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by @amisusanne

I have watched this clip at least a hundred times and it still makes me laugh. Because, you guys, it’s really weird. And also, Byron Allen jokes have been a consistent part of my life since I was a child and there’s something comforting about that. I’d feel bad about decades long mocking of a man if he wasn’t crazy rich and successful so we’re good. The guy from Real People owns the damn weather channel! #thegoodplace #mayarudolph #teddanson #darcycarden


by @somebodyissingingthewrongnote

She hit me with those flowers foi o q a saaphyri windsor said pra justificar o fato de q ela simplesmente voou na H-town sem piedade enfim kkkkk depois ela foi expulsa da casa e perdeu a chance de ser a cara metade de flavor flav! Yo big rick! Uno uatyimisi? To get high bitch igual esse animal q adora vir pro meu quarto todo começo de noite. Eles devem amar nossas casas esse aqui tá chapado e tá comigo ótima companhia e juro q nunca me incomodaram qd eu vou dormir por isso não tento tirar nem nada. Deixo até uma aguinhas vezs queria agradecer esse post de hj a dona rubia lá do yt quem sabe sabe adoro as ideias q ela usa pra casa e já imitei varias outras nem tanto ótima professora e a língua dela é uma graça oi meuZamõ oiee kkk e isso é tratamento mental viu? Q eu consegui graças ao apoio da minha família e das inovações que não param de chegar no tratamento para saúde mental. Com toda essa brincadeira eu to ficando cada dia mais lúcido mas jamais eu prometo jamais kanyeRei aquilo é um desperdício gente, eu só queria cuidar Daquele bumbum deixa kim? É carinho poxa eu sei q vc da e vc é meu exemplo. Boa sorte viu? Não desista dele agora espera ele encontrar outra mulher então e sai correndo Bj pra Ariana tbm q terminou com o 20quatrao q dor e vc é um amor da pra ver seu crescimento de longe parabéns a nos todas citadas as cotadas as cocotas #somebodyissingingthewrongnote #saaphyriwindsor #htown #animalhigh #420 #saudemental #sus #lucidez #kanyewest #yeezy #kimkardashian #arianagrande #petedavidson #bestsongonsweeteneralongwiththelastone #nicewaytoendanalbum #budha #jesus #chants #crazy #tiffanypollard #hbic #forever #mayarudolph #fredarmisen #lakers

Federal District

by @vasquez.doodles

Middle school was the most awkward period of my adolescence, bar none. Thanks @bigmouthnetflix for animating my feeling about those years. Ps- no mom, they never grew in. Still in that A cup!
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by @flicksandflix

Who doesn’t remember those awkward teenage years where puberty took over your body? You we getting taller, hair was growing everywhere, and sex was constantly on your mind. Well get ready to relive those uneasy feelings again as Netflix’s animated hit Big Mouth will double down on those moments and then some. Comedic duo Nick Kroll and John Mulaney return to their lead rolls as Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman, who have now met their Hormone Monster Maurice (Kroll) and are trying to survive their growth into maturity through his terrible advice. While they struggle with their misguided guardian’s horny nature, they soon realize that they’re not the only kids feeling the SHAME of puberty, but the entire 6th grade as well!
The strength of this show is the actual animation aspect of it, as Kroll and Mulaney are able to show these over-the-top middle school stories that we all know would be inappropriate in a live action series. Don’t get us wrong, they really do play the line of whether you should laugh or question why anyone would ever think of any of this, but it’s the shows characters that make you stay around. As we watched this show, we realize that the kids were more relatable than we thought, as we can often remember an exact moment when something embarrassing happened that they just showed. The best character though is easily Jay, who could be the most outrageous teenager that has ever been put to screen. In the end, put on your acne cream and relive your awkward years in this surprisingly vital portrait of middle school life.
OVERALL SCORE: 9/10 Shut your big mouth and go watch this show now! 🍆🍑😲😳🤬😈
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by @bigmouth.officialmemes

Some super cool art from: @papasfrittas_
Will repost Big Mouth related photos! Dm for post/removal. Follow @bigmouth.officialmemes for daily content! The hub for @bigmouthnetflix.


by @c10personal2

Just started watching this show. No clue what it was even about and I am in love with it! 🧡
The opening sequence of episode one reminded me of a better version of the scene in Nottingham Hill where Hugh Grant walks all sad thru the market and the seasons change. It left a impression on me and I loved seeing a version of this in Forever.
Maya Rudolph’s relationship with her bestie makes me laugh and feel like I could be the third friend sitting there talking shit about getting a baked potato At Ruth’s Chris with them. 🧡
Give this a watch. The music. The timing. The cast. You will root for everyone, be uncomfortable and laugh, all in one. It’s kind of like hanging out with me! #forevertvshow #mayarudolph #mustsee


by @animallover_rn

Love this! Almost sweater weather. Still in the 70’s but getting there!
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by @poisonkeyblade

Just finished binge-watching Big Mouth season 2 & damn was it good. Laugh-out-funny and super offensive in all the right ways, plus it introduces a character’s bisexuality in a very cool way. Can’t wait for season 3!! #johnmulaney #nickkroll #bigmouth #netflix #nycc #foxfanfront #hormonemonster #hormonemonstress #mayarudolph #jennyslate #ginarodriguez


by @laceman34

My #1 director all time - the brilliant Paul Thomas Anderson. Seeing Magnolia all the way back in 1999 was the most memorable cinematic experience of my theatre-going life. He himself said “I will never make a better film than Magnolia.” What is your favorite PTA film?

