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Yellow vests are growing in Canada, keep it coming! And FIGHT THE UN!


Trudeau has no regrets! But make him regret it in 2019 and cast a vote for Andrew Scheer and the Conservative party of Canada to make this country prosperous and rich like it once was, and it will be again under the leadership of Andrew Scheer! #FIRETRUDEAU #SCHEER2019


Honoured to spend some time with the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. #canada #primeminister #stephenharper


He looks at each and every one of you as illiterate morons that can’t see past his BS, prove him wrong on October 21st 2019 and vote for Andrew Scheer and Conservative party of Canada, enough is enough, we need a government and a prime minister who stands up for Canadians and stands up to Canadians! Andrew Scheer can offer the real change Canada so badly needs! So please please please, go out and cast a vote for Andrew Scheer and our country can finally rest easy again! GOD BLESS CANADA, GOD BLESS CANADIANS, AND GOD BLESS ANDREW SCHEER! #FIRETRUDEAU #SCHEER2019


313 more days to go!


Today Justin Trudeau not only sold our sovereignty, but sold me, you and each and every other Canadian, and for what? Some big paying job at the UN which Trudeau someday hopes he’ll get in return?! If Trudeau thinks that by selling us out we are somehow loyal to this garbage, he’s mistaken us for another nation! He can sell our country out but I will always stand with the red, white, and leaf! I’M A PROUD CANADIAN REJECTING THIS RIDICULOUS PACT, AND A LOYAL CANADIAN AT THAT! #FIRETRUDEAU #SAYNOTOTHEUN #SCHEER2019


You basement dweller losers rooting for the destruction of our sovereignty! Good always prevails and you liberal basement dwellers can’t hold this country back for much longer! It’s only a matter of time before the patriots rise up and take their country back once again, look what’s happening in France, mark my words it’ll happen! #FIRETRUDEAU #SCHEER2019


Today’s the day, may god be with you all


314 more days to go!



Your daily QUICK NEWS UPDATES involving Israel, Jews, and Christians worldwide.
➡Note: The "House of Judah" and the "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel" (also called Notzrim Christians @Gentiles: @top10disappearances for details) have started to shake hands after 2,700 years of separation FULFILLING PROPHECY, now that JERUSALEM is also being acknowledge❗
➡Beloved PRESIDENT TRUMP, his family and his administration play a 'major role' in this prophetic event - he is the modern-day King Cyrus the Great who ended the captivity👏👏 and we dearly solute and thank you!
➡Notzrim is the modern Hebrew word for CHRISTIANS. In Jer 31:6 EPHRAIM, who is the TEN TRIBE 'HOUSE OF ISRAEL', would be called Notzrim in Hebrew in the future according to prophecy. The root of Notzrim means 'Watchmen' as stated in this verse. The word translated as Watchmen, does not apply to the House of Judah, ONLY to Ephraim, who is the 'House of Israel'. Jeremiah was in fact prophesying that the TEN TRIBES in the latter times WOULD BE CHRISTIANS, and as such would be Judah's ALLY, exactly as President Trump is doing, and not Judah's adversary!
🔹This is the first formal open dialogue between the Two Houses, where the Prodigal Son and the Son in the House are now talking again❗
🔹YOU are now Commonwealth of Israel 'family' and undeniably prophecy in the making❗
☝We plea with you to be sensitive, patient, tolerant, long-suffering, and to bear fruit for this remarkable eventuality. We wish you Shalom.
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Just before we sign off our sovereignty to the UN, the UN flag goes up at our border, if Canadians still can’t see the sick globalist games that’s being played in our country then they never will see it! Fire Trudeau in 2019 and elect Andrew Scheer to save your country, GET IT DONE IN 2019 CANADA, THERE WILL BE MAJOR CONSEQUENCES IF YOU DONT GET RID OF TRUDEAU, IM WARNING YOU CANADA AND CANADIANS! #FIRETRUDEAU #SCHEER2019


C’est quoi les pensionnats? : (image 1)
Pensionnats: écoles parrainées par le gouvernement et gérées par des églises
Objectif premier: intégrer/assimiler les enfants autochtones à la culture européenne
Nombre d'élèves qui les ont fréquentés: 150 000 (estimation)
Nombre d'élèves décédés: 6 000 (estimation) (Sous-alimentés et mal nourris, les étudiants étaient vulnérables à la tuberculose et la grippe)
Comment de temps ont-ils fonctionné? (Au Canada): Le premier ouvre en 1831 et le dernier ferme en 1996
Pourquoi c‘était si dévastateur? : (image 2)
L'expérience générale des élèves des pensionnats « indiens » a été négative. Les élèves étaient isolés, leur culture dénigrée, éloignés de leurs maisons et de leurs parents, séparés de certains de leurs frères et sœurs (les écoles étaient séparées selon le sexe) et il leur était parfois interdit de parler leur langue maternelle. Certains membres du personnel ont essayé d'être de bons instructeurs et parents substituts, mais le cadre institutionnel et le volume de travail ont déjoué les bonnes intentions. L'impatience et la correction ont souvent cédé la place à des punitions excessives et des abus physiques. Parfois, les enfants ont été sévèrement battus, enchaînés ou confinés. Certains membres du personnel étaient des prédateurs sexuels et de nombreux étudiants ont été victimes d'abus sexuels et rien n’a été fait pour les arrêter.
Qu’est-ce qui a été fait pour s’excuser envers les victimes des pensionnats? : (image 3)
Entres autres, le 11 juin 2008, le Premier ministre Stephen Harper, au nom du gouvernement du Canada, a présenté des excuses à tous les anciens élèves des pensionnats « indiens » au Canada. Il a ouvertement reconnu que la politique d'assimilation sur laquelle les écoles étaient fondées était "erronée, a causé un grand préjudice et n'a pas sa place dans notre pays". C’est l’une des mesures que le gouvernement a prises pour nouer de nouvelles relations avec les peuples autochtones du Canada.
Source: https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/residential-schools
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A day before the pact is signed and they’re already making demands! I urge you to go sign the petition in by bio RIGHT NOW! Open borders will soon become a part of Canadian culture if urgent action isn’t taken now! And on October 21st 2019 go out and vote for Andrew Scheer and the Conservative party of Canada!


We are doomed! We have 1 day to reject this! Go sign the petition in my bio!


Australia, Poland, the United States and Israel are all not signing the new UN migration pact. But Justin Trudeau is signing Canada up.

Here's what you need to know.
- via @ontarioisproud
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315 more days to go!


This is where we stand up for Andrew Scheer for standing up for us!


If the media really thinks majority of Canadians are far right because we don’t want to sign the UN migration pact, then they are absolutely NOT TO BE TRUSTED!


316 more days to go!