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by @cos.life

Paris is burning all night long. I was curious to see Paris by night with clearer and more judicious eyes than those of other days.

Paris, France

by @oykuavcuphoto

I’m so happy to be a part of one of my favorite artists, @joelrobison’s #thelightbulbproject that will take a year to complete with artistic souls all over the world. 🧡 I’m sure creating together will make all of us feel so inspired every week. 🙆🏼‍♀️ I’m jumping into this week’s theme with a new version of an old concept of mine.
Decidophobia is the fear of making decisions. This photo is about how we sometimes find ourselves stuck in choices. We have ideas, opportunities, options and know they won’t last forever. I remembered one of my favorite quotes while doing this, “A wrong decision is better than indecision.” Life is too short to standing where we are, not taking risks sometimes, and being afraid of what will happen next.
Let your mind go wild, you’ll do great if you follow your soul. You’ll see it knows the way.
Have a creative week friends! 🧡 #thelightbulbproject_lightbulb


by @oykuavcuphoto

“Haunted”, self portrait, dec. 2011.
I used to love horror movies when I was younger (still do) so I created some on my own. 🧟‍♀️ Always loved this concept, I want to recreate it sometime soon. What’s your favorite movie? 🤓


by @cos.life

Buildings of modern construction are to be seen everywhere in NYC.

Manhattan, New York

by @alexsocks

C’est toujours assez perturbant de croiser ces personnes qui font ces mouvements chelou au ralenti dans les parcs le matin (parfois ils s’emmerdent pas à aller dans les parcs et font ça en bas de ton HLM). La première fois tu crois toujours qu’ils répètent des mouvements de karaté au ralenti pour tenter d’imiter les scène slow-motion de la Fureur du Dragon, ou qu’ils ont juste oublié de prendre leur cachet effervescent de vitamine C au petit déjeuner. Mais en fait les gars font un vrai sport, le seul sport au monde avec le golf ou tu peux remettre la même tenue 15 fois de suite tellement tu transpires pas. Ce sport ca s’appelle le Thai-Chi, surement le sport le plus weirdo du monde. Et vous croyez que je vous vois pas venir avec vos clichés sur les gens qui pratiquent le tai-chi ? Et bah non, le tai-chi est pratiqué par Jean-Richard, 56 ans, tous les midi sur sa pause déjeuner, en bas du siège social de la société d’agro-alimentaire dans laquelle il bosse depuis désormais 24 ans. Ses collègues se moquent bien de lui depuis la baie vitrée de la cantine, mais Jean-Richard s’en fou car il reviendra en réunion à 14h relaxé et l’esprit purifié. .
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Place de l'Opéra

by @cos.life

If ever a work of art had a right to feel over exposed, it is Michelangelo's David, naked in the heart of Florence for nearly 5 centuries.

Piazzale Michelangelo Firenze

by @thatmisterfernandez

Turning lake to Mountains (Repost: I accidentally deleted this post. Third of the line. Stay tuned and watch out for more surreal photos!)


by @vobanhmi

Ở Nhật bản, việc trúng xổ số người ta không cần phải trả thuế
Người ta không đánh thuế cho những giấc mơ

Nagasaki, 2015

Nagasaki, Nagasaki

by @cos.life

I can't imagine my plot without flowers after a typhoon, and I replanted flowers around my garden when I came back from New York. My life is just like my garden. You will find weeds, wither and even instant destruction among the flowers a long the way. When life goes wrong, the best thing to do is to confront, accept, and rebuild, give us grace as we walk through life. I am doing this more and more now, and my life look so much better for it.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

by @mrafati354

Mazichal Heights, Alborz mountains, North of Iran, Sep 2018.
در عمقِ پروازِ پرنده
احساس دیرینه من پیداست؛
کاش !
وصل شود
این حصارِ بال به پرواز...
ارتفاعات کلاردشت، شهریور 97
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by @acathbrn

"One's forced to see one's definitions
as unreal.
We do not know enough about the mind, or how the conundrum of the imagination
dictates, discovers,
or can dismember what we feel,
or what we find.
one must learn to trust
one's terror:
the holding on 
the letting go
is error:
the lightning has no choice, the whirlwind has one voice."
- James Baldwin