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#knowledgebomb “I don't focus on what I'm up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest." @VenusWilliams
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Mid week motivation | In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back in to safety ✌️


I used to get really up in arms when something I was trying to do got difficult. I would tell myself it's too hard, it will be impossible, I should just give up and settle for the status quo. Over the past six months, I've noticed a huge transformation in my mindset and attitude in response to life's challenges. Lately I have been desperately craving change. I tried a few things that didn't work but because my "want" has become so strong, I have become incapable of quitting. I am the most optimistic and passionate I have ever been in my entire life. I am actually expecting challenges before they even come because I know they are part of the journey, part of the growth, and part of getting me to where I ultimately need to be. I feel a sense of patience and trust that I have never felt before. It is extremely liberating to feel OK when things are not OK. I encourage everyone who is going through a difficult time to be patient and practice an attitude of expectancy and gratitude. Your breakthrough is coming!
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Detachment comes down to a willingness to trust in divine timing and in the divine order of things. You can always move from demanding attachment to peaceful expectancy. From this shift you enter into a place of allowing, where you can rest knowing with absolute certainty that all is well right in this very moment. You also open yourself up to a different and better outcome than you had previously thought you wanted, by being willing to trust in Higher Intelligence. Trusting in something bigger to guide us always leads us to the right path, because Higher Intelligence always has what we truly desire the most. - Read the full blog post “Detachment Brings You Everything You Desire” (link in bio) #detachment #manifestation #desires


I have been going through an interesting time in my life this past month and a half. There have been massive transitions which I definitely didn’t see coming while trying to navigate my way through another truly complicated and challenging situation and simultaneously celebrating and grieving my dad all over again. (That is the nature of Father’s Day I guess). And today while waiting at the airport terminal I suddenly found it all so painful that I honestly didn’t feel like I could breathe. In my effort to avoid the pain (because it is human nature do that), I tried listening to music, (turns our sad songs only make matters worse), calling friends to distract me (luckily nobody answered), and everyone’s favorite, scrolling through social media. The truth? Nothing helped.

So, I thought what the hell. Let me just go ahead and practice what I teach and lean into all this discomfort. .

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2 days without WiFi. #personalgrowth


This is my cat Ragnar. He’s not dead he’s just extraordinarily lazy. Sometimes he’s annoying as shit but other times he’s actually pretty cool. When he’s not prowling around the neighborhood hunting scores of various varmints he’s chilling back, napping, or getting his tan on. He leads quite the epic life indeed. I’m jealous 😺


Secrets that aren’t kept secret. 📚📖


Happy 27 years to me 🎉
When I reflected on it today I had a wee moment & thought to myself, my god Rachel for 27 years old you’ve experienced & achieved a lot - be proud of yourself!! From that young innocent girl in the pictures below, to the emotionally charged slightly rebellious teenager, to now the confident, strong & self assured woman you’ve become, you’ve came a long way. You’ve birthed 2 babies & my god that WAS NOT easy!! You’ve experienced serious heartache, pain & challenges over the years, but you’ve kept going & rather than be the victim you’ve used these experiences as times to grow. At 23 years old you waved goodbye to the security of a paycheque & a J.O.B to continue growing your own business - even when people close to you doubted & criticised you kept going! You followed your heart when your head told you it wasn’t the right thing to do but it’s served you well. And you’ve found your life passion in helping support & encourage others to live their best life.
There were times I didn’t think I’d get here - to the person I am now & there are still days I don’t feel like that confident, self assured person & doubt myself but on whole I feel good & I can confidently say at 27 years old I am happy at who I’ve become & who I am continuing to grow into.
Writing this was quite therapeutic for me. Don’t be scared to celebrate yourself or worried what people might think. Always remember how far you’ve came, be proud of yourself, celebrate every birthday year & be excited about how far you’ve yet to go ✨ #Reflection #HappyBirthdayToMe #LifeJourney #PersonalJourney #SelfLove #PersonalGrowth


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• When you learn about this kind of things you’re unstoppable 👆🏻


Today has been a very varied day. From a very good morning, to a little bit of anxiety in the evening.
In the morning, I have waked up early in order to go to English class, which I have enjoyed a lot cause I've been able to concentrate very much, so it has been very productive.
After the English class, I have gone to the gym. I have really liked the workout, because I've been able to focus and to give it my best. Then, I have gone home in order to have lunch.
In the afternoon, I have gone to the swimming pool with some friends, and then we have hung out for a bit too. After that, I have come back home, where I have started to overthink a lot of things and this has cause me even a bit of anxiety. Now I'm heading bed.

