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Alibaba, the Chinese online sales giant, had no need for a gang of 40 thieves this Single’s Day, as it cruised past its previous holiday sales record to earn more than $25 billion. Analysts are waiting eagerly for Cyber Monday numbers later this month to see whether Alibaba has a chance at beating Amazon as the top retailer for the 2017 Christmas Season. Give yourself an early holiday gift when you trade Alibaba and Amazon today with UFX. Join us using the link in our bio! #MassInsights #ufx


Estoy emocionado por anunciar mi nueva asociación con uno de los corredores líderes en línea UFX, donde el comercio es simple para todos. Únete a mí y descarga la aplicación UFX Trading para lograr estrategias comerciales brillantes con la tecnología #MassInsights
I'm excited to announce my new partnership with leading online broker, UFX, where trading is simple for everyone. Join me & download the UFX Trading app to achieve brilliant trading strategies with #MassInsights technology. @trade_with_ufx_en


نتشرف بالإعلان عن الشراكة الجديدة مع نجم كرة القدم أندريس إنييستا @andresiniesta8. انضم لاعب كرة القدم العبقري إلى فريق UFX كسفير دولي لعلامتنا التجارية وسيكون جزءًا أساسيًا من استراتيجية التسويق والدعاية عبر الإنترنت. #MassInsights #UFX


Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer notre nouvelle collaboration avec la superstar du football @andresiniesta8. Ce génie du sport rejoint UFX comme ambassadeur international de marque pour faire partie de notre stratégie marketing. Téléchargez l'application UFX Trader maintenant en utilisant le lien dans notre bio. #MassInsights #ufx


We are proud to announce our newest partnership with football superstar, @andresiniesta8. The sports mastermind has joined the UFX team as international Brand Ambassador, and will be an integral part of our online and marketing strategies. Join us using the link in our bio! #MassInsights #ufx


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