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With our special theater prix-fixe menu, you can take advantage of free shuttle service to @sheasbflo during this weekend's performances of @aladdin. Reserve your spot for dinner at the link in our bio.
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We recently hosted a pink-themed bridal shower in our East Dining Room, which included delicate floral place settings, flutes of Prosecco, and seasonal passed hors d'oeuvres. We would love to hear what kind of wedding event you’re looking to host – simply message us or contact Yale directly with inquiries at yfrederiksen@patinagroup.com.


Two years ago somewhere in Nagano prefecture. Didn’t even plan to go there. Just coincidentally visited a convenience store next to this sunflower field and decided to take some photos 🌻🌻🌻🌻 How time flies!
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When guys start betting a bottle of champagne on your efforts, you’re damn right I go earn it 🥂

The first time I stepped onto a construction site I could feel their eyes 👀
You know the way guys make it seem like you’re the first girl they’ve ever seen. Let alone with blonde hair and carrying a clipboard in mud. They most definitely didn’t take me seriously and I was ok with that, to me actions always speak louder than words. •

I had been preparing for this moment for a decade.

The moment I felt underestimated. I was used to being the only girl in a design classroom, I was the last one standing at the end of high school. I was used to being told no, I got my fair share of rejections to architecture school. Adversity is where I thrive.

I sat quietly. Went up the stairs and then they started walking the wrong way to review an issue. I had prepared. Taken notes. Evaluated my design, because yes I knew every square inch of this building. I promptly told a large group of men you’re going the wrong way, first they smiled then they realized I was serious, looked at their floor plan and then their minds changed immediately.

You see there is still this double standard in the construction industry of women still fighting for their place. I hate to admit it but it’s true. What I am most proud of is letting my work speak for itself. •

One 24 story high rise in Tampa complete ✔️
One smaller renovation in Atlanta complete ✔️
One 30 story high rise in Charlotte under permit review✔️ Ladies, they may underestimate you in the work place but let your work be shown on the loudspeaker. It’s so much more rewarding laughing inside knowing you actually do know what you’re talking about 😜

Let’s just say, the next site visit, they let me lead the way 🙋🏼‍♀️


My first time in Russia! 🇷🇺 The Hermitage is an amazing museum. It’s also HUGE. If you are going to visit I would plan on spending a lot of time there to be able to see everything! ✨


If you had to choose:
🦃 turkey burger
🐄 regular burger ? •

Some days I say salads and other days I’m like BURGER PLEASE🙋🏼‍♀️ Let’s get one thing straight: this girl is a foodie. I will never be the girl on a diet. I like making small tweaks and cleaning up the ingredients in what I fuel with but overall I eat what I want. This is a HUGE change from graduate school Danielle who would use food as a reward. •

The difference between now and a few years ago is I look at food differently. I’ve connected the mindset of how I will feel with what I put in my mouth I’ve trained my body to crave the good stuff which takes time but is so worth it. Helping teach other women to change their mindset on food is something that’s near and dear to my heart because well, if I can do it we deserve to be in on the secret of a healthy lifestyle together 👯‍♀️ L

So yes tonight I’m grubbing down. After 30+ hours of work in less than 2 days this girl is ready for some major Zs but one thing I’ll never stop sharing is our tank needs to be fueled with MORE to see the real results you want, not less.

Peaches 🍑 ✔️
Arugula 🥗✔️
Vegan bun 🥨✔️
Sweet 🥔 ✔️
Burger 🍔✔️ Taking this as a Wednesday WIN!


Risotto is a dish that evolves with the seasons, available on our dinner menu. Regram @choleesilver’s beautiful shot of our Risotto al Frutti di Mare. Tag us in your photos and we’ll regram our favorites!




Congratulations to me!🥂🍾🎉 Well us, but you know😂


Rainy days on the Island are filled with puzzels, books, and board games. 📖
My family has been coming to Shelter Island every summer since my grandmas was a little girl. It’s like the whole island was frozen in a time capsule. Charming houses, solitary beaches, the local shops, and one single stop light. And did I mention the only way on and off by ferry?
It’s my favorite place in the world and it’s filled with generations of good summer memories.
What about you, friend? Regale me with your summer memories!


When you grow up as the tall girl, you never feel as lucky as everyone else says you are.

