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We are not born into a culture which encourages emotional ‘discharge’.
When we experience stress, trauma or tension we are taught to deny, medicate or suppress our uncomfortable feelings.
To keep our emotions tidy.
To be ashamed of our anger.
To be strong in the face of sadness.
To suck it up.

Western societal conditioning and mainstream expectations prevent us from truly feeling safe to acknowledge our trauma so that we can discharge the tension which arises from our pain.

Discharge is a natural and very important stage of our healing.

WHEN and IF we feel safe enough to release our pain we experience enormous relief. We relax. When we relax, our nervous system can reset and regulate itself.

This incredible self-healing mechanism transforms how we experience our minds, bodies and lives.
It shifts how we relate to our environment.
It changes how we view our circumstances.


Grief Yoga is a practice helping to liberate the emotions and struggle trapped in the body in order to feel more empowered and joyful! #griefyoga @griefyoga #grief #releasingpain


Recently a very sweet friend gifted me the Lovely Omens tarot deck by Keely Parks for Valentine's Day! ❤

Today's message:
Six of Cups Reversed - It's time to let go of the past, releasing old burdens and moving forward with love for yourself in the present moment. Self-love in the present moment means forgiveness, gratitude, releasing pain, embracing prior lessons, and treasuring all of your current opportunities for positive change. "To live in the present moment is a miracle. The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green Earth in the present moment, to appreciate the peace and beauty that are available now." -Thich Nhat Hang

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Last night, we had an extremely special time - there was a brief moment, while all of the women were drumming, dancing, and singing- that I looked Emily in the eye as we drummed on the same drum, and I felt like a little girl playing with my big sister again 😭 I can’t explain this feeling 😭 Tears streamed down my face. It was super powerful 💥 As you can imagine, now being an adult, and taking care of my sister, it’s hard to remember that carefree joy of childhood. I choose to be her care provider - so I’m not complaining, but it is challenging at times, especially being her little sister. I didn’t know that Emily had special needs until the fourth grade, when a mean class mate was picking on her and I. Anyways - Needless to say, feeling that childhood sister bond with her again was extremely beautiful ❤️💥💕🥰


Good morning! I set the timer for one minute of#therapeuticdrumming for my #specialneeds sister 🥁 My goal, just like with meditation for myself, is to work up to more time. After the timer went off, she smiled and exhaled loudly with a smile on her face 💕🥰🙏🏼 #zen #findingourpeace #healingtrauma #childhoodtrauma #beautifuljourney #releasingpain #fetalalcoholsyndrome #caretaker #meditation #mysisterskeeper


Enter to win a free coding session. Follow me https://www.facebook.com/reikibykathy ... and tell me what you want help with. #holistichealth #emotional #releasingpain #doneremotely #migraine #anxietyrelief


Have you ever noticed how people speak?
Some people speak quiet, almost apologetically about their own existence. Some people speak extremely loud, wanting the whole world to know that they are here. Some people curse a lot, and saying how the world is unfair, and how ridiculous everyone around them. Some people complain and like to think that they are victims in life.

I knew one guy, that always was telling people: “Oh, ok, you don’t want to sit next to me, fine”, or “Oh, ok, you did not want to say hi to me today”. Turns out his mother left his dad and him, when he was a child and he was carrying this pain throughout his life, he became this pain, which was reflected in his ways to communicate with people.

I also had a coworker, that liked to walk into the room and speak at the top of her lungs, so everyone noticed her. Something inside of her, was asking for more attention, or even help.

Our voice has given to us to express our spirits and consciousness. Our voice is the energy that comes out of us to create the reality around us. It’s not just the energy that people around you can feel, it the energy people can hear and reflect on. You do become your words. Do you say bad and negative words? People will associate you with a bad and negative person, even if you speak about someone else, it’s coming from within you, it’s your energy that found a reflection on someone’s else image.

