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Life is a book
Some chapters sad, some happy and some exciting.
But if you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter has in store for you

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I will rise
After every fall.
I will rise
And stand tall.
I will rise
Over the wall.
I will rise
Above them all.
Like the sun,
Which never dies.
Though sets every night,
Every day it does rise.
Like the ocean
Whose tides
Many times they are down
But invariably they rise.
Like the trees
From seeds they arise
And heights great
They rise and rise.
After falling once,
Twice and thrice,
Again and again
I will rise and rise.
I will rise
After every fall.
After every fall
I will rise - Sagar Yadav
#somewhereinjuly #travel #nature #island #beaches #travelgram #wanderlust #instatravel #goasean #vscocam #vsco #vscotravel #vscomalaysia #mabul #sabah #semporna #WDians #sibuanisland #bajau #poems #lifemotivation #selfreflection


FB sent me a reminder on one of my memory which happened 5 years ago.

15th Aug 2012 marked as my last working day in WD Penang, after 4 years of service.

It wasnt an easy decision but I decided to come back home (Kuala Lumpur), looked after my parents and left behind all the things which used to be so closed to my heart.

No doubt, I will never get bored with Penang since I have lots of memories here; be it good or bads. A place that taught me about adulthood and struggle in life.

Talking about career: I never thought being an engineer will be part of my journey but Allah s.w.t is the best planner. The knowledge, exposure and experiences which made me to become who I am today.

People may asked why I am being difficult and taking a risky path in my life. For me, everyone knows things they are good in and you cant measure someone's success based on how much they are earning or their position.

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My kind of Thursday be like #inmydreams #fliptudung


“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Mossy Forest

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What do you need for a perfect getaway at Semporna?

a) Your favorite buddies
b) Good Travel Planner
c) Your Favorite Book
d) Good Camera
e) Sunblock and sunglasses
f) Cash for foodhunting and buying souvenirs

And last but not least is an awesome tour agent. We booked with Koyak Outdoor prior to our trip. As we are travelling on our own date, thus the package was customized to our request. Though it was just a 4 days trip which supposed to be packed, we still have plenty of time for leisure and re-connect.

Their service was excellence and we've been treated like a friends and easily clicked. You can captured the magnificent views in your mind and Koyak will captured all great photos and videos for your memories. Most of the beautiful images were snapped by them.It made me feel like we brought our own photographer with us 😅😅. Nonetheless, when we talked about Semporna, their underwater creatures will be the main focused. We did enjoy our snorkeling sessions but the main takeaway will be a few visits to Bajau Laut settlement, a view which you cant see it everyday and their lifestyle is 360 different compared to us.

I would say this will be a great approached by Koyak Team and do keep up a great work.Should you guys in the midst of planning your trip to Semporna/KK, do drop them an email/message for further enquiry.

Is it safe to be in Semporna?

The answer will be ABSOLUTELY YES and nothing to be worried about. However, it will be good to take the normal precautions similar to when you are travelling to other places.

I would like to thank our guides: Pocha,Shah, Ina, Jimar, Ezati and the boatmen for their awesome hospitality and priceless moments.

Gadis Kulit Garing


Sis belanja lah sikit semperna Kajol datang Kolumpo kan.

Jauh sis pergi shooting ni tau 😅😅😅 #kajolversitanneddansihat

Pulau Bohey Dulang

Back to basic and normal routine.
I miss this bunch as we spent a week together; quarreling and making fun of each other

Till we meet again in near future korang!

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