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by @jess.i.do.yoga

I get asked quite often how I became flexible or how to start yoga and the best answer I can give is to become aware of your body.
The way you sit, stand, walk..
Alot of people say they don't have the time to do it or they aren't made to do it or they aren't flexible enough or how will yoga alone shape me or will it really help me lose weight?
I was one of these people.
I get it.
But once you are aware of the way you are sitting and how it affects so much of your body and realize you have the time to sit differently and stretch it out, you need to act on it.
So do it because I'm telling you so now you know. 😉
I truly stretch everywhere and anywhere almost all of the time. I'm not perfect by any means but I try my best to just be aware.
And you can make almost anything a stretch.
You can activate your muscles with every movement and act as if you are meant to be where you are. .
Activate your abs when turning, squat or tighten your glutes when you bend over,
lift your kid 10 times, (make them count to practice)
do a light back bend with that early morning yawn,
and for heavens sake touch, your toes people.
Touch them. Do this often.
Love your body.
It's beautiful.
It's a temple. It's important.
It effects everything.
Your mood, posture, sleep habits, health..
You are blessed beyond measure to be able to use it and live this life. Act like it. Treasure every moment you get to stand and every step you take.
And not just your kids are watching but other kids who aren't yours are watching you.
I know I was watching other adults other than my parents and alot of them inspired me.
I knew nothing about yoga, had no gym, no sitter, no equipment, no guide.
I just started stretching and to the point of small discomfort.
Leaving me sore the next day and needing to stretch again.
You can do this too and your body will thank you.
I thank you.
You look great when you love yourself. 😘
oh and the, 'if this is you, try this' was inspired by @janiceliou 😍😍


by @onereadingnurse

Struggle bus-ing my way through Pygmy while enjoying the weather. .

@theprairiebookworm tagged me to share some #funfacts about myself? I am not a fun person but I'll try:

1. I am finding that I would rather read reviews and see photos of specific books than just random stacks or the same series over and over.

2. By profession I am a nurse, travelling/critical care, but I miss my first career where I was riding profesionally. Animals are my life.

3. After 30 I don't care too much for making new friends, so books are a natural past time!

4. Both of my parents were English professors, and books with terrible proofreading/editing drive me NUTS! Can I volunteer to proofread someone's book for a copy? There is a market for it, clearly. SERIOUSLY we need to stop buying this sh!t and hold authors accountable for what they are releasing. I will proof read anything for anybody and catch those last 10 typos and grammar no-nos.

5. Istill love some YA, but only if it is good, solid writing like Garth Nix or RA Salvatore, some of these new authors aren't doing it so much for me. I only work 3-4 days a week and would love to edit/proofread or review as a part time gig😁

#sorryfortherant #book #books #booklover #read #reading #readmore #bookstagram

@the_gingerbook_worm i am supposed to tag someone else for fun facts😭


by @our_bellway_larch

Really annoyed with our solicitor!! We are due to complete Friday bearing in mind we still haven’t exchanged. Today our solicitor decided to email after 4pm with further forms to be signed and returned ASAP as can’t complete with out!! Would it really of hurt to just call me and ask? I didn’t see the email till after 5!!! So now I am going to have to deliver it myself tomorrow to ensure it’s done!! #awful #sorryfortherant #rant #stress #neveragain #nothappy #complaining


by @x_12emily12_x

🙄 let’s just say I can dress however I like and look however I like 🤯I don’t need people to tell me what I wear is right or wrong and I get it I wear make up and I like wearing it and if you don’t like me don’t talk to me it’s that simple 🙄I don’t need you to spread shit just for the sake of it because that’s just stupid 😴 I’m happy with me I don’t need to change so your happy with me 👿😡😢 #sorryfortherant