Next time, when you want to say something – remember you are your words and your words are you.
#throatchakra#Vishuddhi is responsible how we express ourselves, it holds the energy that allows you to interact and communicate.

Practice mindfulness of your speech. Take quite moments and meditate to restore the energy of self-expression and remove the pain.

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Lime Light🌛Moon Light Yoga🌠 Tonight at 7:50 pm. With JJ
Great way to relax your body before you go to bed. Also a great way to set a intention for the rest of your week?? Get in tuned with what your body needs and release pain that has stored in your body from over worked or emotions.
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“Rather than going after these walls and barriers with a sledgehammer, we pay attention to them. With gentleness and honesty, we move closer to those walls. We touch them, and smell them and get to know them well. We become familiar with the strategies and beliefs we use to build these walls: what are the stories we tell ourselves? What repels me and what attracts me? Without calling what we see right or wrong, we simply look as objectively as we can. We can observe ourselves with humor, not getting overly serious, moralistic or uptight about the investigation. Year after year, we train in remaining open and receptive to whatever arises. Slowly, very slowly, the cracks in the walls seem to widen and, as if by magic, bodhichitta is able to flow freely.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
― Pema Chödrön
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It sounds weird to think of hoarding our pain, doesn’t it? But, that’s exactly what most of us end up doing by default! We don’t even realize we have the pain much of the time. We might notice we aren’t as happy as we would like. We might notice that we are irritable. We might notice that we have the same relationship issues no matter the person we are with. We might notice that we seemed blocked from reaching our potential.
But, we often just settle for the life we have. THIS is hoarding our pain. Sometimes it is even more obvious! Sometimes we wear our reactivity like a medal, defending our right to it! Or we wear our victimhood like a badge of honor. This is also hoarding our pain! We get so familiar with our brand of pain that it feels like a real part of us, something that will be there forever. But, it’s not true!
We get to decide what parts of ourselves to energize or what parts to not energize. We are worthy of getting the support we need to determine what parts of ourselves are supporting our dreams and what parts are hindering them!
Just as with the Marie Kondo method of de-cluttering, we get to hold each part of ourselves and see whether it brings us joy. If not, we get to thank it for whatever part it has played so far in keeping us feeling safe (or whatever purpose it served) and we get to release it with appreciation. We get to strengthen ourselves and those aspects that DO bring us joy.
So, let’s stop hoarding our pain and lovingly clear it out, to make room for ways of being that truly serve us now!
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Offerets Fuldmåne oplyser de mønstre som du enten kan blive offer for - eller transformere til enorme ressourcer. .

Smerte bærer vi alle. Af forskellige årsager. I forskellige mønstre. .

Smerte indkapsler store dele af vores indre gaver, som et slags alarmsystem, vævet af dig selv som et beskyttende pigtrådshegn, der fluks får dig til at fjerne dig fra selve dine essensgaver. .

Hvorfor? Fordi de igenne tiden har været uvelkomne, for tidligt på den, for voldsomme for dig selv eller omverdenen, ufærdige, udenfor den rette timing.
Men nu hvor de kræver at blive aktiveret - så betyder, det også at alle dine forsøg på at fjerne dig fra de smertensudtryk der vogter dem, vil slå fejl.
Og derfor må smertensudtrykkene ofres i en højere sags tjeneste. Det lyder måske både rart og dejligt. Men det er her, dit lille selv virkeligt bliver udfordret.
For tro det eller ej:
De smertensudtryk fungerer som et elfenbenstårn, som det lille selv kan søge tilflugt i, når sjælen fremkalder storhed. .

Her i smerten har det lille jeg sin trygge komfortzone, som det meget nødigt forlader. Det er her, det kan tjekke helt ud, dulme og lidt håbefuldt lade som om, at smerten udenom ikke eksisterer. Hertil kan den trække sig tilbage, når den ikke tør ekspandere og udvikle sig. Og derfor er det netop her, vi kan blive ofre for vores egen energis frygt for sjælens storhed. .

