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From Don Hansen:

Rusty help! I was trying to remember the details of the trip that I sent you and Mike Doyle and Garth Murphy onto the East Coast I believe it was a promotional trip for surf research and I bought a brand new Ford Mustang for you guys to take on the trip?  As I recall somewhere on the way to the East Coast you guys had some kind of a wreck and screwed up the car up?
Garth stepped up:

So here is the real story in bullet points. I will write it out in full for a soon-coming  Netflix screenplay.. Don is correct only in that the trip took place and the Mustang was pink. Year summer of 65 I think.

Why Diamond Don bought a NEW Pink Mustang is beyond me. Not the best board carrying vehicle nor Hanson Surfboards billboard, but great for picking up girls.

The trip was a promotion for Hanson Surfboards' east coast summer season. (Surf Research was the result of that trip's hi-jinx and insights into the markets for surfing equipment.) Rusty was US Champion and Doyle Duke Champ so Don decided they should do a celebrity summer tour of all his East Coast dealerships to promote his new models. I was the shop salesman assigned to chaperone the older and more rambunctious stars.

Rusty was on the University of the Seven Seas luxury liner doing a round the world sex and social studies cruise that finished in New York. Doyle was too big a star to ask to drive the Mustang across the continent, so he flew in to meet us.

Don grudgingly provided me with a credit card that only I could sign on and entrusted me and Mike Devorak with the 4 day and night Mustang ride to the Manhattan docks. Devorak would be copilot and take the bus home once we hit NY.

The cross-country trip: I had never had a credit card or driven a new car so felt the burden of responsibility from the outset. Neither of us had ever been west of Julian.

Be sure to read the rest of this saga – completed by Rusty’s take on the trip here:


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Pay no mind to Groundhog Day, our backyard mango tree says summer is coming early. 🥭🥭🥭


Sunset Session and cruzing with the crew #diamondheadviews #surftolive #lotusleggings


1965... Last year I competed in surfing contests, as Mike was winning them All 😁

Those late 50's early 60's years, when you would be out in the Good Stuff and some So Cal spot and Mike and other Great Surfers were ripping it up...then to have so many years go by and see him Surfing on the same mountain...at the Milk!! That's so Special...Thank You Mike !! Thank You Annie !! ❤❤ Bob Limacher #doylesurfboards #carving
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Visiting Momma Doyle by Larry Castruita

One day in Cabo Mike says to me, “You should go visit my mom the next time you’re in North County”. I had never met her and thought okay feeling honored that he was asking me. "I just think you guys will really get along," he said. (I think he may have known that someday I would be writing this story). I told him the next time I’m there I’ll email you so you can let her know I’m coming over.

A few months later I emailed Mike that I was going to be in North County. He wrote back telling me, “She’s looking forward to meeting you”. Feeling a bit uncomfortable I drove to her house in Fallbrook and knocked on the door. “Oh hi Larry, Mike’s told me all about you. Come on in.” I instantly felt at home. It was a wooden home with lots of antiques, nicknacks, and artwork.  It felt warm and cozy. I was offered some tea and we sat and chatted for a while. She kept asking if I knew some of Mike’s old friends from the ’60s. Some I hadn’t met but had heard lots of stories about. She would tell me stories about dropping Mike off at Malibu on summer mornings and leaving him there for the day, later picking him up after work. She mostly talked about his contest years in the ’60s and could recall the names of all the competitors in all the heats of the day. Her mind was sharp and quick. She could tell you who Mike had beat in any given heat and how he placed in any given contest. She knew the people who ran the contests and most of the regulars who showed up to watch. Her memory for all those details and names was impressive. I wish I would have recorded her that day. She was a walking encyclopedia of ’60 surfing.

Read the rest of this story here:


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Mike is probably the most well rounded waterman, Kai Kane, I have ever known. He surfs big waves and small both with the finesse of Rudolf Nureyev, tandems, kite boards and paddle board races.  My first introduction to Mike was in surf magazines and watching him win surf contests both in Calif and Hawaii. The most memorable of them being the Duke contest at Sunset Beach in huge howling offshore waves riding a relatively small mini gun. Surfboards were just evolving and guys were riding tear drop shaped down rail surfboards. Mike ripped it to pieces doing S turns down the face and carving straight back up the face only to cut back under the lip and do it all over again. I was in awe of how he surfed that contest and still remember it like it was yesterday. To me he was a surf God and myself a mere mortal. The amazing thing is he's so approachable and unassuming. Always treating you like an equal even though he's light years above you in ability and accomplishments. Mike has that stoke that he just wants to share with others whether it's surfing, kiting, snowboarding or painting. He wants to share his knowledge to help you become better at your craft.

