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Just beautiful how the sunlight makes the trees shine.

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I need someone who makes me shine like that!
23. September‘17 Steinwald, Fichtelgebirge

Upper Palatinate Tower

Toothpaste-advertising? No, just genuine happiness. #GOBACKPACK


L o v e • Are you quiet when you need to be loved ? Or do you raise your voice into a lion’s roar ? Will you nudge yourself into my hips ? Will you bite my shoulders and say “I need you to love me harder today” ? Are you softer in the mornings ? Which side of the bed do you like to take ? Do you sprawl yourself out and steal the covers ? Do you sleep naked ? Do you take your coffee black ? In the summer, do you flip the pillow and sigh when your cheek touches the cold side ? Do you keep the windows open at night ? If so, how ? Aren’t you scared of monsters ? Do you know that I’m scared of everything that lives in the dark ? Are you aware that sometimes I get so nervous I forget how to move my feet ? Can you be patient ? Can you be gentle ? Do you know how ? Is there a quiet war raging inside of you ? When you curl your fists and raise your chin, are you donning your armour ? Can I help ? Can I fight all of your demons with you ? I won’t shy away from them, not if it would make you happy. Do you know that I’d stand in the dark in an empty room for you ? Do you know that I trust you’d never ask that of me ? Do you know that I don’t flinch when you cup my face ? Even though if you so much as twitched too hard you could break me ? Isn’t this what trust looks like ? Isn’t it how I am always skin and emotions for you ? Isn’t it saying “I love you more today than I did yesterday, but it was a whole lot yesterday” ? Listen, do you feel safest when you’re holding yourself together ? Do you think someday you can let that go ? Will you let me take the pieces of you and keep them close ? Can you let me love you ? Will you learn how to ? It doesn’t matter, I’ll wait.

Bergen, Hordaland

Go, bring me some coffee and the book that's on the shelf, the one which has a yellow cover with a picture of a man and a bicycle on it. Bring it and sit by, I'll tell you a story about the man whose life tried really hard to stop him but he, he grabbed that fuckerrr by the throat.
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Shot on @gopro @goproin | #hero5black

Agiaon, Bihār, India

The funny thing is: You can have been there during sunshine, but as soon as the weather changes it's a whole different place.


They say the milky way is out of this world when it comes out to play up here. We had a full moon, meaning we didn't have much in the way of stars. Call us lucky, call us not but we didn't happen to see it this time. Instead what we did see was the mountains lit first by a silver sun and then a golden one. We saw the moon set, the sun rise and all the beautiful colours that come in between.
This shot was taken sometime before 5 am just after the moon had sunk behind the mountaintops. It was -15 degrees and f****** freezing sitting out there watching the world spin. And you know what? With the cold, without the stars, I didn't mind one bit. It may not have been how we drew it up, but I would do it all again anyways.
It was still 100% worth it.

Annapurna Base Camp

Late night. Challenge mode.

Garden of the Gods Park