The Valley

by @amysedaris

3 reason to love LA #mayarudolph @sandyganzer and the one and only @adamselman #sunshine


by @ilook_movie_magazine

#歡樂時光謀殺案》10月19日 偶才是老大
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by @neerd.bynature

I’m going through chaaaaaangessss. #bigmouth #hormonemonstress #mayarudolph #workinprogress


by @supreme_reviews

The Happytime Murders, starring Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolph and Joel McHale, is a comedy film, and is set in a world where puppets and humans co-exist. Phil Phillips, a puppet and former cop was once a famous TV Star. When his former co-stars start being murdered one by one, he turns to his former partner (McCarthy) for help before he too gets killed.

At least that’s what the synopsis of the film said before I saw it. The truth is that ‘The Happytime Murders’ is the worst film I have ever seen. Any redeeming factors of this film are cancelled out by how awful every other moment of the movie is – and with a run-time of only 88 minutes, that leaves very little time for any good moments. Let’s just say – there were no happy times for me when I was watching this film.

Maya Rudolph, who along with McCarthy and to an extent Banks, deserves a lot better material than this, is this film’s one saving grace, starring a Phillip’s Secretary Bubbles, but her name takes away from any comic relief she provides to this disaster. There is one slightly funny visual gag involving silly string, but even that couldn’t get a laugh out of me by the time it rolled around.

I didn’t think it would be possible, but the acting was even worse than the plot. With the sole exception of Rudolph, everyone else was dreadful. Joel McHale (who was in this case, thankfully underutilized) and Elizabeth Banks may have been the worst of the bunch, but you can usually count of McCarthy to elevate terrible material. Not in this case – she just makes it worse.

Talking about the material the actors have been given, this might be one of the worst written scripts EVER. Every line of dialogue spoken is cringey or awkward or just plain wrong. There’s no other way to put it.

Basically, if you really don’t like someone, and I mean REALLY don’t like them, recommend this film to them. Even in that case I’d end up feeling bad for them.
SCORE: 0.2/10

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by @sexwithemily

If you’re not watching @bigmouthnetflix on @netflix then here’s a pro tip: start watching it now. I’ve honestly never seen a show that so perfectly and hilariously captures puberty and the issues we face as we go from kids to young adults.
👌 It’s like the sex ed that we all should have experienced. From hormone monsters to the Shame Wizard to so many brilliant depictions of growing up, dating, masturbation, and even dry humping – this show just gets it. .
👏 And don’t get me started on the immense talent from the writers to the cast – it’s mind-blowingly brilliant.
Do you agree? Would you have your kids watch this show? I’d rather they learn from this than porn anyday. How about you? If you’ve seen it, let me know what you think. #obsessed


by @adamtpeters

there’s a little chill in the air and Fall is my favourite time of the year


by @mgrmagazine

Mini Review: BIG MOUTH Season 2

When Nick Kroll’s BIG MOUTH made its premiere on Netflix, it captured a fantastical and comically surreal sense of adolescence that felt simultaneously fresh and painfully familiar — who amongst us doesn't have an awkward Middle School story about popping a boner in gym class or getting our first period in study hall. Physically manifesting the idea of puberty into horny and angsty imaginary friends known as “hormone monsters” (voiced primarily by Kroll and Maya Rudolph) captured the insane sensibilities Kroll developed on Comedy Central’s THE KROLL SHOW while also embodying the horrors of youth in a new way.

While the shows gimmick certainly seems to have an expiration date in regards to how many stories can be told and reinvented, it shows no signs of slowing; Season 2 is a vast improvement that builds its narrative much more carefully and with a keener eye towards the emotional fragility of the show and its teenage subjects. While potty humor and over-the-top sex jokes are still a fundamental backbone, topics like #MeToo and men's rights, the lasting effect of divorce, slut shaming, depression, and a season wide theme about shame (an emotion brought to real life by David Thewlis’ Shame Wizard) elevates what could be an otherwise obvious and broad adult animated show. The sketches remain laugh out loud funny and there's a connectedness to that season long shame centric arc which fleshes out the world in a satisfying way, using every bit of creativity that the animated medium allows. While BIG MOUTH initially pitched itself as more of a cumming of age story than a coming one, Season 2 makes a BOJACK HORSEMAN-esque pivot to find a sensitive humanity in our formative years. - @cjsimonson, Music Editor

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by @johnk_archive

John with Maya Rudolph and Sam Mendes at the after party of a screening of “Away We Go” back in 2009 😅❣️ #pleasewatchawaywego


by @bmb3580

Part 2 of 2. And your boss pokes his head in, to wish everyone a happy Monday... #kristenwiig #elliekemper #mayarudolph #wendimclendoncovey #rosebyrne #melissamccarthy #bridesmaids #monday


by @nazbum

Netflix’s Big Mouth 👄 is absolutely worth seeing if you’re not already watching it, do so! The show is weird, gross, hilariously outrageous and honestly depicts how many of us survived, the horrors of puberty. .
Me and @joeykickouts spent last night binge watching season 2; finished laughing so hard our stomachs hurt from laughing so hard. I woke up to darkness and pouring rain this morning (with Migraine from hell and major inflammation) at 4 AM still laughing from this show!
Yes it’s that good...sometimes laughter is the best medicine(paired with a dirty cbd honey matcha). And on that note Happy Monday Everyone!
Side note* I broke my own PDA rule for this picture which was not easy but worth the photo 😂 💫
🙌🏼💥😂😆🤣👏🏼 👹
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