by @laura_jonespt

🙄🙄🙄 Still amazes me in this day and age this is the response from some people about exercising after a baby! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ I know she’s a celeb so people will judge whatever she does- but this happens to so many new mums.
Want to exercise and safe to do so- great!! Don’t want to- also great!
I personally started properly exercising 5 weeks pp (Trans abs and pelvic floor from day 2) in my garage while my hubby watched bubs (that’s right guys they are capable)
Is it wrong to want an hour to yourself? Better yet is it wrong to want to be healthy, feel good and have energy to look after your baby! If exercise makes you feel that way then go for it! And there are so many workouts that can be done from home!
I’m pretty sure @khloekardashian wasn’t far away from her little one during her workout!
It’s not being selfish it’s about wanting to be the best you so you can be the best mum! Exercise does that for some people!
Exercise during and after pregnancy has been proven to reduce the risk factor of #postnataldepression
#hatersgonnahate #postpartumbody #fitmum #fitmom #personaltrainer #pt #postpartumfitness #postnatalexercise #breastfeedingmom #sorryfortherant


by @karina.veraa

Just taking a break & waiting for the wind like.....🌬💦🌊🏄🏻‍♀️
. ✨Although Fiji has been an incredible country to travel, I have had my patience put to the test waiting for the sea breezes to blow more regularly. Two kite sessions in the last few weeks which is a lot less than I expected, but I’m still blessed that I have kited on the Mamanuca islands! I guess the universe wants me to take a rest & appreciate all the other beautiful things the islands of Fiji have to offer - like chilling out on the stunning white sand beaches, hiking some peaks & lush forests, spending time with the locals - drinking kava, eating local food & even sleeping on the floor with the locals to get to Taveuni by ferry. In the last three weeks I have definitely practiced being mindful and appreciating the present moment. Maybe if I’m patient & really embrace ‘Fiji time’ the wind gods will send some more wind my way 🤞🏼.
#kiteboarding #kitesurfing #kitegirls #girlswhokite #kitesurfingworld #cabrinha #cabrinhakites #cabrinhaswitchblade #fiji #themamanucas #mamanucaislands #beachcomberisland #kitefiji #fijitime #whereisthewind #takingabreak #gopro #watersports #inmyelement #kitingislife #livingmybestlife #beachbum #waterbaby #sorryfortherant

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

by @tentaclejess

For thoes of you that are just here for the cute stuff and my cleavage you can stop reading now and just enjoy the picture above.....
#cleavagefordays #curlsonpoint #piercedgirls ...I feel like shit.....like a burden....like you dont actually care but instead are just afraid of what I might do if you tell me the truth and tell me you've been faking it this whole time. For a while there I was useful, I was needed, but you've moved on and grown up and don't need me anymore....vague I know....not like "you" actually read these or pay attention or give a shit...but I guess on the strange chance "you" do care and do read this I'll keep you nameless. Seems like all my friends are feeling just as fucked as I am....I've read at least 4 posts long as this one with how crappy they feel, usually I feel like I can make it better....give a giggle....spread my bubbly and pick up their spirits....but seems like I'm failing them....I don't know what to say to make it better....I guess this is why I fail at friends....I get to the point where I feel like they don't need or want me anymore so I slowly disappear....see if they fight to keep me....but usually they dont....not sure if they even notice I leave....if they do they dont say anything or seem to care. Ugh I just don't want to feel like a burden anymore.....I wanna feel like you fucking care and aren't just hanging around for the perks....is that so much to ask for.....okay I'll stop ranting now so that the few of you that are still reading can go back to your regularly scheduled lives! #feelinglikeaburden #sorryfortherant #congratsifyoukeptreading
P.s. Babe, no this isn't about you, I love you!


by @thecreativeadvocate

I saw some very sad news footage last night of tonnes of strawberries being binned due to the miniscule risk that someone might find another needle in one. I am determined to buy as many punnets as I can this week (when I can find them, as they've disappeared from a lot of shop shelves 😢) and support our farmers. I don't want to be eating imported berries next year. Ok, rant over. Just cut them up dammit! 🍓 (Pic from AbcMelbourne)


