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by @iamjoymoy

Y'all, this mothering thing is hard. It's also amazing. Some days will kick us in the behind. And other days, we feel like there should be a trophy for our ninja mom skillz. Yeah, that didn't seem to make sense in my head either but hey look at the cute kids in the pic. 😛
Keep on keepin' on, mamas! Or as M says, "Keep on truckin'." I can't believe she still remembers that from when her favorite books were truck books. And if you can't keep on, ask for help. It's okay. I promise. ❤️
As a fellow #workinprogressmom Heather @godcenteredmom says, "Don't Mom Alone." If you see a mama who is in the thick of it, lend a helpful hand or a kind word instead of passing judgment or comparing. Moms don't let other moms mom alone. This is important work. 👊🏼


by @thepeacefulpress

“Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity.”
Guy Fieri//
Our parent guides include recipes, because we recognize the powerful way that cooking together promotes connection, while developing valuable skills in science, math, motor and critical thinking skills in our children.
Download your free sample today via the link in our profile.
Thanks for tagging us @aprilharnish. This bread looks beautiful!
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by @jbdesigns_llc

Turn your favorite bible verse into your favorite shirt!
You can also have one of these super soft raglan shirts for $25
Thanks @elizabeth_hash1991 for another awesome request!! #psalms127 #raisingarrows #mommaofthree


by @mommyculture

I love how they fill up the lens. Typical morning around here. Slow starts, mellow moods. We love watching the local school bus just slide on by🚌🚌🚌.
Bye Bye Bussy. 👋 👋 •



by @ninalandis

After being up all night with a sick baby and only getting about 2 cumulative hours of sleep, I was raw with them this morning. .
“Ok, here’s the deal, mama is thin. I’m going on very little sleep and my auditory input is on max already and it’s only 8am. So I’m gonna lean on youguys a little today. I need extra grace, I need you to be extra kind, and I’m gonna need a little extra help. Do you think you can do that?” They all responded with such tenderness youguys. And I cried. A good cry. A grateful cry. .
They also heard me say, “oh Jesus please help me!” A little more frequently than they normally do, and I actually saw them get caught up in compassion. Does that mean they didn’t argue today? Nope. Does that mean everything was rainbows and sunshine all day? Definitely not. BUT! They responded with TRUE compassion, were intentional to serve more, and they resisted me less. And that my friends...that is a HUGE win for this mama heart today. .
It also means I got some delicious zucchini bread out of the deal and I didn’t have to make it! 🙌🏼 Just wanting to remember the gold we found today...in the mud. Child raising is like gold mining. Just when you think all your labor has been in vain, “Eureka!” .
#adayinthelandislife #malachaijustice


by @tmorgancooper

It’s been 9 weeks since we said goodbye to our baby boy. Goodness... we miss him more & more every, single day knowing that he is growing & learning so much. My mama heart breaks knowing how much we have missed. 45 months of paperwork & process & our hearts are SO heavy, but also full of HOPE as we continue to wait. We have learned that step 3 has the potential to take MONTHS before completed, so we are asking our village to continue to PRAY as we navigate the remainder of this process. HE hears. HE answers. HE is ABLE.
1. Visa interview at the Embassy - scheduled for Wednesday! ✔️
2. Article 5 from the Embassy ✔️
3. Authorization letter released from IBESR
4. The file is picked up from IBESR & taken to Parquet (court)
5. Adoption decree – when the adoption decree is issued, he is legally ours in Haiti, & given his Cooper name
6. The file is translated & legalized
7. MOI (ministry of interior = immigration phase of the process for the child)
8. Passport is applied for
9. Passport is issued
10. The file (along with the child’s passport) is submitted to the Embassy in Port-au-Prince for the final file review
11. Visa medical appointment is scheduled
12. Complete child’s visa medical appointment
13. Visa issued
14. FINAL TRAVEL for “Gotcha Trip” #joyinthejourney #coopercrew #babybro #bettertogether #adoption #eternallystrong #eternallysunny #ohappyday #travel #explore #adventure #ourtribetravels #ittakesavillage #chosen #boymom #raisingarrows #family #weightofthewait #exceedinglyabundantly #faithoverfear #lampandlight #letthembelittle #kidsplay #kidfun #cooperstocolombiaandhaiti2


by @quiverfullofgilmore

This shirt is my absolute favorite. Show support. Love on others. Be present. Be positive. Be kind.
Thanks @danielleburkleo 💜 I could wear it everyday!!


