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AIR FORCE 1 35thを記念して、1階WALLにて、過去に発売されたAIR FORCE 1のOGやBESPOKE.collaboration商品やINLINEなど、展示させて頂いております。



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Current project...working on #WitchesOfEastwick with the wonderful #MarkSmith and #AlexWitherhill ...exciting things are happening at the @iabarcelona with @iabmusicaltheatre3

Institute of the Arts Barcelona

My future starts today! What about yours?
Lebe das Leben von dem Du träumst, nicht ein Leben das andere dir aufzwingen!
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One year ago today, Marky Mark headed to his eternal home and took a piece of my soul with him. I had just returned from conquering 60 days in the wilderness of South America on @thewheeltv, which was my best attempt at walking through the fire with Mark during his battle with brain cancer. His spirit was with me in every moment out there, and continues to be with me in every step I take during a race or every rainbow I see in the sky.
I will never be the same without him, but I believe it’s meant to be that way. I think God stores up pieces of us in Heaven as a reminder that we’re not home yet. So while RAMM (Reed, Adam, Mark, Mike) is without one of our members physically, we will most definitely be reunited in the love of Christ one day. Until then, I will have a beer with Mike and Reed tonight and toast to the loud-laughing, fun-loving, faithful man we miss every second of every day. Catch you on the flip side, brother. #SmithStrong

Minooka, Illinois

I never text back last night before I fell asleep. Ok, I have to get dad at 8:15am from the car place. I have to pay the bills today too. Oh ‘crap’ (edited for social media😬) today is the 9th-here we go. <--These were my first thoughts upon waking this morning. And then I started reliving a year ago today. The day Mark Smith's soul got to leave this beautiful but messy place and go to our perfect, forever home...a year ago today my best friend died. To be honest, the 9th wasn't the worst day in our journey. There were far uglier, more gut wrenching, flames of hell burning days. Some came before November 9th, 2016 and some came after. But that day changed everything. For the first time in 15 years, I would have to figure stuff out on my own—Without my sounding board, cheerleader or warm body to rest on when the weight of the world got to be too much. For the first time ever I understood that God's plan is THE plan and He is the boss-no matter how hard your work, fight or love (or tell Him that He has got it all wrong). As you can imagine, if you haven't witnessed it in person, life the past year without Mark Smith along with a wavering faith and questionable trust in God and His plan for the Smith sisters and I has been dark and brutal but also light and full of grace. While Mark was sick I would repeat "well God either needs to fix Mark Smith or he is going to have to fix me. Both would be a miracle, but it is going to be way harder to fix me." Spoiler alert, He rose to the occasion and I can tell you with full confidence it is well with my soul. I truly believe we are here to love, suffer and work for the kingdom of heaven. So until it is my turn to take the rocket ship ride down the dark tunnel to the light, that's what I will do-love. suffer. work for the kingdom. repeat.
With that being said, here is glimpse of a few thoughts I have for Mark Smith today- Hey you! It's been a WHOLE year since you left earth. Honestly, time is a weird thing. It feels like it was just yesterday I was having 'the talk' with your unconscious body before I left the room and told Nick I just couldn't do it anymore. (Continued in comments)


Sisters. #KateMulleavy & #LauraMulleavy = #Rodarte, photographed at home by #ClaraBalzaray and interviewed by #MarkSmith in #TheGentlewoman. #TGW16

Pasadena, California






10/31/1998 retail $150. 19yrs ago today the launch cw of the #JordanXIV, and the second MJ signature of #JordanBrand released. I remember the 1st time I seen these in person. They had them on display in a sneaker store so I wasn’t able to pick them up all I could do was look at them. I hated the launch cw of the 9-13 I thought wht/blk was boring, but these I didn’t hate too much. These still are my least favorite og cw #Jordan14. My lil cousin was with me, and when we got back to his house I didn’t realize he had them on his feet the entire time so I got a chance to actually examine them in hand lol. It was nothing like seeing the metal lace tips, tongue, heel logo, tail lights, shield logo, and my favorite feature the mini vent. The og #AirJordan14 always reminds me of the era when I 1st started searching the net looking at kicks. Who remembers the prototypes, samples, p.e.’s, and the factory variants? #AirConditioned #Ferrari #FerrariF355F1 #FerrariF355 #F355 #F355F1 #NikeAirJordan #AirJordan #BrandJordan #TeamJordan #Jumpman23 #TinkerHatfield #MarkSmith #MichaelJordan


I feel a little like we were sitting in the small seats in class in this pic. But it was terrific to soak up the teacherly wisdom and experience of @marksmithauthor today @peninsulawriters #peninsulawritersclub #morningtonpeninsulawriters #writingworkshop #writersvictoria #marksmith

Sorrento, Victoria, Australia

What a wonderful start to our weekend writing workshop with @marksmithauthor Mark Smith, Author. Tonight's Regional Salon @antipodesbookshop Antipodes Bookshop & Gallery was made possible thanks to @writersvictoria support. Mark talked about his author journey and left us with some writing nuggets to keep us going.
Here's just a few pearlers:-
1. Don't write to impress, just write your story
2. A hard and brutal edit will often make for a better manuscript
3. Work out what the skills are of the people in your writing group when manuscript sharing
4. Be prepared to cop criticism
5. To help you with self edits read your copy out loud, read it backwards from last page to the start or change your font
5. It's a golden time to be a short story writer. And literary agents and publishers are often watching that space
6. Build your skills, be disciplined, persevere
We can't wait to get stuck into writing with Mark tomorrow @sorrentocc #writerscommunity #australianauthor #marksmith #peninsulawritersclub

Antipodes Bookshop & Gallery

There's nothing I love more than writing. Ok, there's reading Aussie literature too. All right, you got me, there's also hanging off the wonderful words of talented Australian authors.
I've rapped that all in a little package of literary loveliness and welcomed @marksmithauthor to my local @antipodesbookshop with all my @peninsulawriters mates.
I'm in biblio nirvana, and tomorrow we get to pick up our pending and write with Mark too. This weekend makes writing me all sorts of happy.
Thanks to @writersvictoria for the support to make this happen. #peninsulawritersclub #writerscommunity #australianauthors #iloveya #marksmith

Antipodes Bookshop & Gallery

We are all a little chuffed to welcome @marksmithauthor to our Regional Salon session tonight @antipodesbookshop. Thanks to @writersvictoria for your support in making this happen #regionalsalon #writerssupportingwriters #regionalwriters #marksmith #peninsulawritersclub

Antipodes Bookshop & Gallery

AUTHOR VISIT TOMORROW 6-7pm Melbourne author Mark Smith will be visiting Antipodes as part of the regional Writers Victoria program. We're thrilled to host Mark at this free event and look forward to his views on writing aspirations and YA literature #antipodesbookshop #marksmith #loveozya #writersvictoria #sorrento


Happy 40th Birthday to #SJSharks alumni forward and 1997 ninth round draftee (no. 219 overall) #MarkSmith, seen here in warm-ups prior to the Sharks' game against the Colorado Avalanche at the Pepsi Center on April 5, 2006... Photo via Getty Images. #BleedTeal #GoSharks #SharksTerritory #SJSharksHistory #Hockey #SharksHockey #SharksforLife