by @dennisphypers

After 2 1/2 years of being involved in this wonderful knife community on IG, I had an experience yesterday that was absolutely unacceptable.
Soon after I had made the usual daily post of my edc gear that I was carrying for the day, which happened to be my Benchmade Mini Barrage, I received a very angry comment on my feed from a person within the community about how anyone who carries an assisted opening knife is "wimpy" and then mixed in some very derogatory anti-gay slurs, ending his rant with one word, " F☆gs!!! "
I couldn't believe that someone could be so angry over someone's knife preference!
I instantly deleted the comment and blocked this person, but it just amazes me on how someone with a YouTube Cooking channel that has 30,000+ followers thinks those comments are in any way acceptable, especially on someone else's feed.
I also find it funny how these morons get EXTRA quiet when they don't have a keyboard to hide behind!
So, in response, it was a no-brainer on what I was going to carry;
My biggest, most obnoxious, custom tiger-striped, ASSISTED OPENING ZT 0301!
Thank you to everyone that continues to make the knife community awesome!

Calgary, Alberta

by @chickencalifornia

wow like i’m actually the ugliest person ive ever met like i’ll never be pretty i look horrible and like a potato 24/7 and all my friends and the girls at my school are flipping gorgeous and my self esteem just like drops 3 notches like wow #theuglylife #finenotfine #2outof10 #soupset #sorryfortherant #stillsad


by @ceciliayvonne

[LONG POST, SORRY] After 6+ years of being a lash artist, I fall more and more in love with my craft and this industry. I’m multi-certified and a licensed esthetician. I’ve always valued QUALITY over QUANTITY and I keep that #1 when it comes to my work and my clients. That is one of the main reasons I haven’t really taken new clients in the past couple years. I’ve been blessed with the most loyal clients who have stuck with me and keep me busy. I stopped taking clients because it got to the point where my loyal clients were having a hard time booking their fills and I didn’t like that. I’m only one person and lashing is only one part of my life. In order for me to book someone new, I have to lose an old client. That doesn’t happen very often and I do restrict myself to a certain number of appointments a day/week (I have a family). I used to work every single day all day and that really started to affect me personally so it was necessary for me to cut back and I’m glad I did. I’m not in this for the money. But anyways, I just thought a post like this was necessary because I get new client requests daily. I know this won’t stop that but hopefully this will help some of you understand where I’m coming from. And hopefully in the near future I can add a few new ladies to my client list 💕 #sorryfortherant #lashesbyceciliayvonne


by @kaizenpt

Remember folks, it’s not always wise to believe everything you read on the internet. The beauty of the web is that you have instant access to every single piece of health and fitness advice that you will likely ever need, this unfortunately opens the flood gates to thousands of moronic, unscientific bullshit statements with a lovely smile. Do yourselves a favour, don’t listen to celebrities or Insta trainers for for diet and training tips. #sorryfortherant #drmike #RIPkrebscycle


by @biebercolson

I have to rant real quick. No It's not about Justin or Kells. When i say I need to be social. I really mean it. I don't ever go anywhere and socialize with anyone unless It's with my BF. I either stay home or work. It's harder for me to hang out with friends when i have no car and my BF doesn't wanna take me to see my friends. I'm a very shy person and it's every hard for me to make friends but being cooped up in house and just work isn't good for me or my health. I'm in mid saving for a car. I just can't find the strength to take my road drivers test with a stranger. Fml rn 😒😞 @justinbieber #justinbieber #justindrewbieber #sorryfortherant #sorrynotsorry #jb #fan #belieber #biebs #biebo #blackandwhite #instalike #like #follow #follow4follow #comment #purpose #believe


by @ourforeverhome36

Back from a beautiful holiday in Majorca and feeling disappointed. No updates on the house front, well not accurate ones anyway. In fact we seem to have gone backwards 😠 our roof was done but when going for a house stalk yesterday we noticed that the tiles had been taken back off, emailed the sales advisor and she has informed us our roof wasn’t correct and the site manager is unable to give us any indication on dates after originally being told we were aiming for end of October for completion 😩 I know nothing is ever definite but being back with parents in one room with a 2 year old 2 months already we were hoping that there wouldn’t be any delays 🤞🏼 hoping things pick up quickly from now.. 💭🏠 #sorryfortherant #newhomeproblems #persimmonhomes #persimmonbristol #hatfieldpersimmon


