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ladies & gentlemen i’m stoked to announce The Go-Getter Backpack is now available!! this is for those who’re out there hustling & chasing after their dreams/passions relentlessly. whether you’re hoping on a train, walking to your next meeting or catching a flight - i hope this backpack not only helps you get your gear from point A to point B but is also a reminder to keep going ✊🏻
head over to @purposeintheyouth to get an inside look of the bag / more details.
click daaat link in my bio to purchase one ⤴️
what’re thoughts on the bag? can i get 50 🎒comments below?

Santa Monica, California

We’re excited to introduce “The Go-Getter” Backpack! Whether you’re an entrepreneur running to a business meeting, an artist catching a flight to your next show, a photographer heading out for the day or a dancer on the way to a rehearsal - this bag is made for you.
- Web top handle to grab & go
- Ergonomic padded shoulder straps for comfort
- Laptop sleeve
- Front zippered pocket for keys, wallet, chargers etc
- Approx 990 cubic inches to fit all of your gear
Retail price: $35
Swipe ➡️ to see inside / back
Drop a 🎒 below if you’re pumped!
Link in bio to purchase ⤴️

Los Angeles, California

@lewishowes You are the best!!! Loved your interviews with @the100mileman @sarablakely @garyvee #lesbrown . #schoolofgreatness is the best place to graduate with #EQdegree. Really admire the way you ask questions and let every bit of wisdom flow out from #thebestofthebest!! #greatness #bylr

Columbus, Ohio

Without you realizing it, you could be right around the corner from the biggest opportunity - keep going!
Episode: 078 // @ReefBoii 🎸
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Los Angeles, California

If you have goals and dreams, which I know you do, the only way you’ll get them achieved is by laying out the habits to make it happen. Want to save more money? Get in the habit of putting aside an amount each week. Looking to lose weight or tone up? Get in the habit of working out 3-5x per week. Want clearer skin? Get in the habit of drinking 3L of water a day and cutting sugar. There are solutions to everything, but you must implement habits to see results. •
Currently I’m in the habit of working out every morning with podcasts, especially @lewishowes #schoolofgreatness and @almost30podcast for constant inspiration! It starts my day better than anything ever has. What are your current goals or habits you’re implementing? 💋👯‍♀️✨

Los Angeles, California

Find something that makes you want to be a better person everyday. Whether that be with fitness goals or riding goals, find something that makes you sparkle and shine on the inside and chase that feeling relentlessly. Not in a gooey, butterflies and rainbows kinda way. But I’m a way that gives your life some purpose.
I see too many people angry at the world and bitter and filled with so much resentment. Why? Why let all of these unimportant things ruin your life.
I say find yourselves some spotted ponies, or you know a sorrel I guess, and run towards your dreams with abandon.


Riding Strong “Are You Ready to Ride?” Summer Challenge.
Coming Soon!! Message me if interested!


Probably one of the most powerful podcasts I’ve listened to. Simply amazing and powerful. #schoolofgreatness #overcomeallobstacles #findyourwhy #nevergiveup #fitspo


Guess what folks, some days it’s really hard to be a business owner. Some days there is fear, doubt, frustration, tears, and failure. But on the other side of those days are lessons learned and strengths built- emotionally and mentally.
Recognize, take a breath, and continue to take action to create the ultimate happiness you want.


Loneliness doesn't mean the absence of people...it is more about the absence of oneself. It's clear to me that if one is not content with the company one keeps@in loneliness, one will never truly be able to appreciate the presence of others.


Inspired by @aubreymarcus
Universe is screaming at me to keep stepping up my game- Show up fully. Own up. Clean up. Move forward! So much is waiting for us:) #strongertogether #onnit #aubreymarcus #schoolofgreatness @lewishowes #evolve #totalhumanoptimization #humbleandhungry


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