aren’t careful. But it's not LOVE that hurts us - it's people who hurt us. Go where the love is. Forget the rest. #marriedatfirstsight #mafs #inspirationalquotes #quotes #quoteoftheday #lovequotes #love #loveheals #lovedoesnthurt #sevenyearswitch #relationshipquotes #instaquote #psychology #marriage #relationships #relationshipproblems #loveyourself #selflove #lovedoesnothurt #loveislove #loveiskind #loveispatient #iminlove #donthatelove #gowheretheloveis


by @herbluewingss

Thinking of you all and sending you good vibes, strong vibes, healing vibes, selflove vibes, awareness vibes and don't settle for anyone who mistreats you vibes! 🦋🦋🦋🦋#herbluewings


by @melindakunst

New blog post up! Link in my bio! "My abuser saved my wisdom teeth and a lock of my hair!"😲 Sounds weird or creepy? Find out this and where to find me sharing my story next! 😊 www.hopewhentherewasnone.blogspot.com

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