by @feminism.pow.er

I have mixed feelings as I have found a lot of support and caring from the body positive and feminist communities through social media. I enjoy connecting with women who support and love each other.
On the other hand, I have my personal account with friends, family, and everything I have followed since I was in school. I am now almost never on that account as I have realized the anxiety I get when scrolling through my personal accounts. Weight loss adds, waist trainers, racist family members, family and friends trying to sell me beauty and weight loss products. These are things I do not need in my life.
I have found both positive and negative effects from social media, but I am working hard to clean up the negativity from my life 💕
#sorryfortherant #socialmedia #removethenegative #embracethepositive #feminism #feminist #women #womenempoweringwomen #intersectionalfeminist #equality #genderequality #womenempowerment #equalrights #womenempoweringwomen #bodypositivity #bopo #bodyposi #love #loveislove #loveyourself


by @missjennay

It feels good to see results of your hard work. I was never really big but according to my doctors, 187 was obese for my height...😳🙄😩 My weight is always fluctuating due to the steroids in my medication. And with my extreme fatigue and joint pain, working out regularly is difficult. But I promised myself that this year would be different. I started eating better and pushing myself to work-out more often. I was really hard on myself this week because I wasn’t as “toned” as I thought I should be. But comparing my photos this morning, I’m just happy to see progress.
Now I just need to come with this same discipline for the holidays... 😓😂 #lupusfit #27lbsdown #happinessisastateofmind
Btw I’m technically overweight at 160 but f*ck that chart 😆
#10lbstogo #sorryfortherant


by @arlene_33

I always revert back to this message because it reminds me where your mind was. You were truly at your best and trying all you could to be in line with Gods word. When you said, you were on a spiritual trip, I didn’t fully understand at the moment but now I do. I know it might sound weird but I feel subconsciously you knew, the things you said and how you kept talking about God all night, then to wake up and lose you. It was a shock but I know with ALL of my heart that you went with God and that alone comforts my heart. This world is ugly and you were just too beautiful for it. Rest easy, I know you can see us and I’m gonna be the best version of me, your death will never be in vain. #sorryfortherant #sharingmyfeels #sep152013


by @lmosher190

I've always struggled with loving life and loving myself for that matter. Growing up in a house without my dad, so mom had to do every thing to keep 4 kids fed and keep her sanity.. When you're a child you don't realize how much sacrifice there is on her part. How much she struggled just to put a smile on her face for her kids to make sure they didn't know how stressed mom was.. I've learned from this and apply it to my daily life. I see that the struggles you go through right now aren't going to define how your future turns out. You have to create your own path and stick to it. Yes things may get stressful on the way, but please don't give up. Every thing you go through will get better whether it's mentally, physically or emotionally. I promise no matter how horrible things feel, it always gets better. I never thought I'd be at a point in my life with a job I absolutely love and the support of my family. I always thought I would've moved away by now, but that was just me trying to run away from my past. I embraced it and allowed what I went through to shape me. I never thought I would be someone to love as hard as I do but when you don't allow your circumstances to harden you, you become someone you never thought was possible. All you've got to do is love your life and live it the best you possibly can, you only get one shot at this. Enjoy it. #saturdaythoughts #lovelife #sorryfortherant #loveasmuchaspossible


by @drano_hotshot

Over the last year I have been pushing myself daily to pursue my own art. in all mediums it has given me so much fulfillment. Along with that personal enjoyment, it brings an opportunity for a lot of courage. Posting your work out there for the world to see in any format can be scary. I’ve been taking my time with what I put out there because I put quite a bit of myself into my work (like most artists): naturally I’ve been shy about it until recently. Most of what I do is of the painting/drawing type, but I’ve been dipping my toes into photography and I’m excited to continue this once I get my nice camera :) These are a few pieces of my first set called “3 of 3”. There are 9 in total, but these are the few I deemed social media appropriate for now🙃 And please follow my art page @art_bydrano which is where I throw most of my junk💝
#sorryfortherant #art #artist #artpage #supportlocalart #selflove #self #photography #photo #set #photoshoot #portrait #tattooed #tattoos #piercings #tattoo #coloredhair #blackandwhite #horrorart #sadart


by @kitty_white76

I mean, there are so many people in this world who can’t have kids and would do anything to have them and then you have the ones who continue to have them, but don’t take care of them?! Wtf is wrong with people?