Ofre fordi smerten - i stedet for at blive dealet med - bliver undertrykt indadvendt eller forsøgt givet videre udadvendt. Her hvor vi dulmer - enten ved at sende den videre gennem brok, beskyldninger og aggression mod andre - eller ved at forsøge at undertrykke den gennem overforbrug af mad, alkohol, rusmidler, arbejde etc. .

Men ingen af delene er bæredygtige løsninger. Smerten kan kun afsløre sin indre gave, hvis man tør lege med den, udforske den og give den opmærksomhed. .

Og derfor kan du ofre den, fremfor at blive offeret. Lægge den på alteret til "alteration" - ophøjelse - og forvandle den fra lille jeget offerfængsel til sjælens offergave.

Fiskenes Sol oplyser Jomfruens Måne og sender healing og oplysning netop igennem Offerets Måne.

Så tør du?
Opgive dit offerrefugium?


Day 7 of the 10 Days of Luxury Designed Soul Breakthroughs

After exploring noble, abundant, aware, source-connected, pure, free and wild elements of a luxury designed soul, today I invite you to embody HIGH ENERGY and HIGH FREQUENCY self within.

After so much talk by so many gurus, teachers, channels etc, you all probably have your own interpretation of what being high energy and high frequency means. Most of it says that you must choose to elevate yourself to another vibe then where you are at now. *** However, I want to talk about how you can embody high energy and high frequency exactly where you are: • Being open-minded is very high frequency and if you stay open-minded to all experiences that are happening and hold them with your open mind, there will be tremendous insights coming to you, ones that will naturally increase your energy and vibration; seeing things for what they are, and loving them for what they are increases your frequency • Being open-hearted is another way to embody your luxury designed soul, as your heart is the gateway for all the luxury you want to experience in the material, emotional or spiritual world; to be open-hearted you need to understand and heal your judging self – one that is hurt and poisoned with other energies that are not yours; by releasing other people’s pains, fights and frustrations, you become more yourself and you go back to your original pure high frequency form that you came into this life with *** • Exploring and discovering the universe and the world you live in is another way to remain high vibe – being curious about how and why things work the way they do, understanding how energy works, how it influences you and others, understanding relationships and how they unfold, understanding nature and the creatures that live in it, understanding the sun, the moon, the cosmos – being at home in all these places raises your energy immediately as you remember who you are – magnificent and glorious • The final way to embody high energy and frequency is to process and release your own pain, hurt, and disappointment that has piled up from the day you were born until now (and possibly from previous lives).


Check out my latest post.
Visit my personal page for the link to the blog.
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Finally finished my mini story in a new blog. #linkinbio #releasingpain #naturalurbanohio


Finally finished my mini story in a new blog. #linkinbio #releasingpain #naturalurbanohio


I've really been on this self-love kick because I'm just now learning the value of it and of myself. I've always been awesome, but I never saw it because of low self-esteem and negative self-talk. I jumped from situation to situation without healing. I wanted to be loved so much that I accepted being mistreated even though I knew I wasn't love. I didn't know how to just be okay with being single and learning to appreciate how special I am. I have someone now who is helping me to get through some of the pain I experienced and I'm making an effort to not allow my pain to be my comfort.
Now that I've shared a mini story, I guess it's time to blog. Found my next topic. Releasing the comfort of pain.
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Posterior & Lateral view of leg muscles #massage#muscle#releasingpain


Healing/teaching and coaching. I love watching people transform and heal. Learning new tools to enhance your abilities and grow is inspiring, challenging and fun. My favorite thing about helping others is watching others transition into the people they want to become. Focus on you www.robinshealing.com 50% off jewellery until Feb. 15th Maximize your experience with a combined treatment with Robin's multiple styles and techniques. To learn more visit us on Facebook. #growth #newstyle #releasingpain #reiki #stepoutside #reachforit #spiritual #worrying #crystals #ocean #peacful #selfcare #patience #alternative #calming #soundhealing #chigong #native #medicine #herbs #saging #smudge #healthy #tools #proudofmyself #learn


Tried out yoga last night and I must say it's not stretching lackadaisically as I've always thought it was... it's very intense if u do it right.... anyway here's to learning new and different things
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Morganite- great for making space within to attract a soul mate. Brings release of old pains- healing wounds easier. Phenomenal for serious inner work and emotion self-healing.