To top it off I also became the curvy girl at a certain age and that just became unbearable. Bathing suits never could be bought in the same size. Pants were always too short on me. I constantly felt out of place and never quite confident in my skin. •

Some may say sharing it all on social is too much. I say it’s never enough.

It’s never enough to show others what’s possible when you have a community that builds you up instead of breaking you down. It’s never enough to prove people in their doubts and skepticism that this is a lifestyle for me. It’s never enough to help other women believe if I can do this, a regular busy, stressed out girl they can too.

I still feel off a lot of days. I still feel guilty for things I eat. I still don’t fit perfectly into the dress I love.

What I do have is the attitude of each day I will get better. What I do have is a simple plan to live healthy, not just skinny. What I do have is a tribe that pushes me to be my best me. What I do have is the tools to not just continue to change my life, but help others do the same. •

Whatever your struggle is, you’re never alone. I get you. I’m here for you. I’m just a normal every day girl who decided to draw a line in the sand and go after living healthy - not perfect, quick fix or a diet. What can I say, it may have taken me 3 years to truly stick to something but this bikini felt damn good this weekend and I will NEVER apologize for it 👙
Take that summer 2018 💋


Raise a glass and toast to the remaining days of summer with us today on #nationalproseccoday. 📷 @noahfecksisawesome


I saw a post this morning that really struck me and made me think a little harder about what I share with y’all today. •

The post talked about not sharing every high and low. Not broadcasting to the world perfection and your entire life. Being curious and mysterious with what you’re doing.
For four years straight I’ve shared nothing but positivity here. Every day without a doubt you know I’m sharing something. Some days it’s for myself and my own accountability because health and wellness holds a deep rooted place of my heart. Some days it’s speaking to the woman out there who I know needs my help. Some days it’s for entertainment because well we’ve got enough complaining and negativity on here why not make someone smile. •

It’s easy for me to share the good stuff but I also share a lot of the hard i go through because of the power of connection, community + sisterhood I’ve found by being real.

It is easy to feel alone y’all. To sit behind your phone and scroll for hours. Wishing you looked more like her. Wishing you had that house on that hill. Wishing you were in a relationship and always had a plus one.

I share because serving is my passion. It’s the mantra of my university. It’s the motto of my sorority. It’s in my blood. •

I don’t share everything about my life but I do share a lot in the name of helping others. I’d rather live a lifetime sharing and inspiring someone to be better, even if sharing means showing things I’m not proud of, I’m not good at or the best in than sitting back and being a bystander in a world where it’s easy to want to just fit in. •

So today here it is. My last round of a workout that’s not pretty. I’m gassed. I look like a hot mess. I don’t have perfect form but I showed up on a Monday with my accountability tribe and that’s a win in my book.
You don’t have to be perfect or share it all to be yourself, you do play a piece of this puzzle of life and I choose to give instead of just scroll 💋


Anyone else regretting the food + cocktails they’ve consumed this weekend 🙋🏼‍♀️ •

I’ll be honest it’s easy to get off track in summer. The weather is hotter and makes it easier to stay out later. It’s easier to eat out and be with friends. It’s easier to get off schedule and go with the flow.

I know myself and being bad for too long doesn’t feel good. I also know myself and I have to live my life for a day and not feel guilty about it. Luckily my plan allows it right now 🍷

The easiest way for me to bounce back is make a fan favorite with a hidden ingredient I probably didn’t get enough of. I’m an appetizers girl all day long. Order every single one off the menu and I’ll be happy. Sample this and a taste of that is my heaven.

Tonight that means mozzarella sticks and fruit with ranch for dinner. Yes it had cheese. Yes it had crunch. Yes it had sauce. But it was MY version of it - zucchini and avocado included and y’all it was DAMN GOOD. •

It’s ok to get off track. It’s ok to have fun and not be on a strict 110% perfect streak. It’s not ok to live there if you want to live your best life You are what you eat and if you feel like crap, hate the mirror and don’t want to hang in a bikini all weekend it’s time to make some small tweaks.

Two spots left in our August accountability tribe, if you’re having a tough time making good choices this summer let’s chat - best thing I ever did was ask for help and still find love for my food👯‍♀️


Last weekend these absolute cuties planned us a little pre wedding celebration. Three course meal, confetti balloons, peach prosecco and pink gin. Then the Monopoly came out 😂 Big love to you all 😘 and for fuck sake someone teach Jack how to smile!