by @thatboom93

Not me in the picture. I don’t know how many times I see people at the gym trying to load up and squat heavy when you don’t hit depth... I don’t usually voice my opinion on people, only to a couple close buddies but I can attest to how hard it is to ego check, when I was #fatstrong I could squat 445 easy, lost 70lbs and a lot of strength and had to rebuild from the basics #lightweight and now I am back up to 365 X 2. I do love when I get the looks in the mirror of people being jealous, yes I know 365 is not a lot of weight but I hit below depth, have a smooth controlled up and down and always pause at the bottom and I am beyond happy for that. #sorryfortherant squat to depth please for the love of all that’s holy #squatdeep #checkyouregoatthedoor #getafterit #allkindsofgains #legday #carnivore


by @oniichan.pleaser

I have a confession: I’m not skinny. I’m actually really feel self conscious about my body. Especially my stomach. I have memories of my sister telling me I’m sticking it out and of getting asked the question “oh my god are you pregnant??”. It really makes me feel bad about my body. So I decided to make this account. Because when I post pictures like this it makes me feel a little better for some reason. The thing is I have a bad relationship with food. I’ve struggled with my weight for my entire life. I gain weight really easily and my pills make me hungry. I’ve gone through periods in my life where I’m skinny and then periods where all that happens is weight gain even if I’m trying super hard to try to lose it... I have orthorexia. Though it’s self diagnosed... it means I categorize certain foods as “good” and “bad” even if it isn’t actually bad for you. I’ve gone vegan multiple times in my life cuz I feel better about eating vegan food cuz in my book it’s “good” food. I have so much anxiety about everything. I’m scared of a lot of things that aren’t even scary. I have a lot of problems... but I hope that you’ll accept me. As I am. Imperfect.
#realtalk #kinky #thighbrow #hot #sexy #orthorexia #thicc #thiccthighs #sorryfortherant #chubby #chubbygirl #boobs


by @rachelmemerson

It’s National Suicide Prevent week and a topic that hits too close to home for my liking. I don’t have any beautiful words to make up some poetic post. Just my real life experience. Most people who know me, know of my struggle with depression and anxiety, but a lot do not. I have taken antidepressants since I was 15 years old. I’ve had a lot of up times and a lot of down times. I see a psychiatrist every few months and go to therapy 1-2 times a month. It’s still a daily struggle for me inside my head. Social media doesn’t always depict a realistic picture of people’s lives. Mental illness doesn’t care about your age, your race, your location, or your financial status. It can affect anyone. Please check on your friends, even the ones who seem happy and strong. Try to be kind and forgiving to others. You never know what someone might be going through. #nationalsuicideprevention #suicideawareness #suicideawarenessmonth #suicidepreventionweek #checkonyourfriends #projectsemicolon #sorryfortherant


by @gluten_freemary

Things like this really annoy me 😡 so many medical advances have happened in the last 500 years; people had no idea what many other illnesses and diseases were - yet people don’t question their existence today. Coeliac is not something that any of us would readily choose and memes like this are plainly ignorant and insensitive, I didn’t choose the coeliacs life - the coeliac life chose me #sorryfortherant #coeliac #awareness #glutenfree #coeliacawareness #coeliacsunite


by @lauracjackel

Well this just makes me feel sad... one of New Lambton’s loveliest heritage homes is being bulldozed to make way for five generic townhouses 😢 Eroding the character of what makes our suburb so desirable in the first place!! Arghh. I know you can’t stop progress and all that, but another lady and I almost cried when we walked past the huge billboard going up yesterday and I wince every time I go past! I do not want to see the wrecking ball going through that beautiful home and mature garden but then clearly I’m sentimental...🌳🏡💔#shameless #greed #developments #pleaseexplain #newlambton #newlambton2305 #newlambtonvillage #oldhouselove #wherearetheheritageorders #feelingblue #saveourhistory #someonesgettingrich #sorryfortherant #feelingcranky #newcastlensw