What can I say, Mike Doyle has always been on the forefront of innovations in the surf industry. First it was the invention of surf wax, Surf Research, with Fred Ryan and Garth Murphy. Then came the first soft surfboard the Doyle Soft. Then he and Bill Baine invented the single ski which eventually started the snowboard craze.

I first met Mike in the early seventies hippy era when he owned a home in Leucadia which had the coolest tree house in a big cyprus tree in his back yard. I was lucky enough to acquire a mid sixties Hansen Mike Doyle model in the late seventies when longboards were not in fashion and got to surf it at Cardiff and Swamis with my yellow labrador. Wish I still had that board. I posted a few shots of myself and my sweet dog Tootsie on his Doyle model below.

Read the rest of Peter’s story here:

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Valentines Day Love Moment ❤🏄‍♂️ #surftolive


On a surf trip to Baja back in 2001, I was having dinner at Hangman’s with a friend and Mike ended up joining us for dinner. After dinner, in the car ride back, my friend said, “did you know that that man you just met is a legendary surfer and the ultimate waterman?” Who knew? Apparently everybody. In the 18 years since, I am happy to say not only do I know this through story, but also from experience.

It always makes me smile when I think of an impromptu “business meeting” I had with Mike. One spring day, Mike approached me about getting his “Morning Glass” screenplay manuscript to people I knew through my work. In order to do this, I told him I would need a copy of the screenplay and that we had to discuss a few additional details. So, a few weeks after this conversation, I am sitting on a beautiful Baja beach watching the waves and waiting for the tide to recede a bit before I paddled out, when all of a sudden this truck pulls up right next to me. The door swings open and Mike hops out in board shorts with the manuscript under his arm. And there we sat under my umbrella, “doing business” on the beach. I just enjoy his style.

Over the years, I have witnessed Mike’s incredible knowledge of surfing and his generosity in sharing it. It always amazes me how he can watch me surf a wave, and give me advice on how to tweak something. Whenever I follow his tips, I invariably surf better. It’s not just his surf knowledge, but also the kind way that he imparts the information. As I have said before, thank you Mike.

Then there is the outrigger paddling club Mike and Annie got going with Tio. I liked to sit in the 5th seat because Mike was in the 6th.  Not only was he the best steersman,  but what I loved about sitting in front of him, is the amazing things that would come out of his mouth during the paddle. He would comment on proper paddling technique,  the tides, the contour of the bottom of the ocean, the currents, the sand, the fish, the waves, he has immense knowledge about it all.  How grateful and lucky am I to have sat in front of and learn from the ultimate waterman.

Leslie Schaenman

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Jane's Mike story... I think I first met Mike in the mid-1980s when he came in to eat at George’s Restaurant in Encinitas. Sometimes he was with Rusty Miller, or Don Hansen, or another character from San Dieguito’s rich surf community. It was a treat to listen to their stories…

Fast forward: A few years back a lovely woman stopped by the California Surf Museum and introduced herself as Patti Young. I said – “Patti Young, the tandem surfer?” – and she laughed. “Well – that was a while ago.” She had driven down from her home in Signal Hill because she had heard of CSM and wanted to see what we had on display at the time. I knew about her because we had mounted a tandem show when we were at our Coast Highway digs, and she appeared in a few of the photos that we had on display.

On this day Patti brought us a terrific tandem photo of herself and Mike Doyle to add to our collection, then she asked – “say, do you ever see Mike? I haven’t had contact with him in years.” I told her that Mike was a big fan of CSM and that he sometimes stopped by when he was in town, but that wasn’t often, as he was usually at his home in Cabo, or hanging out in Pacific Beach when he was north of the border. At that moment I looked over Patty’s shoulder at a couple who were entering the museum – it was Mike and Annie! I mean – what were the odds?

Mike and Patti reminisced about old contest adventures and mutual friends. Their chance meeting was one of many heartwarming coincidences that have happened here at the surf museum over the years.

Mike - I just finished Morning Glass and truly enjoyed it all over again! You were right there at the cutting edge of so many important surf-related innovations...what fun you had!

And that's what it should be about - right?

Love and hugs,
Jane Schmauss
California Surf Museum Historian

Morning Glass is in it's 4th printing and will be available soon at doylesurfboards.com
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A few pictures from Randy Rarick.

Mike, signing a Hansen “Mike Doyle Model”, that someone had in Japan.  Randy standing by, along with Tak Kawahara.

Weren’t we just the Cat’s Meow!

What the heck were we eating in Japan?

At the 40th World Title Reunion Australia.  L.J., Mike and Mick Dooley.

With Nat and some of Mike’s art work.