by @k.mcgilvray

For the first time in my life while experiencing growth and change I have yet let myself say “why me” but instead “send me”.
I’m not afraid of my future because I’ve never been more sure that I’m headed towards something amazing!💕
Can I just encourage you friend, if you’re life is not filed with fulfillment, chasing the next best thing won’t bring that for you either. Fulfillment comes from know who you are but also WHOSE you are.
You are deeply loved, cherished and wanted in this world. What you are doing matters even if it doesn’t seem like much to you!


by @colormeclarabelle

Found my #dreamhome! With a little fixing up, it will be perfect. Just add dreadlocks and a nose ring, and I’ll finally be ready to be @philiplitteral ‘s gypsy queen!! #raisingarrows #wildandfreemama #wildandfree #freespirit


by @chellabear

She is so close to a big belly laugh! #3months #babynumber3 #littlesister #raisingarrows #daddydaughter


by @raisingarrowsbysc

Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.


Strive to do good! Be the light!
#dogood #bekind #betheexample #bethelight #christlove #womenoffaith #loveandstuff #matthew5v16 #raisingarrows #raisingarrowsbysc


by @heather_mayer83

To be a mom....it might not be the most challenging thing I ever do. It might not be the most fulfilling. It might not ever look anything like I imagined. And that’s ok to admit. So often I cringe at the stock and weight I put on motherhood. So much hinges on it that, if I’m not careful, could become damaging to my sense of self. Please listen- I do NOT mean this selfishly. I am willing to give above and beyond myself and my limitations for my children. I am willing to sacrifice for them. I am happy to give my time, my heart, my words, my mental energy, and my resources so that they become the best versions of themselves. So that I courageously and honorably steward the gifts of their lives as God entrusted them to me. But throughout this journey I vow to remember that they are going to make choices that I cannot control, and that doesn’t mean I failed. They might hurt me or someone else in ways that bring me deep sadness, and still I will be a good mother. They might walk away from the God we introduce to them in Word and in deed, and decide not to love Him the way Joel and I do, and that will not mean that I didn’t do my very best to show them perfect love. Mothers and fathers, we are raising our children to release them. We do the very best with what we have, and that effort of love in and of itself is the great and beautiful work. Not the outcome. Be proud. You are absolutely, unequivocally enough.
#raisingarrows #bringingbackthevillage #honestmotherhood #iamenough #youareenough #beautifulmotherhood #pnwmom


by @pnw_wa_grl

Vance has a ah-ha moment of yes he can do it! Many attempts fallen but he gets a grip on his courage. Proud mommy moment on the bars. #raisingarrows 🏹


by @saraheleanorphillips

An afternoon at the aquarium is always a good idea. It never ceases to amaze me how animals and nature tap into the core of a child. This pokemon-video-game-loving wild child has a whole other side that awakens in the most beautiful way when in their presence. What brings out the light in your children?

The Florida Aquarium

by @savannah__nye

Through the eyes of a child, you will see the world as it should be.. ✨💙👁


by @raisingfaithfularrows

Already Wednesday, which means another story hour! Today’s group was a lot larger than we are used to but it made it more fun - and way louder 😂 I live watching Ava interact with the other kiddos. She has such a kind, considerate heart and loves the little ones. It’s also so sweet to see the pride she has for her brother!

