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Today's prompt is the closest to my heart so far. (Read below for giveaway details)⠀
The question is:⠀
If I could share one message with the world what would it be?⠀
My response:⠀
I believe everyone has the #Spirit or power to make a comeback, to heal, to #overcome adversity. ⠀

I'm determined to help others with chronic illness and other adversities get unstuck, find hope, and pursue their dreams. The one word that binds us all is #unbreakable. We have overcome the struggles life has thrown at us and shown ourselves and the world we are stronger than our circumstances, and that we are all meant for more! ⠀
This is the spirit behind my unbreakable campaign and apparel line. ⠀
Everything I've struggled with, triumphed over and encountered in my 40 years on the earth has led to, and prepared me for this new chapter in my life. ⠀
Please join me by sharing your Unbreakable story. Details coming soon💗⠀

To celebrate coming the upcoming launch of my new line and empowerment movement Unbreakable, I'm giving one of you a handmade Unbreakable t-shirt and a copy of the Prompt Journal book by Gary Gray that I'm using.⠀

Each day this month I will be posting the journal prompt of the day and my response. ⠀
*To enter the giveaway, answer the prompt in your own post and use hashtag #30daysofme and tag me @PoshNotions. ⠀

Giveaway closes April 30th. Winner announced on May 3rd ⠀
Tees will be revealed May 1st! ⠀
*giveaway in no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram or facebook!⠀
*open to USA and CANADA only!⠀

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It’s Weigh in Wednesday! I know the scale can vary and it’s a tender subject for a lot of people including myself! Let’s get rid of the stigma! Join me every Wednesday for weigh in, and post you weight using #wiw!

Don’t forget to check out www.thickthighsandthinpatience.com . There you, you can read about my journey and my quest to get healthy!

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Feeling strong, proud, and confident.
Thankful for the community, portion fix, the home programs, shakelogy, and personal development. The combo gave me back my life and keeps me going. #strongwomen #strongerthaniwas #internalstrength #feelingproud #gainedconfidence #mommaonamission #over40mom #postpartumbody #overcomeobstacles #beatpostpartumdepression #regaincontrol #foundmyself #summergoals #momof3 #reclaimingmylife


That building in the background is Paoli Hospital. I am here (still) at least once a week. This week and next week it will be twice. It is a blessing and a curse knowing that when I walk in this building people remember me. From the receptionist at registration who I see every few months to get my blood drawn, to the Cancer center workers who remember my family goes on Disney Cruises and just got back from one. To my Oncologist who has sons who play soccer like my kids. And finally to my plastic surgeon who understands how my mind works and the constant mental struggle I have with how long this damn process has taken.
Each of these people have seen how much I have changed in a year and a half. They see the growth when at times I just see the setbacks.
We have all changed in the past 365 days. How much depends upon how much we wanted it. Today I am parked as far away as I can be as I am not where I want to be yet. But these extra steps will put me just a little bit closer. What will you do today to bring your dreams just a little closer?

Happy Tuesday friends 💕
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Finished my 6 week gym challenge in
a-fucking-ddition to NO cheese challenge and while a didn't make my target weight, I'M STILL SUPER PROUD OF MYSELF! I lost almost 20 lbs of fat and gained damn near 12lbs of muscle 💪 and I AIN'T DONE 😎
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Happy Easter everyone. Hope you enjoy your holiday as much as we enjoyed our week of physical prep. I have much to be thankful for this Easter season. A father who was willing to sacrifice his son for me. A brother who was killed, buried and ressurected for me. A wife sacrificing her body to bring new life into this world for me to love. A son so full of love, he melts my heart with every smile. And true friends and family that I am so grateful to have as part of my life. God's plan for me ( Jer. 29:11) has been way better already, then the plan I had for myself and my future. Go figure huh. I hope you all know how much I enjoy you being a part of my life. Happy Easter and great job this week. As always, stay strong, stay healthy, and stay BRAVE. I'll see you all Monday 4:30 @the_brave_fitness for more HIIT excitement and hard work.

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Saw these lilies in my back yard for very fist time today. Thank you Jesus for your promise in Luke 12:27 " Consider the lilies how they grow...." #sundayscoming #strongerthaniwas