New Lambton, New South Wales, Australia

by @alyssathirkield

I don’t even understand, let alone comprehend, how some people have the fucking nerve to even think about blaming Ariana for this. She had nothing to do with this and this is not her fault. This is something that he needed so much help with. He was very sick and we can’t say this is her fault because she tried so fucking hard to help him but it was just too much and she couldn’t do it. But NOW you little motherfuckers wanna say it’s HER fault because she ‘broke his heart when they broke up’ and ‘her breaking up killed him’ and on top of that, NOW you wanna threaten her?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?! Every single person is so sick and disgusting like honestly, how fucking DARE you say shit like this and threaten her life!!! Maybe Mac might’ve had a drug problem but everyone else has a fucking mental problem and you need some goddamn help!! Fuck all of you. (I also want her to know that I love her so VERY VERY VERY much and she needs so much love and support right now) @arianagrande @imabocagirl #weloveyou #arianagrande #imabocagirl #snapchat #weneedmorelove #morelove #macmiller #ripmacmiller #imsosorry #whyarewedoingthis #youdontdeservethis #whatthefuck #thisneedstostop #weloveyouariana #arianators #ranttime #sorryfortherant #notreally


by @sydney_ig_fame

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Sydney Repost by @terriemcevoy:
Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life.... it’s feeling content with what you’re doing in the moment- no matter what it is! ✨ If you spend your life thinking “I’ll be happy when .....” you’ll let your whole life go by waiting on the next thing to come along that you believe holds your happiness. 👎🏼 Stop for a minute, look around, be thankful for who you are and those who are in your life, (and those who walked out too). Be thankful for your health and your ability to get up every single day, this is a privilege, trust me... 💕 Life is so short, enjoy the ride, enjoy the moment and enjoy the ones you love! ✨💕 #mondaythoughts #quote #sorryfortherant 😂🙈 #cheeseoverload haha #butitstrue #thinkingoutloud 😁✨

Sydney, Australia

by @sydney_ig_fame

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Sydney Repost by @terriemcevoy:
Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life.... it’s feeling content with what you’re doing in the moment- no matter what it is! ✨ If you spend your life thinking “I’ll be happy when .....” you’ll let your whole life go by waiting on the next thing to come along that you believe holds your happiness. 👎🏼 Stop for a minute, look around, be thankful for who you are and those who are in your life, (and those who walked out too). Be thankful for your health and your ability to get up every single day, this is a privilege, trust me... 💕 Life is so short, enjoy the ride, enjoy the moment and enjoy the ones you love! ✨💕 #mondaythoughts #quote #sorryfortherant 😂🙈 #cheeseoverload haha #butitstrue #thinkingoutloud 😁✨

Sydney, Australia

by @terriemcevoy

Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life.... it’s feeling content with what you’re doing in the moment- no matter what it is! ✨ If you spend your life thinking “I’ll be happy when .....” you’ll let your whole life go by waiting on the next thing to come along that you believe holds your happiness. 👎🏼 Stop for a minute, look around, be thankful for who you are and those who are in your life, (and those who walked out too). Be thankful for your health and your ability to get up every single day, this is a privilege, trust me... 💕 Life is so short, enjoy the ride, enjoy the moment and enjoy the ones you love! ✨💕 #mondaythoughts #quote #sorryfortherant 😂🙈 #cheeseoverload haha #butitstrue #thinkingoutloud 😁✨

Sydney, Australia

by @therealmyfunnylablife

Every known RN or Doc: "Yeah, you know my patient in room Z-00-a-7100-blahblah, the labs from a hour ago, yeah they had a lavender and light green in the bag, with the most common tests that are ordered everyday and night for every patient ever? Do you know if they are done?
Every lab person ever: Can I have a Medical record number? 😂🤣😂🤣 #sorryfortherant #therealmyfunnylablife #labmedicine #labrat #medicalrecordnumber #wedealwithhundredsofpatients #bemorespecific