Randy Rarick
Hawaii Surfing Promotions
Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712

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Dearest Mike!! I think of you often, and ride waves for you when I’m near the sea.
Becoming friends with you last summer further cemented my belief that a life is best lived in a state of appreciation. Your simple appreciation of the ocean, and lifelong amazement of it led you on a wondrous path,
Influencing many to become
Ocean lovers themselves, and inspiring me to continue exploring the powers of the ocean and of storytelling.
Living a life tuned to the tides and the invisible wind, we’ve become extensions of our great nature, cycling and evolving as it does.
As our souls always prevail, our lessons and stories become plentiful as we move through space.
Your stories are something else. Sitting on the beach under the palapa, you told stories to me so vividly I thought I was there.
As I move through my daily life, now in Hawaii for the season, I am pushing myself a bit more while remaining calculated. In Hawai’i , it’s easy to meet your limitations! I am thrilled to continue exploring the powerful waves out here.
Alex shaped me a 6’8 that has been going great! I’ll attach a photo below of Haleiwa a couple days ago on the board!

Know that I’m thinking of you Mikey. I’m so grateful for our friendship.
Big hugs from the North Shore,
Leah Dawson

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The surf trip.
CANARIAS 7-14 8-15 Marzo
Sei dei nostri? Info@surftolive.com
Con la partecipazione straordinaria di @gianmarcopollacchi, del fotografo @thomson_photo e dello skater Glauco Nuti
Photo @palmerini sorry if photoshoped with other of @alex_theofficer
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I cannot help but share this #Art at #nonisalon this resin pour absolutely changes the room!!! It makes me feel like I'm underwater! It's next to impossible to photograph this because it's kind of alive! Somebody should go offer her like 30 grand. #fineart #art
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Wingnut's Mike Story

So….First…. I am a fan of Mike Doyle,  Fan first because I didn't start surfing until 1982.  Born in 1965…it wasn't until my neighbor took me down to Blackies for my first surf then started lending me his collection of Surfer Mag that started at the beginning, that I began to understand the history of the sport I was flailing into.

So…Doyle.  Meeting him, I believe for the first time was at one of the surf industry trade shows….where I saw him…strolling the aisles.  Being the fan I was I just tapped him on the shoulder and introduced myself.  I was expecting this giant athletic, historic figure to be a bit gruff or standoffish but wow….the smile, the laugh….he was just so shockingly nice…

I know now that that is Mike…..quick to smile and laugh and make you glad you are in the room or on the sand with him. We ended up being on the Robert August surf team together, doing decades of the UCSD Cancer Luau together…and when really lucky…I got to surf with him and Annie near their home in Cabo.

The man never stops….from creating his own custom trolling/paddle set up to sup fish, to kiting, paddling, surfing…he just never stops…

I never realized,  when I started surfing that I would get to meet all of the fantastic surfers that I read about, whose photos and style I studied.  A few were a bit caught up in their own glory….but Mike Doyle reminded me what I love best about surfing and great surfers….the SMILE.


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Bill Hamilton
Long, long before Laird Zerfas Hamilton was born, there was a hero of a man doing exceptional things with surfing and skiing. His name is Mike Doyle.

I first heard about Mike in 1958 when some of my older beach friends were talking about surfing and his name came up with a kind of reverence that is associated with Tarzan or Hercules. I was 10 years old and I would become a surfer the following year. Surfing movies were still in their infant stages and Bud Browne was the man doing the lead work of capturing those early moments. That is when I got to see Mike Doyle in action. He was a handsome figure resembling Rodin's early Roman statues - tall and muscular with a head of curls and a strong roman nose. This man could do everything well. He pioneered small-wave hotdogging and ruled the massive steep faces of Waimea. He was a Tandem surfer without peer and a champion long-distance paddler and fantastic body surfer. Not only a waterman of the highest caliber, but a champion skier who was the man who invented the single ski and influenced the very first snow board designs. As I rose through the ranks of the surfing elite, I became friends with Mike and many of his friends, like Joey Cabell and Rusty Miller who, like Doyle, reserved that sacred hero space. I worked with Mike at Hansen surfboards in Cardiff in 1967 making resin fins from silicone rubber molds and getting to know this vibrant life-loving man whose attitude was always reflected by a positive smile and a friendly laugh, not to mention a human being in perpetual motion.  Around this period of time, Garth Murphy and Mike opened up a little shop in Encinitas and started producing a new form of surfboard wax that would be the first of its kind called Wax Research. It would make the old paraffin wax bars obsolete and create a revolution that spawned a cottage industry.
Read the rest of this story here:

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Create your own luck, luck is preparation meeting opportunity 💪🏼 🌊 @alex_theofficer
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