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After a 4 night Bachelor Party in Caesars Palace in Vegas I have somehow managed to survive and make my way down to this little gem of a place 💃🏼🍹

South Beach, Miami

Just trying to sit down for a minute #iiipoints #miami

III Points Festival

Autor :Oswaldo Vigas
Título :
Técnica :Giccle
Medidas :plancha 22.4 x 52 cm
Soporte :34.5 x 60 cm
Año :

mayor información a través de nuestro correo electrónico impulsartemas@gmail.com

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Mindfulness Monday Tip 🔑
Many of us learn to cultivate mindfulness through a yoga or meditation regimen. Through commitment to the practice, that mindful awareness creates a ripple effect that expands to other areas of our lives. Lately, I’ve been incorporating mindfulness into areas I previously didn’t pay too much attention too and it’s a major game changer! Here are a few tips if you want to try them out:
Finances 💵: wait how much am I spending on kombucha?! And how much can I tithe to donate to a good cause? Mint is my fav app for tracking my expenditures and setting budgets so I don’t go overboard in Whole Foods 🙈
Water intake 💧: as @djkhaled would say, hydration is a major key
Steps/Movement 💃🏼: wearing my Apple Watch I see how much I’m moving or lack there of during the day due to my desk job. Move your body as much as you can as often as possible to prevent stagnancy.
Diet 🍎: MyFitnessPal is the bomb! Tracking what you put in your body on the reg is so important and eye opening. Bringing mindfulness into this area makes me think twice about reaching for sweets because I know I’ll have to log it in my food diary 😬🍭
And lastly...Periods!!!❗️I use the MyFLO app to log my periods and just be more in tune with my cycle! Since I am in sync with the rhythms of my body and use no unnatural/toxic birth control, I noticed my period always arrives with the full moon! TMI? Maybe but I think it’s cool 🌕
Anyway, hope these tools serve you loves! 🙏
On this magical Monday, where in your life would you like to incorporate more mindfulness? Feel free to share in comments 😊💭

South Beach, Miami