Tonight as I'm up, eagerly awaiting my wife's contractions ( still about an hour a part) to progress enough to go to the hospital. I have been doing a little bit of reflecting on the depletion of my health over the past few months. So as I wait, I'm doing a little reflecting on my lack of self control over these past nine months with my eating habits and overall health.
This time with my wife's pregnancy I've allowed the situation to completely dictate my health. Sadly, I have allowed myself to gain over 25lbs (35 lbs but I've now lost 10 of it) and I'm not proud of it. I've been on the "See-food" diet and as much as I've enjoyed it, I've set myself back from my goals significantly.
However, the hardest part is when I'm participating/instructing my classes and I can't do the things I once could easily a year ago without being gassed. As fun as my classes are ( I think 🤔) it's really hard when I'm supposed to be an example for others, yet I'm getting winded by my own workouts. I know life happens and I'm excited for this new (very stubborn already) baby to get here but I've learned how little self control I have. It's humbled me in ways to help me be even more empathetic for people who want to start taking care of their health. I have decided to look at it as an opportunity to learn how to relate to those in my class who could benefit from me and my mistakes. I'm ready to quit making excuses for myself. I'm ready to start eating healthier again and I'm ready to get back to taking care of my health. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped us through this pregnancy. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I know we are all excited to meet this child very soon. I am sincerely grateful and look forward to updating you all with our newest edition soon. Till then, stay strong, stay brave.
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Functional fitness, the purpose is to allow yourself to enjoy the most out of life by preparing your body to be capable in every situation. What good is it to have muscle and not have the ability to apply it to having a healthier, happier lifestyle. By training the body in all motional planes, your training the muscles the way they were intended to be used. If you prepare for anything, you will be more capable of accomplishing anything that is placed before you.

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Thank you to everyone that makes @the_brave_fitness such an awesome place to work, train, and teach. I can honestly say that I love getting to be a part this wonderful #fitfamily . I love getting to come here and get reenergized for life in a positive way, while helping others to achieve goals in their own lives. I am grateful, and thankful for all you who make my job enjoyable. Here are some pics of some of these awesome people as well as some of the crazy/fun stuff we do in our classes. Videos to come.
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These last couple of months... Embracing the changes in my life; living, learning, growing and taking responsiblity for my actions... These past few months have been such a roller coaster of emotions/feelings. This stupid meme spoke volumes to me. This has been such an eye opening experience. I have lost a lot over the last several weeks/months but I think i finally found myself again and found my "Why". Dont get me wrong I know the journey is just begininng but like everything else in my life I will face it head on and try to enjoy and learn from the lessons along the way moving forward.
This process was extremely painful, and opened my eyes. I forced myself to go back examine and relive memories from the past and look for the lessons in each one of them. There are a hell of a lot of good memories but there are also some brutally/gutwrenching painful ones, those are where I found the lessons to be the most valuable.
This time has allowed me to reflect on some poor decisions and unacceptable behavior. I was reminded that emotions control actions. I allowed my emotions/feelings to invoke a reaction/behavior/outburst, that I never in a million years believed I was capable of.
I unintentionally hurt someone that I cared for more than I ever thought I could. I am sorry just doesn’t cut it. Nonetheless I own it, I acknowledge that no amount of I’m sorry will fix or take back these actions. Believe me when I tell you I am my own worst critic and I have been beating myself up day and night.
Right, wrong or indifferent emotions are a powerful thing! I am working daily to learn and grow from this outburst and trying to make amends to those I hurt. Dont get me wrong I am not proud of some these moments however, I am also so very grateful that some of these events have forced me to stop and look within myself and my actions and try to be the person that I lost along the way.


It’s not JUST about losing weight. It’s more about losing the lifestyle & mindset that got you there. ❤️⠀

To the former me. You CAN:⠀
+ Drop 15 lbs & keep it off⠀
+ Stop being ruled by alcohol, sweets, & toxic people⠀
+ Use food as fuel vs. a coping mechanism⠀
+ Overcome depression⠀
+ Learn to embrace certain imperfections & no longer cry at the sight of some cellulite in the mirror⠀
+ Train your mind to be motivated by an obstacle, vs. fearful⠀
+ Truly learn to believe you CAN do hard shit⠀
+ Say eff you to the former bullies (including yourself) & transform your body into one that’s strong, empowered & hot AF! 👆⠀
⠀ ⠀ ⠀
The steps you take to get there, following my proven system, are not crazy hard. It is streamlined & convenient to match your busy lifestyle. I will teach you how to transform in the most efficient way.⠀
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
If I can, you can. I want to be apart of your transformation! Let’s talk GOALS! 💕


And I thank you, cause you made me a better person than I was, But I hate you cause you drained me. I gave you all, you gave me none. But if you blame me, you're crazy and after all that's said and done.
I am still angry, yeah may be; I may never trust someone.
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Senza troppi giri di parole: "Sento che il cuore va più veloceee, solo così sto tanto beneeee!" 🤣😏🎤🏋️‍♀️❤🌶 • Marzo19 • #love #proud #happy #motivated #passion #bodygoals #newme #strongerthaniwas #timewilltell #nevergiveup #dontquit #doitforyou #gym #positiveattitude #energy #grlpwr #girlpower #improvementneverends #sharkgirl #italiangirl #goodtime #goodvibesonly #sunflower #shine #happyplace #lifestyle