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by @babidelbono

La mente pensa per immagini e quando immaginiamo nella mente ciò che vogliamo, questo diventa realtà . I.C.R. , immaginazione e chiarezza =realtà che poi altro non è che il famoso “se puoi immaginarlo puoi farlo” 🎐 🦅 #vision #focus #determinazione #energiapositiva #energy #amore #love #mantra #crescitapersonale #beliveinyourself #daily


by @laurenkathyrn

Pretty Eyes,
Thick Thighs &
Sweet Potato Fries.
Throwback to my favorite bar in IA @anvilgym where many life lessons have been learned:
▪️Don’t be afraid to be a beginner
▪️Trust the process ▪️Lift HEAVY shit
▪️A strong core does not=a 6-pack
▪️Dotty is a ruthless bitch
▪️”Stick your dick in the dirt”
▪️Never half ass anything, always use your full ass
Thank you for all the lessons and yelling at me in German @kenmcclellandanvilgym 💯👏🏼
#throwback #tbt #squats #fit #thick #fitness #movement #mantra #trusttheprocess #healthylifestyle #yogaoffthemat #yogi #tattoedyogi


by @thepostulateproject

What you naturally want for your self is a gift that if accepted and honored comes with all the skills desires and abilities for an outcome. Why do we force ourselves to do things? Work hard. Hustle and grind. We live in an achievement oriented society. It is not the “how“ that people value, it is the assumption that you are going to be somebody. As if you begin as a nobody. To uphold the idea that you are not somebody until you have money and things to match your efforts is a false illusion adopted by people who believe they are not enough. To become someone who does not buy into this, you must believe inherently and in your mind that you are already everything you need to be. Now I don’t mean everything you need and nothing more. You are already everything you will EVER WANT TO BE. Your integrity is wrapped up in who you are. What you naturally want for your Self is prepared within you with all the skills, desires, and abilities for outcome. You just need to believe. #thepostulateproject


by @dawnongkingco.peace.light.hope

This is a link to a very helpful article for Everyone and a globally human website to give us all more insight to Thrive :
https://www.inc.com/wanda-thibodeaux/why-do-what-makes-you-happy-is-actually-worst-advice-ever.html https://www.thriveglobal.com/stories/43924-want-to-enjoy-life-don-t-do-what-makes-you-happy "Do what makes you happy" is right up there with "Be passionate" in terms of popular mantras. Maybe you've even said it yourself or posted it on your social channels with some type of ubiquitous cat poster. But can I talk to you for a minute on why you might want to take a step back from this one?

Are you happy or just trusting what doesn't suck?”.......read on by going to the website links I gave you above


by @joyscola

“Your body is a vessel. It doesn't really matter. It's what you leave here and how you influence other people's lives - that's what legacy you'll leave behind.” - Lauren Wasser 💛🌎✨ I have a question to ask you but first, here’s my intention before asking. My life goal is to raise the vibration of the planet through raising the vibration of each individual person. 🧘‍♀️✨🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️🌀🌎 Before each class or Yoga video, I repeat a Sankalpa (heartfelt intention/mantra) asking the Universe to make me a vessel through which the Universe can spread its light, offering the gifts and/or planting the seeds that each individual may need to receive. 🙌💝 I hope that I am helping you and offering what it is YOU are needing. If that is the case or if I’ve affected you, how/in what way? If I haven’t, what would you like to see more of? I really want to be offering you what you need/want, please help me to do that by letting me know your thoughts. Much love and light. 🙏💛✨ Namaste ——————————————————————— #vesseloflove #vesseloflight #raisethevibration #changetheworld #helpeachothergrow #riseuptogether #riseandshine #howcanihelpyou #howcanihelp #offerings #leaveyourmark #howwillyourise #inspiration #inspireothers #findyourpurpose #lifemission #sankalpa #mantra #heartfelt #intentioniseverything #intentionsetting #youtuber #vlogger #yogafortheworld #yogainstructor #travelingyogainstructor #beginneryoga #howtoyoga

Maritime Museum of San Diego

by @lucy_keaveny

When we spread our wings we can reach further than we could possibly imagine.. DREAM BIG! 🌟✨ @kundalini_rebel_retreats #india #indiaretreats #kundalinirise #meditation #mantra #kundaliniyoga


by @ianrosewood

⚡️Ian Rosewood⚡️
Nuestro primer “demo”
Our first “Demo”


by @besohum

Sometimes my work is in repairs. And those are iffy, especially if it’s not one of my pieces. This sandalwood mala came to me from a loyal client. This was one of her older malas, not made by me, that broke and needed a new guru bead and tassel. I was a bit nervous that I might not be able to fix it without restringing the entire mala. We were trying to cut back on costs, so I told her to send it to me and I’d see what we could do. Turns out the mala had a pretty gold loop at its base, and I could easily attach a new guru bead, an existing 24K gold bead, and a new soft silk tassel! It came out great and I’m so glad I’m able to return it to her in better condition than how it arrived. Malas will break. All of them. It doesn’t matter who makes them, they will eventually lead out their life span and need repair. Some say that when a mala breaks it is a symbolic occurrence because the intention it was needed for has been resolved and a new one needs to be set when the beads are restrung. I like thinking of it that way. It puts a positive spin on a sometimes upsetting occurrence!!


