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Today marks my 4th Day in the Life Film, one minute created on my iPhone. 🎥 Click to play. I’m in the #handmadefilmmaking 10-day online course created by @xantheb . .
My film is about this city that I love so much for starters. Most of the time, you will see NYC as a backdrop. Grand Central. Brooklyn. Flatiron. Union Square where i had my PR office for 20 years. Wow. Or my travels, lifestyle, portraiture. Connecticut. .
I visited with my friend Andy Biggs @theglobalphotographer who flew into town to speak at B&H @bheventspace . Please check out his safari company (and photos for sale) and his #guragear. It’s such a delight to know Andy, the real deal, generous and funny. Traffic was so bad I had to walk most of the way to Lincoln Center for an early evening meeting, that’s 30 blocks from B&H, one minute per block and 20 blocks in a mile. New Yorkers know this sort of thing. .
I have to say, this time I’m really in the flow of making mini films, I think it’s my focus combined with the class structure, Xanthe is such a believer in “Do the Work”. I’m a big perfectionist and I’m breaking through that a bit and just doing it. Music: 1974 by Marie via @SoundstripeMusic. #overthemoonFILMS


A birthday in Beacon is the best kind. Thanks to all my friends near and far for celebrating with me and special shoutout to @elatincsics for making 27 a year to remember 🎉


See the Empire State Building in Manhattan? Look closely. ⭐️ Those gorgeous bridges in Brooklyn, the BMW (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg) bridges are so stunning. I remember asking a local Brooklynite which bridge was which. He said, always think of the car BMW starting with the bottom of *Manhattan first. I never forgot that, just like we all know "30 days has September, April, June and..."


The Jets may have lost, but today was a touchdown 🏈


I think it’s safe to say it’s officially fall and I am all for it. 🍂


Enveloped in light from Jane’s Carousel @janescarousel during a dark, stormy evening in Brooklyn Bridge Park @brooklynbridgepark .

Originally built in 1922, the carousel was meticulously restored to its original glory by Jane Walentas more than 60 years later. It now lives on, protected in the beautiful glass pavilion designed by Jean Nouvel @ateliersjeannouvel .

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A Sunday well spent #parkparty5 📸: @thejackyoung


About last night ✨ @stlucia at @pier17ny


Cheers to 4 years in this wild place and meeting some amazing people along the way. Here’s to hoping this year’s the best one yet. Happy anniversary, #NYC 🥂 (I’m actually a day late in posting, but that’s what this crazy city will do to you.)


Waving goodbye to summer 🌊🌊🌊
📸: @gferg0720 #LDW


Let’s skip Monday and bring back Sunday, k?


A shore thing 🌊


My hood’s a good one #UES


I watch others make these photos as they ride a bike. So I just wanted to capture my biking joy. .
I make every effort to stay safely on the bike. I will pay close attention to @xantheb when I meet her in September, she has mastered this technique while riding her yellow bike. 😉🚲


🍃Casually camouflaging 🍃 ➖ I threw out all my lipsticks because I realized how disgustingly old they were. (Who keeps a lipgloss for three years?!👏🏻) ➖ Now I’m rebuilding a core lineup of a few lippies that I can go to all of the time. ➖ Check out my stories to see me try on two of the new colors I got & what I think of them.


Coney Island color. I wanted a touch of color today. So thank you @lunaparknyc and artist @daniellebknyc.
There are a few more weeks of summer left, not that I’m counting, but it certainly is getting my attention. ⠀
Credit @arjuna44


Coney Island shenanigans.⠀

LOVED our day in Brooklyn, taking my husband for his first time, being with our friend Fran. Laughing, eating and taking photographs. I just had to blog about it. ⠀
So, if you haven't been before, consider heading out on the subway (easy) and spend the day giggling. ⠀
More silliness in my blog post, see bio.


I seem to always wander over to the carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park when I get off the subway. It’s one of the prettiest carousels I’ve ever photographed.⠀
I was focused on the top artwork. Most are focused on their children riding on one of the 48 carved horses and 2 chariots. This was built in 1922. ⠀
My eyes wander to something a little different. What are you seeing today?


Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, when was the last time you did that? The cool street light caught my attention. It was a glorious night! #IloveNewYork


Rain, rain go away so New York looks like this again


Body painting in NYC. I'm surprised that all their paint didn't drip off, the fountain in Washington Square Park was on full force as the photo was being taken ... see the huge water droplets?⠀
Beautiful artistic expression, 65 nude models being painted and I was lucky enough to be one of the 10 photographs up close and personal. ⠀
Congrats to this stellar team and these brave souls and the artists that created masterpieces on their bodies. #bodypaintingnyc #andygolub


NYC in the summer. ⠀
Grand Central Terminal. ⠀
I love New York.


Let’s hear it for unusual weddings, this couple got married on a ride at Coney Island, no kidding. Look at the tattoo on her arm of #wonderwheel! The bride's fun and zany friends were all sooo self expressed and having a wild time. ⠀
I want to take a small page out of her book. The self expression part. ⠀


⛵️⛵️⛵️ 📸: @thejackyoung