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- 25 - My family is a bigger... #funnyayiujw #deaffunny #whyisignedup


When studying brings you into the pub #whyisignedup #guinness #ucn


Why do I do what I do?

I’m a full time working mom, with a 30 minute commute both ways. I have 2 busy kids and a hard working husband.. I barely have time to make a decently meal! Why in the world would I add another job to my plate?🤪😵
Don’t worry my husband asked me the same thing 10 months ago when I went to him for advice and support. I had a lot going for me and my time. I was always on the run going from sports practice, to church activities, to family outings and homework. Why would you think we needed to add this to our plate?
I thought about this long and hard…. I had already spent what would have been my signup fee plus some. Why in the world would I buy this make up at full price when I could easily get it essentially for free? I love the product, I love how it helps my skin and makes me feel. What could go wrong? Its only $55 (I spend that easily at Costco for papered goods!)💰
So I signed up… for the discount… then I spoke out about it! Within 24 hours the orders came in, then I had someone interested in joining my team while I was only a week into doing my business…. I seriously couldn’t have been more pleased! I got my money back from the sign-up fee within a week and made some!
My why.. . is because it got me to the happy me again! I’m not as self-conscious. I can approach new people with confidence. I love helping other ladies get their confidence back and help them feel empowered! I love the fact that I can be financially free and play with makeup and get paid for it! My why was for me! ❤️


For a better life, to make her mother proud, to grow into the woman she always wanted to be. The U.S. Marine Corps changed Gunnery Sergeant Tee Hanible’s life and she tells us #WhyISignedUp. #veteransday


For family, for freedom, for the life she grew up living. Lieutenant Amanda Burrill tells us #WhyISignedUp. #veteransday


The Air Force helped her become a multilinguist, a fighter, and a patriot. Let Staff Sergeant Tahlia Burton tell you #WhyISignedUp. #veteransday


Before she was 19, Technical Sergeant Pam Campos was briefing top commanders. Before 23, she was deployed twice. Let her tell you #WhyISignedUp.


She did what others were too afraid to do and received a Purple Heart. Sergeant First Class Elana Duffy tells us #WhyISignedUp.


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