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Dinner tonight was so good! Tuna melt on @daveskillerbread with roasted green bean fries. My family claims to not like green beans (well they like canned) but these ones they are up!
I don't really have a recipe for them but I just tried the ends, throw them in a produce bad, drizzle in some #oliveoil, sprinkle with #pinkhimalayansalt, and bounce around to cost evenly. Then spread out in a single layer in a lined cookie sheet (just to make cleanup easier) and roast at 400 for 20 minutes. Amazing!

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“The WT Press”
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Meanwhile at The Gorilla Pit.... 100 lbs sled.. 270 lbs in weights... for a triple.

The Gorilla Pit

I love putting my kids to bed. Our routine is read 2 books, sing 3 or so songs, then let them go to sleep (if they haven't already).
Sometimes I hear about people who just tell their kids to go to bed or lay their babies in bed without doing anything more. And for a second I'm envious. What a time saver! And then I remember how much I love snuggling and reading and singing. I wanted 6 kids but have been blessed with 2. Had I gotten as many as I wanted I probably wouldn't be able to do bedtime as we do. But with 2 it's totally manageable, and I'm grateful!
Those of you who sing to your kids, what are your favorite songs to sing them?
I do Puff the Magic Dragon, A Little White Duck, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Scarlett Ribbons (all songs my mom sang to me), The Poem on the Kindergarten Wall, Where Have All the Flowers Gone (ones my dad listened to a lot when I was growing up) and then several different church songs (both primary and hymns -but I sing I Am A Cold of God and Love One Another pretty much daily.)


TreeEra is constantly learning about all things sustainability. We try to do what we can to live with less impact and help make the world a little bit greener. By no means, however, do we live in a perfectly sustainable way.
We try to be #BetterNotPerfect, which is something that we find to be empowering rather than daunting - something anyone can get on board with.
What is something in your life that you have tried to be better at, but not yet perfect?
Photo: @lukasfilms
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Banff National Park

Morning light. #simplepleasures


Asking for help is not something that comes naturally for me.... giving when others need help seems more natural but in order to survive and achieve #abalancedlife I need to start learning to ask for help .


There's not so many pictures of me practicing yoga on my insta page. Partly because I can't work it out and partly because it's just a distraction for me. I've been very consciously limiting social activity to a minimum over the past few months, removing the pressure of having to demonstrate and perform and also conscious that so much of it doesn't feel authentic to me. I wake every day at 5.30am and meet the mat by 6.00 and this is my sacred moment in the small hours, when the dogs sleep and the birds are just beginning to wake. After I spend 30 minutes journaling my practice, what I feel grateful for and how I can show up in my work to réalisé my dreams. Then I make tea, breakfast, after walk the dogs and the day begins. For me, this morning structure is the difference between floundering and focus. Without it I loose my way. With it, I strengthen my resolve. This is my yoga. When it flows through life beyond the mat. •

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The keynote speaker for the opening session of the conference was Matt Townsend. I'd never heard of him but I guess he's a bit of a Northern Utah celebrity. He has the special gift of being able to seamlessly switch between being incredibly funny (seriously could be a stand up comedian!) and intensely spiritual. A perfect opening to such a conference. Here are my top take-aways from his talk:
Define yourself by what you are, not by what you are not!
We all have problems – SSA, infertility, singleness, crazy kids, poor, tired, racial minority, etc. - But we all have the same main problem – WE ARE HUMAN!
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience – we are spiritual beings having a human experience
Each human is composed of body, mind, and spirit. When we are having a body experience feel cold, starved, beautiful, flight or fight, distracted, etc. When in the mind we feel perplexed, popular, helpless, guilty, shame, vulnerable, etc. When in the spirit, in our Father's presence, we feel peace, love, connected, accepted, confident, hope, joy, at-one-ment (Atonement is your ability to feel connected to your God.)
You can deal with your trials through you body or mind if you want, but they can't answer your deepest needs, you need your spirit
You are a spiritual being of the most high God.
When in the Spirit, in at-one-,ment, trials etc. are easier to deal with or even go away. The answer is always to come back to the spirit.
The fastest way back into the spirit is first recognize where you're at (body or mind) and then the turning back to spirit has already started. Take a deep breath, and then Always Remember Him – imagine Him coming and holding you
When you are in the spirit God can give you further light and knowledge on how to handle your specific trail – then you just need to do it
Some of our trails we pass through, and some we carry
Inside of every allotment (human experiences – including and especially the trials) is everything you need to get back to God. Be grateful. It is through that portal you will come to know Him. If you hate the portal or avoid it you can't come to know Him
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