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If you ain’t with me mothafucka you against me


"Oh is that your girl? I thought I recognized her." #YoungMoney


Congrats @nickiminaj and @champagnepapi y'all honestly deserve it y'all are at the top of y'all game.👅👅👅#NickiMinaj #Drake #youngmoney #liltunechi #ym


Abel lookin like a snack tho 😍😋


Often being left in the shadows of the clan’s bigger faces, Inspectah Deck is constantly shot down and overlooked. Although lacking the distinct characteristics of more iconic Wu-Tang members, Inspectah Deck’s skill set is still one that shouldn’t be ignored. From the complex rhyme schemes, crafty flow, and the ability to attack you with an intense onslaught of lyrics. Whether they be graphic stories, charismatic punchlines, or elaborate metaphors, Deck’s expertise in that department sets him above many different artists when it comes to the art of rapping. Which is most prominently displayed throughout the 90s. More specifically, on Wu-Tang Forever and Uncontrolled Substance. Two albums that seem to be the peak of Deck’s prime, centred all around his technical rapping skills, due to him evidently lacking distinction in artistry. Techniques of merging braggadocios rap, battle rap, poetic nature, and complexity would lead to Deck’s versatile skill set as a rap artist. Leading the clan during their second LP, Wu-Tang Forever. After fantastic verses throughout the Clan’s solo displays in between the group records, Deck would become accustomed to being an opener. As shown on Raekwon’s Guillotine and Ghostface’s Assassination Day to name a very few. Wu-Tang Forever seemed to be a much more manifested record. Almost like a proving ground for the clan as shown in the depth. And as opposed to Enter The Wu-Tang, where they displayed much more raw distinction and hunger, they would display maturity, growth and flexibility as emcees. Inspectah would have the most notable and complex performances throughout the record. Be his opening verses, or just another one, he delivers in lyrical consistency. (94.864/100) This style would follow Deck into his classic debut album, Uncontrolled Substance. Where odds seemed to be against Deck. No major Wu features, only two RZA beats due to a flood, and an overall sloppy build up with it being delayed a number of times. The record seemed to be what the title suggests, Uncontrolled. From the great, grand production, that could take a murky, or brash turn at anytime, Deck’s wide arrays of flows and lyrics that would ride the record CON. ⤵️