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🍃 Being grounded means being fully embodied, so any time we shift our awareness away from our bodies (and the physical world around us) and into the realm of ideas (and mental activity), we become less grounded. And what pulls us up into our heads more than TV, computers, and phones?⠀

Ideally these short breaks from screen time would be movement breaks, but even pausing to gaze out of the window for a minute will help return you to the present. (And this is good for your eyesight as well!)⠀

Another great thing to do for a momentary break is a simple body-focused meditation, either by focusing on your breathing or bringing your awareness to each of your physical senses.⠀

Stay tuned (by following me) for more strategies for getting your beautiful self grounded! 🍃

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Look ahead, forward, your future is in front of you not behind!

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Oh, @thefreshmarket in Miami...🤦🏻‍♀️ lol #youhadonejob


This weekend retreat with @andrearussellyoga has been the start of a transition I’ve been seeing in me for a while now. I’m excited to see what #dharma emerges from some hard emotional work. #dothework #ayurveda #healing



I've been doing a cleanse for my mind and soul. It requires me to remain positive for 7 consecutive days... And if I spend more than 60 seconds thinking negative thoughts, I have to start all over!

Not gonna lie, I thought it would be a bit easier! But I am making some interesting discoveries... For example, when I'm alone with my thoughts, self doubts creep in. And once I open the flood gates of negativity, they just keep flowing!

So, I have to restart again tomorrow (I've gotten to day 5 so far)! But, I'm pretty excited to be taking on this challenge and trying out different tools from our instructor!

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We are so pleased you decided to notice what you discovered yesterday as it will also help so many others. The thing that you found was what you could think of as your personal common denominator.

When you think of that idea, it is easy to see that some element, feeling, or characteristic would be contained within whatever you are doing. You realized at the end of your yesterday that you had done many things that required several hours to accomplish, but you felt no exhaustion, frustration, or any other uncomfortable physical, mental, or emotional symptom from your actions because they all contained your personal common denominator which was, being of service. Everyone is seeking their own personal common denominator.

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** Try It **
You might like it. And you might make someones day brighter (maybe your own).
Have a wonderful day…or night…or afternoon or whenever you see and read this. ❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼😁😁
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All about hookwriting. ✍🏼 Whether you do or don’t like your hooks, this is for you. ✊🏼 .

Part 2. 🙈


It's not important to be right, it's only important to be true #spiritualawakening #spiritualguidance #personalgrowth #infjpersonality #speakyourtruth #carelesswhatothersthink


This is an Upbeat, Creative and Dynamic
Yoga & Personal Growth
Workshop for Teens

In these times of overused of technology, excesses of external stimuli and stress, our Teens needs a space to learn how to center and connect with their own power. Certainly, this is a lifetime journey, but we are passionate and committed to plant this positive seed on them.

In this workshop, they will learn basic principles, tools and exercisesthat they can apply daily to express their full potential and have a more balanced and fulfilled life. ■
They will learn how to take the lessons from the mat to real life: ✔️ To gain more confidence in themselves
✔️ To have more resilience
✔️To have a more balanced and relaxed mind in times ofchallenges and insecurities
✔️ To connect morewith their own potentialand power
✔️ To build a healthy self-esteem
✔️ To know themselves more
✔️ To be more present and aware to themselves and their surroundings
While having a lot of fun and meeting new friends!
Taught by Gita Pimentel
Rainbow Kids, Teens and Family Yoga Instructor (Approved by Yoga Alliance)
Divine Values School Instructor
Transformation & Wellness
 Coach Specialist ■
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Ever wonder why life stinks at times?⁣⁣
Like, what’s the purpose of that?⁣⁣
Even though I don’t have a religious affiliation, I love Christian speaker, Joel Osteen.⁣⁣
In this video, I share a message inspired by @joelosteen that helps me shift my perspective when life gets tough.⁣⁣
I hope it helps you get a better understanding of why things are happening the way they are in yours too.⁣