Just a little 💞SUNDAY SOUL💞 for my babes who feel like they should be farther along in some aspects of life - this is for YOU💋

If I had a dollar for every time someone ✔️Asked me when I’m getting married or who I’m dating ✔️Made a comment about why I’m eating so clean
✔️made a joke about how I wear bright clothes

Here’s the thing - you NEVER know what someone else is going through. Connection is everything in this world, and if you don’t know don’t assume. Be kind. Be a listener. Be open. •

1. If a 20-30 something girl doesn’t share with you about her current relationship, she probably wishes she was like the “rest of the world” and further along. Getting married, buying a house, having kids. That’s pressure enough to “fit in” OR she really just loves where she’s at and embraces life as it comes and there’s nothing wrong with being on your own timeline. Either way, if she doesn’t share it, just be supportive of her. Women are judgmental enough of ourselves.

2. I eat the same things every day - what’s so wrong with that? Yep I skip coffee because I never have had it. Yes I don’t like donuts, even on Friday. Yes I really don’t want a burger and fries for lunch because it’s not worth it most days. Oh yeah and chips not my thing anymore. I’ve worked damn hard to change my immune system and not be sick for 4 years. if I want to keep eating the same things - My body, my food, my way. It might be different than the norm but I don’t want to be normal if that includes more stress, more weight and more sickness - just keeping it real!

3. My mantra has always been why be boring when you can be bold. Yes I like to dress well and be put together. I also love yoga pants and feeling confident. To be in a profession that is known for wearing all black, I get it it’s bright and It’s me. I like to be outside the box because it helps me embrace who I truly am and color is a reflection of the energy and zest I have worked hard to bring out of myself. So yep deal with the colors and patterns - they’re meant to breathe a smile into you! •

People will always have an opinion and y’all the more you stop caring about what others think and care MOST about what you cont


5 going on 15 💔


Der nächste sonnige Sonntag.


Reunited poo na na crew at the Bristol balloon fiesta we were hardcore British sticking out the rain #bristolballoonfiesta #summer #summer2018 #summerhasarrived #typicalbritishweather #retardsreunited #sittingintherain #poonanacrew #withmygirls #sausagedog #dogsofinstagram @lippymidget91


Perfect summer Saturday at the best spot @jesslfontana 🌇


He’s always up for an adventure 💗


Chef @sgallante's pan-seared salmon is served with summer beans, squash and mustard vinaigrette during our #nycrestaurantweek lunch Wed-Fri and brunch Sat-Sun. Regram courtesy of @lisa_49.


One of the last words my grandfather told me was “always do the right thing and don’t forget to have fun” •

I’ve taken those words to heart this year. It’s often hard to do the right thing. To see a dream through when it feels like everything and everyone is falling apart around you. To not let negativity get in the way of yourself. To trust your intuition and go for it. I know some part of him still live within my stubbornness to never give up and keep striving for my best and to help everyone of these babes realize their own POTENTIAL🌟

Every month our team is recognized for the impact we’re making on our community. On our willingness to help others and pay our health forward. On the consistency we create through community and sisterhood. On our own personal journey we stay committed to.

Last month was hands down our BEST month of the year, but I truly believe the best is yet to come.

Every single one of them believed when it was easy not to. Every single one of them kept working when it seemed like life was against us. Every single one of them plugged into each other and achieved a very special milestone, but one that is just a stepping stone to our greater vision together for 2018.

I couldn’t be more honored and proud to lead a team of such strong, confident women who strive for their best despite the waves of obstacles that come our way. •

Congratulations  Team Glow Diggers for jumping 100 rankings this month + being recognized as #520 team in a network of 400,000 coaches 🥂💃🏼👯‍♀️🎀💋🌟 💗Thank you for ALL that each of you do, together we ARE better and the best is yet to come - when in doubt dance it out - LETS GLOW FOR IT 🙌🏻


What’s inspiring you today? ⠀
Inspiration is EVERYWHERE. ⠀
What is it with kids and bubbles? They go nuts for that stuff! I love the joy in their little faces as their eyes light up with excitement. Oh! It just gets me every time!! ⠀
Lets all try to approach life with a little more childlike wonder ⠀


Meal prep is not my way - anyone else? 🙋🏼‍♀️ If I had a dollar for every girl who’s told me I’m healthy I eat salads...and tacos, the occasional box of cookies, chips and salsa, oh yeah extra guac, probably grab and go dinner out, pizza on weekends, definitely a glass of wine each night, ok really 3 - don’t deny it 😛

I legit used to tell myself ok Danielle run 3 Miles. Run all the way up the hill. Do it in 90 degrees in South Carolina. Ok you’re allowed to run the lake for extra motivation. Then and only then are you allowed to go eat out.
I’d play this game in my head of earning my food. Making it a reward and telling the story I was healthy but inside I felt like crap. I hated how I looked. I most definitely dreaded running. What changed? A plan.