Today’s theme was dancing - which is one of Ava’s favorite things to do! They did a lot of cute interactive songs, made their own shaky eggs, had an instrument “petting zoo” and some paint/play doh fun. We are so thankful for these weekly activities! It allows us to get out of the house and learn in other ways.

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by @tdenotter

You can tell by the bags under my eyes and the I lost count what day I am on mom hair that the battle is real. This book arrived at the perfect time. A conversation I had with my oldest daughter this morning before she left for school triggered an emotional urgency to dive deep into prayer. She is struggling with the realities of the world she witnesses at her new school. I am learning how to equip her and she is learning about how good Her God is. 😭 Pray, Obey, Equip with Truth, Aim, Release ... #prayersforthebattlefield #arrowsinthehandsofawarrior #offthebench #becomingmomstrong #raisingarrows


by @thriftyniftymommy

#TheHappyNow -- for me it's not a perfectly curated photo. It's snapping a quick shot of my older kiddos playing Peekaboo in an attempt to get a smile or giggle from baby brother. Watching the way these kids love their siblings is one of the sweetest parts of parenting a large family!

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Martinsburg, West Virginia

by @apologeticsgirl

When God gave you a calling, When God opens a door for you,
When God placed you somewhere to do His work,
When God guides you on your own path,
When He blesses your work,
When He has you doing things other people don't understand,
their opinion does not matter. Focus on God and His blessings, measure your steps by His Word, trust in Him.
Opinions are not facts. "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ." Col 3:23,24
#intheword #scriptureoftheday #inhisimage #thelordismyshepherd #thelordisgood #bravewomen #bravegirl #forsuchatimeasthis #shereadstruth #shewritestruth #proverbs31woman #homeschoolmoms #mommabear #learningathome #raisingarrows #raisinggodlychildren #faithandfamily #faithandhope #blessings😇 #homeeducate #stayathomemomlife #legacyoflove #truthmatters #thesearethedays #inmylivingroom #lifelivedbeautifully #lifeofamom #womenofgod #womenoftheword


by @leimanaf808

Feeling a little out of focus? Come get spiritually fed with us. #KeepingCentered #ILoveOurMidWeekServices

Gathering tonight at Imiola Church 7p in Waimea. We are studying the Book of Exodus.
Wednesday’s are my second favorite day🙏🏽! #ImiolaChurch #RaisingArrows #SpiritualLyFed #FaithHopeLove #MidWeekService #WorshipInHisGlory

Imiola Church

by @jordanvancamp

These moments make the messiness of motherhood totally worth it! 2 sweet babes 13 months apart - talk about chaos 😂
It definitely wasn’t MY plan to have two babies this close together but ultimately God has a plan and a purpose for our family + these sweet girls and I cannot wait to watch it unfold ❤️


by @mercifulgarden

My favorite girls. 💛💖 Miss Mia played a song for us that she learned at her piano lesson yesterday. Ella decided to join in. So cute.
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by @amyraisingarrows

I took this photo because of the teeny tiny ponytail. However, what you can’t see is that she is screaming her head off! This little one is about as stubborn as they come. I suppose when you are a #nicubaby you have to be. Her hair has always been very thin and wispy, so this ponytail was hard fought. And then there’s the whole “how do you fix their hair when they wear glasses” issue. Add that to the fact that she has a real aversion to people touching her head, and you can imagine how fun it was to put that ponytail in her hair! Oh, the things we mothers do for a little bit a cute! #toddlersofinstagram #babiesofinstagram #momofmany #raisingarrows


by @sugardumplingsapparel

“ Not today Heifer” Small- XL $20
2XL & up $24
@raising_arrows_katieb is sending more cute designs 😍 #vinyl #teeshirtdesign #raisingarrows #sugardumplingsapparel #order #weship #plussize

Sugar Dumplings

by @chellabear

My very own chubby bunny 😍 🐰 #raisingarrows #chubbybunny #littlesister #babynumber3