by @altavox

Keith Haring frecuentemente enfrentaba cargos de arresto y vandalismo por sus obras públicas. El Departamento de Parques de la Ciudad de NY más tarde legitimó su trabajo al preservar "Crack is Wack" , un mural no planeado destinado a advertir al público sobre las drogas.  Aunque que el medio principal de Keith Haring era la tiza, finalmente comenzó a usar sus dibujos como inspiración para las esculturas de arte pop. Haring siempre mantuvo sus esculturas simples; una de ellas: The Boxers , presenta dos figuras simples, cómicas, que se golpean entre sí, siguiendo el mismo tema, "Three Dancing Figures" retrata a tres personajes simples de figuras de palo bailando eufóricamente.  Las obras de Keith Haring se pintaron con movimiento, colores primarios que vibraban en dimensiones para crear un estilo que se convirtió en un icono de los años ochenta.  Aunque el camino para convertirse en un artista profesional no fue fácil para Haring, mantuvo un espíritu de entusiasmo y optimismo que contagiaba a lo largo de su corta carrera. A través de colores llamativos y figuras sencillas que Haring usó en su trabajo, dijo: "siempre trató de contar una historia o crear conciencia sobre un tema en particular". #musica #libros #teatro #literatura #arte #mexico #colombia #elclubdellibro #bogota #sexosalvaje #medellin #brasil #miami #buenosaires #argentina #cine #movie #videos #mantra #mandala #espiritual #psicologia #80s #mujeres #mexico #aliens #cosmos #space #star


by @andreacclaire1



by @elisa.montico

Alzati con determinazione, vai a letto con soddisfazione.
#workworkwork #felicità #mantra

Pordenone, Italy

by @medimeliss

And don’t you beautiful sisters forget that! #truth #mantra #loveyourself #worthit #happy #tbt❤️ #everyday


by @kampf.der.gigantin

Ein verspätetes Foto von meinem heutigen Lunch. War leider nicht sooo lecker 🤷‍♀️ Schade um die Kalorien, aber man muss ja halt was essen 😅 Heute Abend war mein Schwager da und hat ein paar Sachen angebracht, für mich und Picasso. Jetzt habe ich lange aufgeräumt und falle gleich tot ins Bett. Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Donnerstag Abend 🙋‍♀️ #kampfdergigantin #challenge2018 #fighttime #newlife #mantra #motivation
#dranbleiben #weitermachen #durchhalten #diepfundemüssenpurzeln #ichkannesschaffen #bodytransformation #weightloss
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by @_rafa.angel_

#Repost @mantraclub.ev
• • •
A partir de esta noche bailes a #MANTRA. Abrimos a partir de las 🕛00:00 Hrs.
W/ @acidpimps - @matheuswalasdj - @_rafa.angel_ .
#RESIDENZE by Rafa Ángel
W/ @adririzzoo - Matheus Wallas
Te esperamos a partir de esta noche 🌟.
Abrimos de jueves a Domindos a partir de las 🕛00:00 hrs
Aprovecha las Invitaciones y descuentos hasta las 3 hrs. .
#techno #techhouse #house #deep #deephouse #Alicante #puerto

Puerto De Alicante Muelle Levante

by @suitestpee

👁💎👁FOLLOW @selfcareissacred 👈👈👈🔯🔯🔯 IMAGE RP VIA @moonbodysoul 🌝
There are many forms that fear can take and many ways of dealing with it, simply walking through it by doing what you fear can work in direct physical situations, but what of fears that your mind creates, the terror that grips your heart that you can't quite put a finger on, or an anxiety projection towards the future?
This is not a case of fear but a lack of faith, so it is not a matter of getting rid of the fear but a matter of nurturing faith in your life.
Let there be no doubt in your mind that you are protected, that everything is for a higher purpose.
Whatever you encounter view it as God's wish for you, trust that everything that comes your way has a sacred purpose.
If you can take this into your heart, plant it there and allow it to grow, there will be no place for fear, it will be taken over by courage.
Advice from my angel Harmony.
✨WORDS BY:: © Caroline de Lisser <> SOURCE OF THE EARTH ON FB 🔷
@boundariesarebeautiful @selfcareissacred @theonenesssolution ⤴️⤴️⤴️
#selfcareissacred #mantra #anxietyrelief #anxietyrecovery #mentalhealthawareness

