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Just watched @ddlovato 's new documentary 'Simply Complicated' and words can't even describe how proud I am of her. She is so brave to talk about these things, about her demons. It really takes courage to open about what you are constantly dealing with and she could do it! I am so proud of that I can call her my heroe & icon & inspiration. Like literally it makes me cry if I think about her documentary... but not in a wrong way. It really cleans my soul, just like she does everytime to me with her music. She means so much to me, her songs saved my life so many times and I'm so happy that everytime if I am down (or happy it doesn't really matter because then she puts me in even a better mood) she helps me with her music because her strenght, her voice, her lyricses are my life. She motivates me everyday and thanks to her I decided I will go back to the gym because deep down I know I really need that place to put my soul in it's right place! Like watching her being so happy makes me happy and makes me want to do things that I haven't done lately! The fact that in the past 10 years she was with me, got me through my lowest days it really says something. what? that she is my lifesaver, my QUEEN, my soul, my life. Thanks for being so honest and just being here for us Demi! You can't even imagine how important you are to me! Thanks! Gracias! Köszönöm! #ddlovato #simplycomplicated #tellmeyouloveme #lovatic #mylife #myqueen #myhero #myinspiration #myicon #love #life #help #life #honest #brave


Her documentary and album are both 👌🏾 #tellmeyouloveme #demilovato #simplycomplicated #2017 #newmusic


"Only forever" by @ddlovato LEEEET MEE TELL YOUUU! ❤❤❤❤ I watched Demi's Doc #simplycomplicated and omg it completely inspired me to work on changing my life! Demi Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! This means so much to all of us Lovatics that you opened up like you have! ❤❤❤ #demilovato #tellmeyouloveme #onlyforever #fabletics #herewegoagain #demi #confident #dontforget #simplycomplicated #inpspiration #followforfollow #follow4follow #ialwaysfollowback


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As if I didn’t love @ddlovato already, this documentary confirmed she’s my soulmate. Now how can I tell her that in person 🤔 #demilovato #simplycomplicated #lovatic