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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.


Something to uncomfortably sit with.
How much of what you carry is something you’ve taken on, consciously or unconsciously.
From your ancestors
Your culture
Loved ones

Can we differentiate these pains? Separate them and tend to them individually and respectfully, the way they deserve? We must.
You cannot carry all that weight. It doesn’t help and you won’t go very far with it.
So sit with what troubles you. Name your ills. Address them. Thank them for their lessons and carefully set them free, one by one.
Moving forward, can we be more careful with our energy?
There is much talk about opening up; in dialogue, emotionally, physically, ect. But what about the process of closing??
We need that too. We cannot always be running at maximum empathy. Protect yourself. Take rest. Eat right. Remove yourself from dead-end conversations and energy vampires. Enforce and reinforce your bubble!! I mean it. We meet and interact with so many people’s energies all day long, and its a lot.
So stay aware. Stay loving. Not just to others but also to yourself.

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This one of my favorite tools: “who does this belong to?” be curious when you ask the question and see what shows up! What if the pain vanishes, or those pesky negative judgements dissipate...what have you got to lose? Try it, and tell me in the comments if it worked for you! #lettinggo #senditback #asktheearth #askyourangels #askyourheart #heartcentered #accessconsciousness #knowyourself #healingpain #releasingpain #powerfulsessions #healingothers #healyourself #empowered #beyondthepain #chronicpainwarrior #releasestress #quantumtouch #accessbarsfacilitator #energyhealer #hypnosis #hypnotist


For when you f e e l inflammatory. 💨
Let’s talk about chronic pain for a moment.
Often we have no choice but to suck it up, no matter what kind of pain we’re in. Untangling chronic states of dis-ease is a convoluted warrior’s path often relegated (ironically, I think) to sensitive people. 💗
So we get holistic, we change our diets, we soak up encouraging quotes from social media to rally against the discouragement of waking up, another day, with pain still there or sometimes, inexplicably, worse.
Sometimes this compounded struggle just gets to be too much. We feel quiet, private, white-hot rage inside our hearts and bodies for what seems unchangeable.
I’ve been in this space recently.
And my mind kept directing me to a floral oil, a soft, gentle, nurturing kind of oil to help me not take the rage I felt toward my body out ONTO my body. (We know this happens.)
But something in me reached for Deep Blue instead, which I’ve never felt particularly drawn to. The main notes of Deep Blue are Wintergreen, Camphor and Peppermint, though it also contains Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile and Helichrysum. 💗
Oh my goodness, it was sooooo cooling. I immediately felt the heat of my anger dissipating inside my chest. (It sounds wild, but it’s so true.) ❄️
Then I read about its Emotional Healing properties: Deep Blue supports the mind in staying cool and collected, regardless of the emotional turmoil or physical pain one may be in ( . . !) It teaches individuals how to “be the observer” of their painful experiences rather than being over identified with them. 💝
That is exactly what I felt. I felt safer for the distance I experienced from my physical pain. So miraculous and amazing. ✨ I placed three drops onto my wrists and rubbed the oil beneath my nose. ✨ The cold was beautifully distracting, the fragrance so soothing.
Intuitive aromatherapy like this helps reconnect us to our own intuition and body. We are drawn to oils that we need in a magical, authentic way. Cultivating that trust cultivates it in ourselves too.
Is this resonating? Acquiring your own bottle is super easy; just follow the link in my bio. Then share your experience below. ✨