I know a lot of people are scared of it but I do not spend hours meal prepping. I have a simple plan. One I follow for each program I do but honestly I don’t have to think much about anymore. One that’s filled with foods I love and helps me see the long lasting results I want. This one especially let’s me 110% live my life, have summer cocktails, eat pizza as part of the plan instead of what I feel like I earned.

My JOY is helping us change our mindset. Together looking at food as fuel. Something that’s yes delicious but is also vital to your existence. That’s important to your every day life. That keeps your immune system strong and your metabolism fast.
If you’re someone who’s over complicating, over stressed and over IT of doing that diet you said you were supposed to start yesterday, we should probably chat. It’s totally possible to change your life if you’re open to new things - this salad with yes this dressing is just one of those new things that now is a staple because I GET to, I don’t have to 💞


Flights of prosecco superiore all week celebrating #summerofprosecco #superiore @a16sf @a16rockridge @spqrfillmore #summerhasarrived


Fuelling Leo’s car obsession further! 🙈


Don’t worry about what other people think of you. They’re not thinking about you. They’re thinking about what other people think of them. Do YOU 💞


Want to know what 4 years of consistently showing up on social media got me? 📲
This weekend I go to meet for the first time a challenger of mine for over two years @laara.guin . The first person she thought of when she got the news her family was moving to Atlanta was me.

For two years we’ve sweat together. We’ve committed to healthy lifestyles together. We’ve connected through social media and cheered each other on. We’re even from the same hometown - so yes 11 years ago we went to the same high school and didn’t even know it.
Saturday was bridging of two friends I would’ve never met had it not been for social media.
The other went on a friend date with me the second she moved to Atlanta. Just so happens we all like wine. We all love new adventures. We all have new friends to explore our city with their dogs.
The best thing I ever did was put my heart online every day with the intention of making friends. Just so happens they exist, they’re awesome and I can’t wait to have more Eagles fans in the A for Super Bowl round✌🏻, building my Atlanta tribe one new babe at a time👯‍♀️


When the sun painst the sky orange above #Whitchurch Shropshire you know that #summerhasarrived.
#shropshirephotographer #shropshire #📷 #☺️ #sun #british #GB #summer


Ambiance Plage bout du monde #tisgriastopidima #summerhasarrived #greekvillage


#Repost @laurenann38 ・・・
Just doing boat things 💁🏼‍♀️🌊🛥️ #boatlife #summerhasarrived


Soup or salad + entrée + free shuttle service = your night out with us and @sheasbflo! If you're seeing @aladdin in #Buffalo this month, check out our pre-theater dining package and make your reservations at the link in our bio.
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Can’t wait for my first summer vacation as a working member of society👩🏽🔬🌻👙


& finally...sunflowers! It had to get about six feet tall first!#sunflowers #deckgardening #nofertilizer #nature #pottedplant #summerhasarrived


When all of Leo’s driving dreams came true! #livinghisbestlife


May this tall glass of iced coffee be your #mondaymotivation ☕️


I cannot pass up a Mexican Restaurant, so when a local recommended Tereza to me, I knew it was going to be the place for our last meal in Budapest!⠀
Then I Googled the restaurant and realised how pretty it was too😍 Tereza only opened this summer but make sure you check it out! @TerezaBudapest


What a wonderful day it was yesterday! Family came to visit and then shopping and drinks in osoyoos with my girl @kimberwolfstaywild !Loveeee our new house warming gift from Gail Shimizu & Karen Svea, pap and Kev! #spoiled #southokanagan #lovemylife #saycheese #housewarminggift #osoyoosbc #oliverbc #summertimefun #summerhasarrived #summertimevibes #margarita #patioparty @spiritbeachcantinaosoyoos #jealousyet


Ballade du jour trannnnquiille
#summerhasarrived #androsisland
#tranquille #greekvillage


You can’t be my friend if you don’t like Mexican food! 🌮 @terezabudapest