Vancouver, British Columbia

by @cinarevalo

“One day she discovered she was fierce and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back, because her passion burned brighter than her fears”.....✨✨ .
#mantra @wbff_aust #wbffaus18 #wbff_aust @team_leman @pauline_wbffaustralia

Sydney, Australia

by @_takingmylifeback

Never dim your light to fit in. Focus on what lights you up and SHINE!🌟💫✨⚡️🌙

Fire loose knot mala from @malaandmantra Featuring red aventurine, yellow jade, red jasper and sunstone, the necklace captures the colorway and spirit of fire, allowing its wearer to embody passion, energy, transformation and connection.🔥 This piece and many more are on massive sale (some 50% off) and you can get an additional 40% off if you use ‘KCORBIN40’ at check out. This code works for your entire order.🙌🏻 Huge shout out to @malaandmantra for this amazing deal.

Houston, Texas

by @tarakatours

Ganesh "el otorgador de felicidad", cuyo enorme vientre representa a la prosperidad y cuyo ratón nos enseña cuan pequeños son los problemas si sabemos manejarlos, tiene cientos de nombres. A continuación te compartimos algunos de ellos. 🐘Alampata: Dios eterno 🐘Balchandra: el pequeño que lleva la luna como corona 🐘Gajrup: el que tiene forma de elefante 🐘Kaveesha: el rey de los poetas 🐘Bhuvanpati: El Dios de los Dioses 🐘Gajakarna: el que tiene orejas de elefante 🐘Gunina: el Dios de las virtudes 🐘Heramb: tranquilo, respetado, erudito 🐘Kirti: el que es famoso, sano y feliz 🐘Kripalu: pleno de gracia 🐘Krti: el Dios de la música 🐘Kshipra: el que se tranquiliza fácilmente

Fotografía: Ramya @lluviaramya

Himachal Pradesh

by @lilielodier

Souris toujours, tu ne sais pas qui te regarde de loin !! #sourire #smile #mantra #penseepositive #positiveminds #resteforte #staystrong


by @stigatabletennis

STIGA player Truls Möregårdh is now one of the last 32 at the 2018 European Championships. Tomorrow legendary player Vladimir Samsonov will stand on the other side of the table. #carbonado #mantra #ittfeuros2018


by @bulan_boutique

Always love @rupikaur_ 💜


by @dahliakaur

Cause and Effect Reflecting on the Law of Karma. 💙Profound Insight. Lesson 1 of 2. The Law of Karma Sanskrit, or Pali originated in the Vedic system. As a term, it can be traced back to the early Upanishads, around 1500 BCE. Karma is an act of will. Understanding the Universal Law of Karma provides order to a beginning-less and endless universe. Karma pertains mostly to attitudes and consciousness. One of the most distorted views of karma is the idea that nothing can be done about it destiny!!! No matter how terrible the predicament, there is always something that can be done, even if it's a smile or maintaining a good attitude. Karma is viewed differently by many different religions. In Hinduism for example, Karma is the law of the phenomenal cosmos that is part and parcel living within the dimensions of time and space. All actions, thoughts, vibrations of any sort, are governed by a law that demands perfect rebound. So individual souls must experience, if they live and experience the phenomenal universe. To escape the cycle of life, death and rebirth, one must exhaust one's Karma and realize one's True Self as the highest truth of oneness that is Brahman or for dualists Bliss with the Supreme Godhead. Karma is the physical manifestation of the love, balance and harmony, as it applies to the results of decision is reached an attitude is held by Beings capable of free will and choice. A karmic experience is a challenge to an individual to reconsider a choice that has been made, or an attitude that has been held, to see if these decisions were founded upon a misunderstanding of the Laws of the System. You are bound karmically to anything that you except, or misunderstand, until you understand it. Karma is merely a gap in your understanding. And, Karma applies only to Beings who have Advanced to the level of experiencing in the forms of the Human Kingdom. Part 2 Contd... 💙 @dahliakaur #love #wordsofwisdom #hindu #spiritual #buddha #lawofattraction #ancient #peace #universe #karma #crystals #soulmate #grateful #compassion #instalove #wordstoliveby #enlightenment #awareness #infinite #thirdeye #chakra #void #loveandlight #lightworker #meditation #mantra #zen


by @agoatnamedvoldiemort

“Gotta concentrate, against the clock I race - Got no time to waste, I’m already late, I got a marathoners pace” .
👌🏻😜 #onthatgrind #workworkwork #cantstopwontstop #successisearned #letsgetit #enjoylife #staypositive #keeppushing #getitgetit #mantra #nofilter #shadystyle #eminem #grind