#MuslimBan Instagram photos and videos

Today I was joined in the studio by Mohammad al Qazi. He's run 10 marathons in just over 2 years -- each time raising the #Palestinian flag to draw attention to the plight of his people. Recently -- in the wake of the #MuslimBan -- his visa to the US was rejected, and he was unable to take part in the #ChicagoMarathon. Tune in at 1745 Paris time to watch our interview on Middle East Matters.

Paris, France

kind of #obsessed can we please forever dance #dabke and play #derbake in protest and anger in reaction to things such as the #MuslimBan ! we would be much happier and with better chances at #winning over our #oppressors

Lower East Side

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Activists doing the #dabke outside Brooklyn Borough Hall during the #StompTheBan protest

Brooklyn Borough Hall