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When you say, “I am doing whatever for mine” and mean that shit. 🤦🏾‍♀️😂🤷🏾‍♀️. This never gets old... Still in my top 10 for funniest post I have ever seen on social media! 😂😂😂


The dredge crew is finishing up the Menemsha Channel project. Today they were dewatering the pipe on Lobsterville Beach. Lucky me got to go for a boat ride to check things out! Thanks Keith, Josh, Jordy, Marty and Rocky for the beach tour. Thanks MC III (@menemshatexaco ) for holding down the fort so I could go! #mytinyatlas #mypeople #marthasvineyard #menemsha #lobsterville #october #beach #dredge #dredgelife #komatsu

Lobsterville Beach

Last day of exploring before dropping @jen.e.like.jenny off to go back home 🏡🖤

Lynn Canyon Park

Hay lugares donde sin saber exactamente porque te llaman a quedarte y en poco tiempo sientes qué haces parte de esa tierra. Me puse a prueba, en condiciones precarias , sin comunicación , electricidad ,baño , solo la vida misma y yo . Nuestros hermanos mayores cuánto respeto merecen , gracias por volver a recordarme realmente de que esta hecha la Vida ,gracias por cuidar este planeta , gracias por la sabiduría , por la paz , volveré a ustedes 🙏🏼. Gracias @ishowyoucolombia ❤️ #lilotakestheworld #trip #traveller #dream #kogui #nature #wise #beauty #backpackers #santamarta #guajira #colombia #mypeople


31 has been a year of firsts so far! Who knew that life in your thirties could be so fun 😂 Love new adventures like creating my first painting with my fam + carving my first pumpkin with my crew.

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I love these people. They’re MY people.❤️ @abiamerican #mypeople #family💙


I remember the picture on the left being a fake smile. Looking at myself in the mirror 6 weeks postpartum with twins and thinking to myself, “Will I ever feel like ME again? Will I get my body back? Will I recognize myself again?” I thought those things not because I didn’t appreciate what my body can do. I think it’s AMAZING what our bodies can do!! Thank you, Jesus for our sweet babies!!!! But I believe I thought those things because I had never carried twins before. I thought those things because I just didn’t feel like me…. and that’s devastating because I’m naturally an extremely happy go lucky person. I thought those things because I just don’t have the body that bounces back right away after babies. I have to work my booooty off.
I’m also NOT the type of person who has a goal of “looking good naked” cause I like to live a little… ya know?! I would have to be so restrictive & workout hours a day. Honestly, I just want to feel good. I just want to have energy to play with my kids. I just want to feel SEXY IN MY CLOTHES!!!! I like the feeling of muscle… it makes me have better posture and stand with more confidence!!! That’s what I strive for. So when I looked in the mirror today and seen my obliques coming thru…. my chin about hit the floor.
I share this story with you because if you’re reading this post & full of shame for not following thru with your nutrition plan, workouts, or whatever it is for you…. know that I haven’t either. I just don’t give up. I have days & weeks that don’t go as planned… when I eat out too much or consume too many glasses of wine. I have days when the I miss my alarm and don’t get in my early morning workout. It happens to me too. My hope is that you see if I CAN… YOU CAN!!! It won’t be easy… it will be quite messy! That’s why I believe it’s SO POWERFUL to surround yourself with other mom’s going thru the same thing. That’s why I believe it’s so important to have others who believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. That’s why I believe in striving for Grace, Not perfection!
I’d love for your to join OUR COMMUNITY!!!! RIGHT NOW I’m offering an “Early Bird Special” so if you’ve been WANTING t


Some faces missing but what a way to spend the long weekend with this crazy bunch.🥂🙌

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