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Whale hello there! Another sensational capture of these magnificent sea creatures by @submerged_images.  This inseparable bond between this calf and it's mother witnessed was extraordinary and is best described by Danny himself; 'The calf would come out from underneath the mother's pectoral fins and look at us right in the eye and then swim onto mum's back as it was gently lifted to the surface to take a breath. Occasionally the calf would show signs of shyness and peak out at us from the other side of it's mother, while she looked us up and down with curiosity. And then they would swim away, turn back, and do it all over again...'. After spending the winter in tropical waters, the whales have commenced their annual pilgrimage to the food-rich waters of the Antarctic. Fortunately for us, Tassie's East Coast is their main thoroughfare. Magical stuff! Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, Danny.

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