➡️{Click the link in my bio to visit my YouTube channel and watch the video.}


Out and about at #professionalspeakers event - learning and connecting #balance #balancecentral #psa


A view like this can only be inspiring working for @goldcollagen 💗#strategy #elite #businessgrowth #personalgrowth


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Believe it or not, I also face challenges in my life & business…

I mean, who doesn’t?

Even the most successful people have faced challenges in their lives and continue too to this day. The difference however, is that they’re able to deal with them in a more effective way.

One of the challenges I face is wanting to help everyone…

You see, this is quite a big challenge especially in business because if you try to serve and help everyone, you end up helping no-one.

And, because, I want to help everyone there has been, on multiple occasions situations where I “want it more” than the other person I am talking too. There has also been situations where I have seen another person going through a tough time, offering my help but them being in denial and not accepting help.

I’m not here to judge anyone and if someone doesn’t want my help then that’s okay, I wish them all the best and they know where I am if they ever do.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this before, right? •
It might of been with a family member, friend, colleague, or just someone you know, you’ve offered your help but they have been in denial and “just don’t need anyone’s help”.

So, take this as a reminder…


End of.

You’re going to meet people who actually “like”, the self-pity, the negative outlook on life and attention seeking.

You have to judge for yourself, whether you’re going to try and help these people or if you are going to focus on the people who actually want your help.

You may think that’s harsh but you know, some people, no matter what you do for them will always look on the dark side of life.

I haven’t quite worked out why yet but I think it’s because they’re deeply unhappy within.

This doesn’t mean that they can’t change...

Of course, they can.

The challenge is however, them wanting it more than you…

They have to recognise change is needed, and actually want to be helped…

Once they do and commit to the process then be there to help them, guide them through the process to changing their lives.

In the meantime, remember you can only help those who want to be helped…

So, go and do just that!


The universe is expanding at this very moment.
You are too. ✨

Never be ashamed of growing & evolving; it was what you were put on this planet to do 🌎🙏


Change can be a double edged sword.
It can be freeing and rewarding, but it can also be scary as hell.
When you make a decision to take a new direction the unknown can become an abyss of psychological triggers creating a mountain of resistance that feels to exhausting to climb.

I know, I've been there.
And it seems I'm there again.
10 Years ago it was leaving my corporate job and today it's letting go of my home to embark upon a journey that's unknown.
It's a space that challenges even the strongest amongst us, and can keep us hostage to a static life.
But the only way to it is through it.

And so we must face the resistance of change, with courage, and the conviction required to take each trigger to self inquiry, uncover their roots, cut them from the hold they have on our truth, unveil the path to our highest good, and walk it with an open heart.
The Student,
Photo by Adrian


222 🤘222 meaning: New beginnings, Creation, goals, Miracles, manifestation, and harvesting what you have put forth. You are the creator of your own reality the driver to your experience. Yes, you could change you’re mind and work towards a new way of being. Nothing is impossible if one is willing to do the work to create it. 💕💫 #synchronicity #222 #personalgrowth #thankyouuniverse


When life hands you a big decision to make...you follow your ❤️. Nearly one year ago after Summit ended in NOLA, I immediately booked this year’s trip to Indy. No way I’d miss it, right?? .
Que the music...ah, Florida State Invitational is the same weekend!! What to do...
I forfeited my coaching trip to be #mommycaddy. I can coach for many years but my sons are only 11 and 12 right now. .
By the way...yes, I’m still a health/fitness coach and want to continue helping others. I’m hoping July will be a great month to start a new group with new energy! I need it!! .
Will miss my girls in Indy but can’t wait to see our golfing families this weekend!! #familyfirst


Get comfortable being uncomfortable! Growth requires discomfort! Leave the beautiful comfort place and BE! *
Using fashion, fitness, arts, music, mentoring, entertainment, education (FAME) to help youth to become their best selves.
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